Episode 19

©Miriam Edem

We got to the pastor place that evening and Nkese shared my story with the pastor. I was so quiet all through and I can't explain. Somehow I could not still believe I left that cell, and again I could not still believe Godswill is critically lying in the hospital and my prisoners are imprisoned. It was just doing me anyhow in my body as if its a dream knowing my pains is finally over. 

"Beatrice, the pastor called me after Nkese was done and I raised my head and looked at him. 

"Something is telling me that you were warned, am I right? He asked and I nodded. 

I told him the dreams I had and how they all came through,

"What about your family? Okay let's say you didn't have such dreams but was there no findings in anyway about the man you want to get married to? I have two daughters all married now, but before I accepted I had to know the family I am giving my daughters to. I don't care about your wealth, I personally traveled to the guys village unannounced to know the family, same would have been done in your case. No one cared to know how his first wife died which is very wrong, the pastor angrily said and I cleaned my tears. 

"You're right pastor, but no one cared to do that. We let ourselves into the lies of Godswill and saw him as God sent, I replied. (ads1)

"And you, did you have this peace of mind inside of you? And who was this second opened door you saw in your dream? He asked. 

"Maxwell. He declared his intention first before Godswill came into the picture. My mother hated him so much and pushed him away because he was poor, and to make it worst the rich one came acting so good and I could not say no, I replied. 

"Because of gifts? That's what am seeing here. Godswill is not ordinary, and it was all manipulated from the beginning, the pastor said and I looked at him. 

"What do you mean sir? I asked. 

"He used gifts to find his way in, you don't know how powerful gifts are when it comes from a bad source, he replied and my mouth was opened. 

"Pastor I met him in the hospital when he came sharing gifts to the patients there, I said. 

"And then what happened? He asked.

"He gave us money for my brother health, I replied and he smiled. 

"And he kept giving gifts right, and somehow you were not still convinced until he took you out and wore you a dress right? He asked and I blinked my eyes. 

"How did you know? I asked. (ads1)

"I am just telling you what am seeing now. It may look as if you disobeyed and went after wealth, partly yes because you withdrew somehow and began to sleep spiritually. The dreams came to you for awakening but you never acted to it and it killed your fire more until he saw you were weak and he got you completely. If you are not sure of the person giving you gifts, reject it. I know people gets excited seeing gifts, you'll feel loved and all that, but sorry for you if that gift came out from somewhere, you are finished, he said and I cleaned my face shivering. 

My eyes began to clear, why did I feel so much hatred for Maxwell all of a sudden? I asked myself as tears streamed down my face. 

"But there's goodnews for you, God has showed you mercy, the pastor said and I nodded crying as he prayed for me. 

The next day Nkese had to take me to the hospital after she heard how Godswill messed my body up. At a point I became scared if I'll be using pampers with the way Godswill penetrated me from behind with different kind of objects, I knew I was not okay. Nkese was so pissed off when she saw the results of the series of test they had on me, and yes I had an infection which the doctors assured me that it can be taken care of. 

"Don't worry your body will be healed, that guy is such a bas*ard, Nkese said touching me and I gave a weak smile. 

"I want to take off my hair, I just want to go on low cut, I told her.

"No problem if that's what you want and I think you need it, let's go to the barbing salon then, Nkese said and we left the hospital.

Nkese turned a sister I never had, and staying with her I learned so much in the hair dressing field which she taught me everything she knew and made me worked with her. She never complained or made me feel like I was a burden to her in the Two weeks I stayed with her. After two days Amanda father called her that Godswill is finally awake after being unconscious since I escaped. They made sure the hospital was guarded, in fact the police was very intentional about this matter and didn't accept any visitor to see him when he was still unconscious. 

"Really sir? he should wake up and face his punishment, reality will soon dawn on him that he's finished, Nkese angrily said. 

"Yes and I am on the way going to the hospital now, are you coming? He asked. 

"Well let me see and also ask his wife, Nkese said looking at me and I just walked away and she laughed dropping the call.

"Will you see him? She asked meeting me.

"What for? I asked back. (ads1)

"Stop na, I want to see his face of failure, I want him to see you looking so sweet and beautiful common, Nkese replied shaking me and I rolled my eyes. 

"I know you won't take no as an answer let's go mbok, I said learning that from her and she laughed. 

"Mbok let's go joor, she said taking her bag and we left the salon to the care of the girls there. 

We were allowed to see him and when he saw me, his eyes was just fixed on me while I also looked at him smiling,

"Hello there, how are you feeling? I asked waving at him and he closed his eyes. 

