Episode 17.

©Miriam Edem 

I didn't realize when I slept by the door and I woke up with body pains and my eyes swollen, but when I remembered what my eyes saw in the night I gathered every strength in me and went to where I hid the knife and took it. 

I wore a jean trouser and a polo and fix the knife tightly in the pocket, took a small bag that contained few of my clothes and left the room. 

When I got down from the stairs, I saw Godswill mother shamelessly lying on the sofa with a transparent night gown and she began to laugh hard when she saw me. 

"What are you doing with a bag? She asked. 

'Giving you the space to sleep more with your son you pathetic bit*h! I shouted. 

"Oh that was loud but he chose me and enjoys it better with me, you should be grateful that its not with an outsider that will break your home, she said and I went close to where she laid.

"Are you really his mother? I asked. 

"Ofcourse and why not? I gave birth to him through the same place and he sucked this breast of mine, so what's the issue? She asked back and I felt like throwing up on her. 

"You're so shameless, you deserve to be stoned to death! I shouted and pounced on her where she laid and the guards ran in and carried me like a fly away from her body. 

"How dare you! She shouted and hit me hard on my face as the guards held my two hands and Godswill slowly came down.

"You're lucky you got some jobless guys to help you, I would have break those dirty teeth of yours on the floor you shameless mother! I shouted and Godswill stood in front of me as I breathed hard. 

"What are you doing with a bag? He asked. 

"Block head! Have you forgotten our discussion last night or did the middle of your mother finally made you daft! I shouted and he licked his lips.

"I love that, he said. 

'Yes and it's a good thing you didn't use that infested thing on me, you're really sensible and I am leaving! I shouted and he smiled.

"Oh my love, he said and touched my face. 

"Get your filthy hands off me! I screamed out and spat on his face and he closed his eyes. His guard immediately gave him a handkerchief to clean it as I still struggled with them to be free. 

"Betty You really think you are leaving here alive after seeing Us huh? Then you must be so dumb, take her to the cell, he commanded the guys. 

"What cell! Let me go! I shouted struggling so hard and bite one hard that i almost peeled off his skin and Godswill passed a heavy blow on my stomach and I knelt down.

"I don't think you know where you are and I pity your situation so much because your family doesn't know where I am staying, they won't even see your miserable corpse do you hear me! He shouted raising my head up to face him. 

"And I will so haunt you for life I promise you that, you became my downfall but I won't fall alone, I sternly said. 

"Get her out of my sight! Godswill shouted and they raised me up on their shoulder outside. At the side of the house was when I knew there's an underground, one you will never know. They opened up and entered with me and there was a cell like structure with a heavy protector they opened up and threw me inside locking the gate immediately. 

I stood up and ran to it shaking it violently,

"You all will pay! I screamed and darkness covered the whole place when they closed the gate and I gasped afraid. 

The little ray of light that filtered in the cell, I was using it to feel the walls to see if I can escape, but I hit on something like an iron chair and fell down. I used my hand to feel on it but touched something I can't understand, the small light was centered at a particular place so I had to draw the chair to where the light was so I can see clearly and what I saw made me scream my stomach out. It was a skeleton that sat on the chair!

I went backwards with my heart beating fast so scared if there are other ghosts with me there, and with the look of things it was a lady and I suddenly knew that will be his wife. I shifted the chair away from the ray of Light and sat down under the light crying to God to help me. The floor was not tarred and in order for me to know how many days I've stayed there, I had to Write Thursday on the floor because I was thrown there on that day which I planned to be updating it when its morning. 

Night came and everywhere was so dark, then I reflected on the dream I had before I got married to Godswill. Yes the mansion is beautiful but there's a part of darkness it has where I was alone, and it was a dream come through. I laid on the ground sobbing, indeed this God knows our end from the beginning.

But Godswill really planned this well, none of my family members knows where I am, and to make it worst I was not with my phone. How will they get to Godswill when they noticed am missing? How will my family fight such an influential person like him if they insist he should hand me over to them? The more I asked myself questions the more I felt sick in there. 

For about two days no one opened the cell to see me, my throat was dry and my stomach was empty but I turned that situation of mine into fasting after all in the village I do have dry fasting when I was very agile and spiritual. I used good memories in my head to keep myself company in there, and somehow something kept telling me that I'll get out of here, Beatrice cannot die like this. 

On a Monday I heard the gate opened and I weakly sat up as I heard footsteps approaching the protector and the cell was bright. To my surprise I saw my pastor and my eyes bulged out,

"Pastor? I asked very weak to get up. 

"Beatrice, I loved you so much that I warned you, my pastor said standing outside the protector. 

