SZA – Love Galore (Alt Version) Lyrics

I need, I need
I need, I need
I need, I need
I need, I need
I need, I need

Love, love, love, love
‘Long as we got
Love, love, love
‘Long as we got

Done with these niggas, I don’t love these niggas
I dust off these niggas, do it for fun
Don’t take it personal
Personally, I’m surprised you called me after the things I said
Skrrt, skrrt on niggas (Yeah), skrrt up on niggas (True)
Skrrt down, you actin’ like me (Yeah)
Actin’ like we wasn’t more than a summer fling
I said farewell, you took it well (True)
Promise I won’t cry over spilled milk (Ooh, no, I won’t)
Give me a paper towel, gimme another Valium
Give me another hour or two, hour with you
Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me? (Yeah)
Why you bother me when you know you got a woman? (Yeah)
Why you hit me when you know you know better? (True)
Know you know better (True)
Know your crew better than you do
Call me, lookin’ for ya (Yeah), I be lookin’ for ya (Yeah)
Got me lookin’ forward to weekends
With you, baby, with you, baby
With you, baby (True), with you
We do whatever we want, go wherever we want
Love however we want, it don’t matter (True)
You do whatever I want, get whatever I want
Get whatever I need, it’s about

Love, love, love, love
Long as we got
Love, love, love, oh
Long as we got

Should have never gave you my number, I did it with you (Ooh)
Should have never let you hit it, I split it with you
I regret it, you gots a fetish
You gots a problem, now it’s a problem, oh, no
Skrrt, skrrt on bitches (Yeah)
I don’t know these bitches (Yeah)
Dig dirt on bitches, do it for fun
Don’t take it personal, baby
Love on my ladies, luh-love to my ladies, uh (True)
Dated a few (Straight up)

Give good
But you lie hard and you love ’em
But you stay hard and I love that
So I let you hang it for a bit
Kick it with yo’ friends
Get yo’ ego tight
Oh, you faded? Good
Freaky for the night
Shit it all depend on you
It’s been a minute since I wil’d out, feelin’ wide open (Yeah)
Like why? Why give a bum nigga like three minutes? (True)
Got six figures, my name on it (Yeah)
Hide now, ’cause you came on it
Hype off a hunna eighty seconds
That’s three minutes, nigga pipe down
I been looking good, I been feeling nice
Working on my aura (True), cleaning up
Working overtime, you been getting boring so
Skrrt, skrrt, give me room, room
You playin’ games and you cancel
Gang, gang and you ain’t so
Phone number don’t change though

Love, love, love, love
‘Long as we got
Love, love, love
‘Long as we got

I came to your city, lookin’ for lovin’ n’ licky
‘Cause you promised to put it down
All up in your city, lookin’ for you, uh
Searchin’ for you like love
Only thing keepin’ me from droppin’ you right now
Right now (Love)
Only thing keepin’ me by your side (Keep)
Only thing keepin’ me by your side now
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