"Pained right? Amanda father asked and he opened his eyes. 

'What do you think you can do to me? Godswill asked and I looked at Nkese. Is the boldness for me kwa??.

"Oh boy you have no idea, do you know you're in deep shit? Amanda father asked. 

"They will come for me, he replied and I quickly remembered his brotherhood. I know by now they will be aware of what happened to Godswill and my heart began to pound again. 

I excused Amanda father outside and told him about his brotherhood and how deadly I think they are but he smiled. 

'I know about it, he said. 

'You do? I asked surprised. 

"Yes we invaded the house to get more evidence against him and don't worry, what will strike him soon will shock him, in fact he will regret that he ever woke up. I understand his boldness but what he doesn't know is that he had already violated the brotherhood rules and they withdrew from him. And again we are currently on his guards because they know more about him, and they mentioned things about Godswill going to hospitals every Thursday to share gifts in exchange for people lives. We still want to know more though the guys are giving the police hard time, Amanda father Replied and my mouth flew open. (ads1)

"What! You mean there are doctors who gives out their patients to be killed or what? Nkese asked and I slowly walked away remembering something.

After Godswill visited the hospital with gifts, cases that was not even serious, we will see the person taken to the morgue just like that. Was that what Godswill came to do that's why he was parading in the hospital regularly? I asked and leaned on the wall weak. 

"Its okay Beatrice, we don't want to tell him what is on ground now, we will allow him get his lawyer, but for sure he will be charged with no pity, Amanda father said but my heart was so heavy. Betty who did you get married to? Kept ringing in my ear. 

"I need a divorce please, I turned to him. 

"Betty calm down, take it easy, The man said and Nkese just hugged me. 

I got home feeling sick and Nkese regretted taking me to the hospital. 

"Betty you want to kill yourself? Take things easy o, Nkese said. 

'I want to see my family, I told her. 

"Are you sure about that? I thought you wanted to punish them by making them worry? She asked and I breathed out. 

'Yes but what if they are not even worried? I want to pour out myself. I want to talk to my mother and congratulate her for a job welldone. Was this the future she thought she was securing for me? I want to let her know how I failed in the marriage she do boast of, I replied and Nkese breathed in. 

"Fine I won't stop you, when are you leaving? She asked.

"Tomorrow, I replied and she nodded.........

The next day I arrived the village very simple with a face cap and a sunglass so I won't be recognized. I even passed my best friend on the road without her knowing It was me, after all no one has seen me on a trousers before in the village, that was a perfect disguise to confuse them. 

I walked into my father compound and I saw Luke outside the corner he always stay to make shoes. I even saw that he built a small structure to make himself comfortable and he raised his head and saw me just standing there with a cross bag looking at him. He dropped his tools and came near and took off the glasses from my eyes,

"Betty! He screamed and hugged me.

"Mama! He shouted holding my hand to take me inside and my mother came out and saw me.

"Beatrice you're here? What happened to you? She asked turning me round side by side.

"Mama not even a welcome? I asked her. 

"Welcome but I don't understand this your coming, is everything Fine? She asked. 

"Why? Because I didn't come with a jeep convoy? Or because there are no bags of rice Offloading here for you? I asked taking off my face cap with my eyes red. 

"Betty calm down and tell us what happened, in fact let's go in, Luke said holding my hand but I beat it off. 

"No! Why should I go in when my own mother is not happy to see me, am sure if it was her loving in law she would have danced welcoming him with all happiness, I said and my mother was just looking stupid. 

"But I didn't do bad to ask why you're like this na when in law came here not too long that you went on a training abroad and you'll be back soon, she said.

"Oh really? Look at me, abroad looks good on me right? I asked turning around for them to see.

"You pushed me into marriage because he was rich, while you stayed here enjoying the benefit of me being in hell. You used me as a sacrificial lamb for your happiness, sometimes I ask myself if you are not feeling my pains wherever you are? I know mother and child bond is so strong, but for once did you feel that your daughter was crying? For once when you do hear me on phone did you feel that all is not well with your daughter? Where is the mother heart when you can't read the handwriting by just hearing your daughter voice? I asked with tears streaming down my face. 

"Ada let's go in, I am not understanding anything here. But you do tell me you're fine, she said. (ads1)

'Yes because that's what you want to hear even if its a lie. Would you have believed me if I had told you that I was in hell? Would you have believed that your God sent Godswill was a beast treating me badly? I asked and Luke rubbed his head and held me.

"Betty, what did he do to you? Tell me! Luke sternly asked boiling up but I just burst out crying.............


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