“Hello!!! Anyone here?”, Temi asked while knocking vigorously on the Church’s gate.

There was no answer.

I kept looking over my shoulders to ensure Laura wasn’t behind us.

Temi asked me to wait while he went around the church to search for someone.

It was a windy and eerie night. I checked my wristwatch and it read 7:25pm. I was cold and scared but I needed to be strong. I realised it wasn’t just a physical battle. It was spiritual.

Temi returned shortly, held my hands again as we started running to another church to seek help. We arrived at a small church with the inscription: “DIVINE TRINITY PARISH”.

We met it opened and ran inside to see the Pastor. Luckily, they had just completed an evening program. Though, the parishioners had all gone home but we sighted the pastor kneeling down and praying at the Altar.

I and Temi sat down while we waited for the Pastor. I tried my parents numbers again but it still wasn’t connecting.

“At least, I have Temi with me and with him, I feel secured”, I thought within me and smiled.

“Silly! How can I be smiling in such a situation?”, I scolded myself within.

Love has the power of making one do silly things sometimes.

Love?! My eyes bulged.

Was I in love with Temi?

At that instant the Pastor got up from his kneeling position and was walking straight to where we sat.

“Good evening sir”, Temi said while getting up.

I followed suit and greeted.

“Good evening my dears”, he replied.

“Please sir, we need your help”, Temi said.

“Oh! I see. What is it?”

Temi brought out the small brown leather box and handed it over to the Pastor.

“Sir, we were just attacked by an evil force and it has something to do with the contents of that box”, Temi said.

The Pastor collected the box and led us to his office.

All the while, Temi secured my hands in his.

We got into the Pastors office and sat down. The Pastor said a prayer and asked me to narrate all my experiences.

“Sir, my name is Adel. I am 16yrs old. My strange experiences started few months before my 16th birthday….”, I went on and told him everything. When I got to the dream on the eve of my birthday, he asked me to stop.

He got up and started rebuking some spirits. I became scared and looked around. I wasn’t seeing anything not even Laura.

I and Temi stood up and joined in rebuking the unknown spirits.

When we were done, we took our sits again.

I continued my narration till I narrated about what happened this fateful night.

“Adel, did you say you are 16yrs old?”

“Yes sir”

“Laura was also 16yrs old when she died”.

I looked at Temi. Indeed, there was a connection. I never thought of it.

“Are you both siblings”, the Pastor asked.

“No sir. He is my friend”, I replied.

“Okay. Adel, what about your parents? Where are they? What do they do for a living?”, he asked.

“My dad’s name is Mr. Donald Bright. He is a business tycoon. My mum is Mrs. Florence Bright. She is jeweler. Both of them are alive. Though, they had gone out to see a family friend”, I replied.

“Okay. Without mincing words, what the Lord is showing me is something terrible”.

“Hmmmm… Please Sir did my dad kill Laura?”, I inquired.

“Your dad did not kill Laura”, he replied.

He opened the box and brought out its content. There were 3 pictures, Laura’s employment file as my nanny and a small card.

I looked at Laura’s beautiful smiling face in the pictures. She seemed very happy.

How can a happy person turn into an evil ghost?

What did I do to her?

If my dad did not kill her, what killed her and why is she taking the revenge on me?

The Pastor prevented me from seeing the small card. I don’t know why but I obeyed.

I got more confused and I looked up to the Pastor for an answer.

“Adel, your house is haunted and it needs an exorcism”, he said.

“Before then, I will like to see your parents and speak to them. Your life is danger and if there’s anyone who’s 16yrs old in your house, such person is also in danger. Your father is not entirely clean. He has some things to tell us, so that we can know how to go about the exorcism”, he said further.

“But he did not kill Laura”, I said.

“Yes, he did not. Someone/something killed Laura but certainly not your father. Anyway, I don’t want to go into details right now. Just come with your parents to see me tomorrow”, he said.

I looked at Temi but he was lost. Tears dripped down my eyes. What if Laura kills me tonight? I needed a solution as fast as possible.

The Pastor smiled at me, as if reading my thoughts. He prayed earnestly for me and anointed me. He also asked me to place my Bible under my pillow tonight while sleeping.

“The Word of God is power”, he said.

Temi held my hands firmly to comfort me and assure me that everything will be okay.



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