"Please forgive me, I thought it was from you because I prayed before I saw him, how was I suppose to know? I asked him. 

"Because you prayed does not mean everything that comes after that is from me, that's why you need discernment. Jesus prayed and fasted yet he got tempted by the devil wasn't it? You should be on alert always, you should have known this things but you drop your spiritual life and succumbed to the flesh, my pastor said and I quickly knelt down. 

"I'm sorry Pastor, one last chance I beg you....... 'I have no power to give you a last chance, the pastor cut in. 

"You can, please help me. Have mercy! I cried out and woke up and coughed loudly when I saw it was a dream.

My stomach was biting but I didn't let that bother me, I knew for sure that was not my pastor and I cried the more to God happy that he just gave me a sign that he sees and hears it all.

When it was a week, the gate opened and I just laid there under the ray of light so weak to open my eyes to see who was coming,

"Hello sweetheart, I heard Godswill voice and I coughed and didn't bother to see him.

"I know you're still alive, and sorry I didn't come to visit you because I wanted you to miss me, he continued but I was quiet. 

"I guess you don't want listen to the goodnews I came with, but let me give it to you because it may be the last time you'll hear my voice. Your mother seriously wants to talk to you especially that Luke of a guy, he said and I cleared my throat. 

"That should not be a problem, are you tired of feeding her with your lies? You know you're a very stuPid human being, and what type of lie will you tell the people now? How will you explain that for the second time your wife is dead again and missing? I asked. 

"Oh Betty you still dont know me, after six months you're still acting like a stranger that's not smart of you, he replied smiling at me and I smirked. 

"Tell me something, is that not your wife here? I asked and he laughed. 

"Oh you got me, that's why I like you and I forgot I left someone to keep you company. But don't worry when you finally join her I'll take you two to a beffiting place trust me, he replied and I sat up. 

"Really? And who was the person you cut off her head just to pretend like she was really kidnapped and killed? I asked. 

"Its none of your business, he replied and I began to cough. 

"You know what, actually I brought water for you. I just remembered that you didn't take anything that morning you wanted leaving, so come get it, he said showing me the water but I didn't move.

The cell was so big and I was at the extreme while our voice echoed so we can hear each other. 

"Oh you're too weak? Too bad let me do you the favor to give it to you myself, he said and took out the keys from his pocket and I immediately remembered the knife. I slowly brought it out and covered it with my polo and faked the cough more and even kept my head on the ground as if it was that serious and he foolishly drew close and raised my head up and that was how I pinned the knife on his stomach and he screamed and hit me.

I fell and rushed him immediately holding him down when he wanted running out but it was if he almost overpowered me then I saw the chair.

I pushed down the skeleton and before he could hold me, I used it constantly on his head with every strength that was left in me and even gave him some blows with it where the knife was fixed and he fell down bleeding seriously on his face and body. 

"How does it feel? I asked as he held the place where I stambed him.

"How did you do it? He weakly asked.  

"You taught me well you know, I promised you that I will bring you down and I am fulfilling it, I replied and brought out the knife covering his mouth so his screams won't go far. 

"Please forgive me I beg you,, he weakly said breathing hard. 

"But it's too late for that, i don't care if I die here also, but it looks like you're dying first, I said and took the water he brought and gulped it all down and threw the rubber on him then his phone began to ring.

I took it and switched it off and remembered it's a Thursday. The guards do leave the mansion to only God knows when it's 9a.m, and when I turned off his phone it was past 9a.m, probably that's why no one heard him screaming or ran in to help. 

"Yuh won't get away with it, Godswill managed to say as if he was reading my head. 

I smashed the phone on the wall and searched through his pocket and got the cash I saw and the car key That was with him. I recognized the key to be the Sport car parked in the compound and I smiled dancing the key on his face,

"Goodbye Godswill, I said and left locking the gate behind and took the keys with me.

I carefully walked side by side so I won't be seen despite the place was very quiet. No guards was in sight except the one who acts like the gateman who goes no where.

Despite he's always inside the room at the corner of the gate and only opens up when he hears a horn, I knew he was going to catch me if I attempt to open the gate on my own, so I had to use the car. 

Was I able to drive? Kind of, but I do watch him carefully whenever we go out together and I'm always smart in grabbing things so fast. 

I got to the car park and got into the Car and breathed in with my eyes closed trying to gather all I know properly,

"Help me please, I whispered and inserted the keys and drove out. The guard ignorantly came out and opened up because it was a tinted glass thinking it's the boss and I slowly drove off but got very scared to drive when it's my very first time. I just parked at the side of the road not far from the mansion, stopped a taxi immediately and took off........



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