Taka Perry & BOY SODA – LEMONADE Lyrics

LEMONADE Lyrics by Taka Perry & BOY SODA

Don’t look too closely!
Beauty is in the eye of the storm not the eye of the beholder, listen

I’m just tryna get to crux of this
Water on the road, watch your step lil bitch
Tyres don’t grip so the whip gon’ slip
Hold on for your life

Renovations start in my frontal lobe
Let my balls breathe in this satin robe
Slippers on the feet baby mind my toes
Cause those cute block heels might break my bones

I’m one small and insignificant
Event away from imminent
I need to leave this town

Give it to me straight
Ain’t got time to waste
Looking for some faith
Need a sugar high gimme lemonade

I’ll be up in space
Put the stardust in the J
Then I wash it down the vacuum with a bit of lemonade

I’m just tryna get to the alchemy
Tryna make gold from an mp3
Taka in this bitch and he blowin’ trees
Baby pass the weed

Got it thumpathumpin and it comes with ease
Whole spot live till they break their knees
Floorboards bend from the K’s and G’s
Perry pull up with the purple sneaks

I’m one small and insignificant
Event away from imminent
I need to leave this town

Every set of digits on my list
Are conversations that I’ve missed
I’ve been rebuilding
Hibernate to do some healing

Harlem shake when my eyes open
Worried about counting Elizabeth’s and these tokens
Pretty boy with pearls because they give me good decorum
Worried when I’m famous I’ll get dragged in all the forums, but I –
But I manifest and calculate trajectories
Gotta do it now or it’ll be the person next to me
You should feel inspired maybe threatened when you next to me
My brain on 100 while you’re tumbleweed


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