“Greetings Miss Adel”, the voice of our butler echoed in the house when he sighted me.

My dad’s workers are always in habit of greeting me, despite the fact that they are far older than I am.

“Hello, Mr. Boma”.

“Can I help you with anything ma’am?”

“No. Not really. I just want to get a drink from the kitchen. Then, I’ll head back to my room”, I replied.

“Alright Miss”.

“Mr. Boma can I ask you a question?”

“Yes please”.

“How long have you worked for my father?”

He smiled and replied, “November 22nd will make it 23yrs ma’am”.

“Wow! You’ve been here for so long”.

“Yes, ma’am”.

Should I ask him about the prayer room? Maybe he might know something about it.

“Mr. Boma, why is our prayer room always locked? Ever since I got to know about my existence, I have never seen the interior part of the room”, I quizzed.

He bent his head and froze for a second. Then, he stared directly at me and said “Miss Adel, I don’t think I am the right person to ask that question”.

What is going on?

Everyone around here seems to know something about the prayer room.

Why are my parents hiding it from me? I was not happy but I have a firm resolve; FIND OUT THE MYSTERY AND UNRAVEL IT!

“Miss Adel, please I’m pleading, don’t open that room neither should you go in there. Curiosity kills”, Mr. Boma said with a tone of finality.

He admonished me as if he heard my thoughts.



My dad is a very busy man. He is mostly on business trips. Occasionally, he takes us out on vacation, so that he can spend some time with us. Hence, I am mostly left at home with my mum and our staffs.

This night is one of the numerous nights of dad’s absence. He was out on a business assignment. I couldn’t wait for him to return so that, I can seek answers from him concerning the questions bugging my mind.

Before then, I decided to forget about my dream and enjoy my peace for a while.

It was a very windy night as it was about to rain. I got up from my bed to shut my windows.

Going back to bed, I heard a very loud bang.

“Why would anyone shut a door in such manner? Or probably it was the effect of the harsh wind against the door”, I thought within me.

I got into my bed and covered myself with my duvet.

“Bang!!!!”, it sounded the second time.

I looked at my wall clock; it was 12:17am. I became infuriated. So, I got up, wore my night robe and went out to shut the door to prevent it from banging again.

Stepping out of my room, I realised the house was eerie. I descended the stairs to check the main door and found it locked securely.

The sound may be coming from our neighbour’s house, I said while retreating upstairs to my room.

At that instant, I saw it!

The prayer room was opened and as a matter of fact, the sound was coming from there.

Is this a nightmare again? I pinched myself to check but I wasn’t dreaming.

“Bang!!!!”, the door sounded the third time accompanied with that same offensive stench.

I closed my eyes and opened it to ensure I wasn’t hallucinating.

Fear gripped me. My heart stopped racing. I went numb.

“MUM!!!!!”, I screamed.

My mum came running out of her room.

“Adel, what is it?”, mum asked.

“Mum, the prayer room!”, I said pointing at the door of the prayer room with my eyes closed.

“Baby, what’s wrong with the prayer room? There’s nothing there”, mum replied.

I opened my eyes and saw it locked. Like nothing ever happened.

“But….”, I tried explaining.

“Baby, you probably had a sleepwalk”.

“No mum. I was fully awake”, I protested.

“It okay. Go back to your room and sleep baby. Don’t forget to shut your windows because it’s about to rain”.

“Okay mum”, I murmured under my breath.

“Goodnight ma”.

I felt like I was going insane. Why am I the only one having these strange experiences? No one seems to believe me or take me serious.

Well, except Temi. He had looked really concerned and he saw through me. I somewhat feel, he will understand me better than anyone else. I simply need to talk to him and ask him some certain questions as regards his last statement to me.

To be continued…



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