Episode 18.

©Miriam Edem

Entering into the taxi was when I had great fear, and where was I going to exactly when I had no idea of any street or place there.

"You say you dey go where again? The taxi man asked as I kept looking back thinking someone was following me behind.

"Errmm.... Ermmm... I said scratching my dirty hair covered with sand and I remembered Nkese. If there was anyone who worked with Godswill that I can trust, then it will be her.

I remembered about 2 months ago she invited me for her birthday party and I happily wrote down her address, but when I told Godswill about it he turned it down and I closed my eyes to remember it. 

I quickly told him the address and begged he should take me there, in fact if possible drop me at her doorpost. That was when he used the mirror in front to look at me and saw I was next to be called mad.

"Yuh go fit pay me? He asked and I brought out the money in my pocket I took from Godswill and pointed a thousand note to him which he took it Saying nothing. 

I was the only one in the car then, and when he wanted carrying another passenger I begged him to please carry me alone because am in a hurry. 

"Hmmmm you go pay o, that 1k no go do o, he said and I added another money to him and he kept quiet again. Even if he wanted finishing the 10,000 naira I got from Godswill, I was ready to give him all if he will take me to Nkese.

I was so hungry and the fresh breeze that touched me just carried me straight to sleep without asking for my permission.

It was as if i was sleeping in my bed there in the village when I felt a presence in my room.. I opened my eyes and saw Godswill aggressively looking at me and I screamed out and woke up to see the taxi has already stopped looking at me. 

"Madam we don reach, the guy said and I nodded and came out and he took off before I could even say something. 

I just stood there looking stupid with no shoes on, dirty clothes and hungry not until I heard my name Betty. (ads1)

Hearing my name alone gave me hypertension and I stood in shock until the person turned me round and it was Nkese and I just breathed out.

"What are you doing here? She asked.

"Please help me, I replied.

"Let's go let's go, she said holding my hand and we got into a compound and into her flat. I just sat down on the floor shivering,

"Betty what happened? I came to make your hair but your husband told me you had an emergency call in the village from your mother, why are you looking like this? She asked and I began to cry. 

"I've killed someone, I replied. 

'Jesus! Who? She asked and my lips was shivering. 

"Betty what happened? She asked and I told her everything.

"You can't be serious, she said not believing it and I knelt down immediately.

"Help me please, I dont know what to do And I'm so scared. They may go for my family, I said crying and she held me up.(ads1)

"That is not going to happen. He may have the power or influence in the police then we need someone that can match him and that's Amanda parents, she said. 

"Who is Amanda? I asked. 

"His late wife. They need to know that he killed her and they will fight this battle themselves, they might not be that rich but they can match him, she replied and I shook my head. 

"I'm so scared, I can't believe I killed someone, I cried.

"Ssshhhhh its not your fault, so you wanted to be the one killed huh? Let me get you something to eat but first come take your bath, Nkese said and took me to her room. 

Despite I took fruits first before eating, my stomach made me so uncomfortable but we could not stay anymore, she had to take me to Amanda parents. 

When they heard that their daughter bones is just right in Godswill house, her father wanted storming in there immediately.

"No sir you can't go alone. By now the guards should be back, I said to him and he called up his brother telling him the latest. 

I was there thinking what his brother can do in this case, but when I saw an army van entered eh, I just swallowed. 

That was how we drove down to the place and horned on the gate. The gate guard opened and one of the army commanded him to open the gate,

"On whose permission? By the way the boss is not around, the guy replied.

"Open the gate now! One huge man shouted and he slowly opened up. Just as I guessed right, the guards were around and they just stood looking at the army men not shaking , but I and Nkese didn't leave the car that followed the army van behind. 

"Where's your boss? Amanda father asked the guards.

"He's not around, one replied. 

"Call your boss and tell him I want to see him, he said.

"I can't, his number is switched off, the guard replied and the gate opened and Godswill mother drove in. 

"What's going on here? She asked coming down. (ads1)

"Oh welcome ma'am, Amanda father greeted with all smiles. 

"What are you doing with Army in my son house? And where is he? She asked. 

"Same question we were asking, Amanda Father replied.

