“Daddy!!!!”, I squealed in delight as I sighted my dad walking through the main entrance. I ran to hug him. It has been 3 weeks since I last saw him.

“Ibukun mi (my blessing)!!!!”, dad said, receiving me in his hands.

Sometimes, dad calls me ‘ibukun’. Signifying how blessed he is to have me as his child. I loved the name.

“How are you my dear?”, he asked.

“I’m fine dad. I’ve missed you”.

“I miss you too my baby. Where is your mum?”.

That instant, mum walked in.

“Daddy’s girl”, mum laughed.

“Good evening honey”, mum greeted.

Our staffs came out to also greet dad. I sighted Temi; I gave him a small smile as I collected dad’s briefcase and took it to his room.

I opened the door of my parents’ room and stepped in. A gust of wind blew against my face. I dropped dad’s briefcase on the couch.

Stepping out, I heard a loud thud.

I turned back and saw the briefcase on the floor.

I went and picked it up and placed on the couch again.

I turned my back to leave and I heard the thud the second time.

I picked it up and placed on his bed to prevent it from falling again.

I made to leave and it fell again. This time, louder. I became scared.

I turned back and shakily bent to pick up the content of the briefcase. Immediately, I felt a very firm grip on my hand.

I screamed. My parents, as well as Mr. Boma, came running to the room.

“Baby, are you okay?”, my parents asked in unison.

“I felt someone’s grip on my hand when I bent to pick up your briefcase from the floor”, I said.

My dad and Mr. Boma went around the room to search if there was someone else in the room.

“Baby, there is no one here”, my dad said.

“Dad, I’m sure of what I’m saying”, I protested.

“Adel Iyanuoluwa Bright, please I am so tired right now. Don’t stress me with your weird imaginations”, dad said with a stern look.

I stared at my mum and I could only see a worried and confused look on her face.

Mr. Boma looked at me pitifully and walked out of the room.

“Adel, they think you are crazy”, a voice said within me.

I felt disappointed as I ran off to my room.


A week went by and I had no strange experience. Everything felt okay. Nothing weird; no strange presence, no stench, no nightmares. I had peace of mind.

It was a Saturday evening. I was in my study reading a book. I finished reading and checked the time. It was 5:12pm. I got up from my swivel chair, stretched my body and went to the kitchen to chat with our cook, Mrs. Balogun.

“Good evening ma”, I said beaming at her.

Just like Mr. Boma, Mrs. Balogun has also worked for my father for as long as I can remember. She is in her early fifties and she is like a second mother to me. Most times, if mum is not home, Mrs. Balogun ensures all my needs are met. She cares for me and I really love her.

“Good evening pretty. How are you? Did you take a nap?”, Mrs. Balogun said.

“I’m fine ma. I have been reading in my study”

“You are an avid book reader just like your father”, she said while smiling and touching my cheeks.

I smiled back.

“What are we having for dinner ma?”, I asked.

“Spaghetti and fish sauce”, she responded.

“Hmmm… Can I help?”, I asked.

She looked at me and laughed.

“Adel, this is my only source of income. I don’t want to lose my job”, she laughed again.

I laughed.

My parents don’t allow me do house chores. They dote so much on me.

“Adel, what has been up with you lately? You have been looking so dull ever since your birthday”, she asked.

I looked at her searching her face to see her countenance. She looked really concerned.

“Mrs. Balogun, I am fine. I’ve just been experiencing some strange things in this house”

“What kind of strange things?”, she asked.

Mrs. Balogun opened the kitchen cabinet brought out seasoning and added it to the pot of sauce on the fire.

I opened up to her and told her everything. I only skipped the discussion about Laura so she won’t have an idea about who told me.

“It is back!”, she said more to herself than to me. She looked very scared.

“What is back?”, I asked.

She kept quiet and couldn’t answer.

“Please ma. Talk to me”, I begged.

“Adel, you are 16yrs old. Right?”

“Yes ma”

“Hmmmm…”, she said to herself again.

I was confused. I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Just then, Temi’s dad, Mr. Falana, came in and interrupted us.

“Good evening Sir”, I greeted.

“Adel, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine. Thank you sir”

“How is Temi?”, I asked.

Temi had replaced his dad temporarily as a gardener because his dad travelled for a burial ceremony.

“Oh! I see you’ve met my son”

“Yes sir”

“Anyway, he is fine but he has gone home this afternoon when I returned from my journey”

I felt a pang of anger and little bit heartbroken.

He did not tell me he was leaving.

I felt sad.

“Though, he will be coming next week to help me weed the garden”, his dad stated further as if he read my mood.

“Okay Sir”.

He opened the refrigerator, took out a bottled water and went out to the garden.

“I smell love”, Mrs. Balogun said teasingly.

“What! Love? No ooo”, I felt embarrassed.

“Baby girl, I read your mood when Temi’s dad said he has gone home. You looked heartbroken, girl”, she giggled.

I laughed.

She wasn’t far from the truth. I was beginning to get fond of Temi.

Who wouldn’t? He has good looks, a beautiful smile and he’s quite caring.

I excused myself and walked out of the kitchen while she continued cooking.

To be continued



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