Stunna 4 Vegas – Stand Off Lyrics

Stand Off Lyrics by Stunna 4 Vegas (feat. DaBaby)


Fuck a hoe I’ll go jack off
I ain’t used eat, sleep, or shit till I got that pack off.
Bread on his head,
N**** got bald.
I told my steppa call me when he dead on the Asphalt.
Bitch this a big body Benz when I scratch off.
I won’t even let my friends buy a trackhawk,
Hear the last n**** he killed he did mask off.
Before you lil n***** go spin,
Go take the tags off.
Opps who that is?
That’s a bad broad.
She act like she love me,
I told her that’s cap dawg.
Fell in love with guns before girls,
That’s my dad fault.
Touch me,
I’ll give you head start,
Blow ya ass off.
She say my name,
She gone put some respect on it.
Got a lil bit of ass and some neck on her.

Im paid she want me to spend a lil check on her,
But I’ma scratch off in that vet on her.
I put up the scat & went cat on em.

Stretch one,
I won’t diss em I rather go step on em.
As soon as he come out they stank em.
Park the whip we be hopping out cranking,
They like 4x and Baby back blanking,
Where I’m from it go down like an anchor,
Murder for hire,
My N***** be anxious.
Put the pin on the fin ima spank em,
I hug the lil hoe & she fainted.

Burn his ass n**** ended up planking,
I pull up all black and I’m strapped on these n*****,
N***** killas in their rap songs,
We the ones really stepping,
Dare you act wrong lil n****.
The blogs be hating,
Want me black balled.
Ain’t hit the mf lotto but I’m having buku of them Ms in the bank,
Like the mf Jackball.
Type to hustle so hard,
Had to stop and thank god
Turnt it off for 6 months,
Now I’m back on.
I’ll air this bitch out and go back home,
Then go sit in the bed with my baby,
& let her watch googoogaagaa on my trap phone,
I’ll be lost without her,
That’s my backbone.
Young n**** turnt up & then he got rich ain’t it,
On top of that both my BMs with the shit ain’t it,
All you green ass n***** turn it down you can save it,
I was riding round the city selling pounds before I made it,
I finesse the whole world then they found out bout DaBaby,
Pink slips,
Got 15 cars no payment,
Cheap shit,
I sold it all they would take it.
Freak bitch,
She lick the balls,
She go baby.

Then kick her out if she basic.
Tweak shit,
She drink it all with no chaser,
Creep shit,
We tryna find out where he staying.
All week bitch,
We out there from night till AM.
Fuck that hoe I’ll go jack off,
Fuck a fist fight ,
Bitch we tryna have a stand off.
He M.I.A. Knock his mans off
Baby gave me the rock like a handoff.
Then I ran it up quick,
Whenever we do it,
We doing it big.
Shawty head butting my lap,
Whenever she do it I’m pulling her wig.
I spent some racks on a fit,
Put some racks on his hat,
They removing his lid.

N***** fans,
N**** you & ya kids.
Turn this shit up before
time to do it again.
Billion Dollar Baby n****
Fuck you talmbout?

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