"Where is Godswill and why is he not picking his calls? She shouted on the guard. 

"I don't know ma, he drove out this morning using the sport car, the gate guard replied.

"The sport car? Is it the one am seeing parked not too far from here? She asked and as I was in the car I just covered my head on Nkese with my heart beating fast. 

"What! The guards shouted and attempted to move but the army men cocked their guns. 

"Drop it! They shouted on the guards. 

"What are you doing? My son is missing! Godswill mother shouted. 

"And we're going to find him. Now drop all your weapons now! The Army men shouted and with their angry faces knowing they were outnumbered they raised up their suits and dropped their guns which the men took it and carefully searched them to be sure they had nothing on them left.

"I need to talk to your commander, what an insult! Godswill mother said and attempted to make a call but Amanda father took the phone from her and threw it on the floor and pressed her hard on her neck but his brother stopped him. 

"How dare you kill my daughter! Amanda father shouted. 

"What are you talking about? Didn't you see your daughter body? She shouted back. 

"Betty come out here, His brother said and I shakily left the car and their eyes bulged out in shock. 

"You witch what did you do with my son! Godswill mother shouted and attempted to grab me but Amanda father angrily pushed her and she fell with full force. (ads1)

"You tried killing her too right? But luckily for you your son took her place, Amanda father said and she blinked her eyes to be sure she heard him well. 

"Take us to the cell, his brother said and I nodded. 

They pushed all the guards in front with guns pointing at them, while Amanda father held tightly on Godswill mother as we all matched to the underground at the side of the building. With the keys with me I bent and opened the Lock and the entrance was opened. Some army men stayed outside with the guards and Godswill mother, but I and few Army men walked in and we found Godswill leaned on the wall bleeding. Dude was still alive and it shocked me! But Amanda father was not a preacher of Love, he just bent and pressed Godswill neck screaming on his face, but when his brother tapped him and he turned he got so weak when he saw the skeleton of his daughter. 

"Ahhhhh Amanda! Who did this to you! He cried kneeling down there while Godswill was carried outside. His mother seeing him began to cry and a police van drove in.... We called them before leaving the house and that is when they arrived meeting the show halfway. 

Nkese didn't trust them, but Amanda uncle trusted them and they got them arrested while the Army took Godswill to the hospital and Amanda remains was carried. 

In all that happened my mouth didn't open to say even pim, did I even have the strength to talk with the way my stomach was biting me very seriously. 

"Thank you very much my daughter, should I take you home? Amanda father asked me but I shook my head. 

"I can't go back home, I replied him.

"But why? He asked. 

'You won't understand sir, I replied and he heaved. 

"There is no problem. But I can assure you that they won't get away with what they have done, and if that beast survives the wounds, charges will kill him and they will all pay. Not even their money will safe them this time around, Amanda father said and I Breathed in. 

"I won't be at rest until I see them in jail, that's the only way I can be assured that I'm safe, I weakly said to him and he nodded. 

"We will still be in touch and you'll be part of the case as his wife, he said.

"I reject! I rebuke! I said very pained with that title and he shook his head. (ads1)

"Sadly you're married to him and sadly my daughter was also married to him. I didn't trust him at first, but they say love is blind. Besides Godswill was so sweet, even after her death he was so sweet and played the cards well, yet he was the one who gave my daughter such shameful death. I won't let him go away with that, he is the reason my wife is so sick because she can't take away the sight of the beheaded lady we thought was our daughter. He will surely pay, Amanda father said and I cleaned the tears that dropped from my eyes. 

"Sorry about that sir, Amanda was like a friend to me despite she was my boss. And I want to thank you for hearing us out and going into action immediately, thank you so much sir, Nkese came in.

"Its no problem, let me drop you two off, he said and we got into the car and drove off............

That evening at Nkese place I was outside with so many thoughts on my head. 

I didn't feel like going back to my family because to me they were also at fault and I got somehow relieved Godswill survived it because I didn't know how I will accept the tag of being called a murderer. Nkese came and looked at me and I breathed out and cleaned the tears I didn't know was flowing,

"Do you want to go somewhere? She asked me and I sniffed.

"Where? I asked. 

"Let's go see my pastor, she replied and I just smiled..............


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