We walked into the garden and went to the gazebo.

The Pastor took out his prayer book again and asked us to repeat after him.

“Dear God, you are the giver life and we acknowledge your supremacy…”, he began

The gazebo shook violently and I thought it would burst open and Deina would rise up.

“Please Lord, pardon our offence and grant rest to the soul of Deina Boma and her unborn child. Let your perpetual light shine on them and console her lamenting spirit”, the Pastor sprinkled Holy water around Deina’s seeming grave which is the gazebo.

He told my dad to come forward and offer some words of appeasement.

“My dear Deina, I am so sorry for hurting you in an unimaginable manner. I know I do not deserve your forgiveness but please tender your mercy to my innocent family. If I had the power, I would have done better and act as a Godly man towards you. I understand your rage but please forgive us and rest in eternal peace”, my dad concluded.

It was an emotional moment. I felt hot tears dripping down my eyes. In fact, everyone was in tears. I looked at Mr. Boma. He slumped his shoulders and was crying. I really felt for him.

“Mr. Falana, come forward with your son please”, the Pastor said.

Temi looked surprised but obliged. The Pastor took him aside and spoke to him for a few minutes. I guess it was to clear the air with him. Well, it was necessary not to leave any stone unturned.

When the Pastor was done with Temi, he told Mr. Falana to also do what my father did. Mr. Falana spoke for a few minutes after which the Pastor concluded.

He preached to us about the importance of unity and forgiveness. He admonished us to love and live peacefully, bearing no grudge against anyone.

“Malice and hatred can be a loophole for the devil to penetrate again”, he said.

My dad went on his knees to beg me and mum again. This time, I felt at peace and I know my dad deserves a second chance. I walked up to him and hugged him. My mum did likewise. Then, together we knelt before Mr. Boma and asked for his forgiveness, as a family.

He cried a little more but eventually he granted us his forgiveness.

“Praise the Lord!!! Satan shame unto you. You have lost this battle”, the Pastor said gleefully.

“We are victorious. Yes! We are victorious. Glory be to God who has given us victory”, the Pastor sang with so much joy and enthusiasm.

I laughed inwardly.

How can this Pastor be happier than I am?

This is an error!

I started singing louder than the Pastor and danced with so much joy. It felt so good to be free.

Indeed, those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion that can not be be shaken but abides forever! (Psalm 125:1)

When we place all our hopes in God, He never fails nor disappoints.

God showed us His mercy and delivered us from the oppression of the evil ones.

I rejoiced and danced so much to the shame of the devil.

I, Adel Iyanu Bright, am free!!!


“Good morning mum. Good morning dad”, I greeted my parents as I walked into the dining room the following morning.

“Morning dear. How was your night?”, my dad replied.

“My night was Godly”, I replied.

My parents laughed so hard.

“I understand dear. It was indeed a Godly night”, my mum said amidst bouts of laughter.

“I am so happy everything is over. I feel peaceful”, I said.

My dad took my hand and also held my mum’s hand.

“I want to apologize again for hurting both of you. I was deceived by the devil and I opened the doors for him to enter our home. It almost cost me the life of my only daughter and my beautiful wife. Please I ask that you both forgive me”, my dad said apologetically.

My mum kissed him and assured him of her forgiveness. I hugged my dad as well and told him I had forgiven him.

“Okay. We will have a small party by weekend. Just for us in the house. Then, we will go on a vacation to the Bahamas next week”, dad said.

“The Bahamas? Wow!!!”, I squealed in delight.

“That sounds like a very good idea. God knows I need that vacation”, my mum said.

“Thank you dad. I love you”

“I love you both as well”

Dad prayed over the breakfast and we ate. After which, I went out in search of Temi. After the exorcism the previous day, he asked me to hold on and stay single till God appoints “a day”. I want to ask him what he meant by that.

Though, I have an idea but I must feign ignorance and make him blurt it out in simpler terms.

By the way, I also love him and I will marry him.

Shhhhh… Tell no one!




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