Vory – Dark Clouds Lyrics

I thought there was redemption in fall ___
Ooh uhh
Could free me
Could free me

Too much on my mind
Always told myself I’d find the time to finish things
But I never find the time
I’m too busy worrying about the n***as that play undercover
I’m too scared to tell my bitch how much I really love her
I’m too worried about how we can take this shit to another level

Shit just copped a rollie it cost 70 and it’s for the bezel
Prayin for the day a n***a try us cuz we bout whatever
I ain’t say I’m no killa but for my fam n***a Ima killa
I been in that fear for way too long a certified drilla

All i hang around is certified killas
Feelings from my past i wouldn’t mind feeling
Heartbreaks from my past I wouldn’t mind healing
I thought we could fix it who am I kidding
Murder that she wrote and I wouldn’t mind killing
I can’t be your hero I’m gon play villain

Bro turned to an angel you know he was good with God
Headshot if a n***a if he ever try to pull my card

They been ringing off a semi auto I don’t hear a sound
Too much on my mind I’m talking Dark Clouds Baby

Too much on my mind I’m talking Dark Clouds Baby

Too much on my mind I’m talking Dark Clouds Baby

I’m too scared to worry about my thoughts when they get it after dark
How the fuck you thought I found love n***a after hours
How the fuck you gon’ love that n***a he ain’t put in half the hours
You know he don’t beat it like I beat it up
You know he don’t eat it like I eat it up
Oh baby
Know i fuck you good know I’m good for that
Other bitches can’t compare can’t go tit for tat
You know if that pussy good then I’m gon spend them racks

You the only bitch that get Chanel purses
Go through the worses
You the only bitch that make my heart bleed
Go through these verses
Never thought that you would run back to a n***a
Who make half of what I make a month
And I don’t even like to smoke but light the blunt
He couldn’t even spend on you in 4 years what I spent on you in 6 months

But i know your taxes baby it was never bout the money
It’s like ever since we both moved we both started moving funny
Secrets that i know that you gon take to the grave but im okay
Cuz I know
What’s done in the dark will soon come to the light
See I did you wrong but you ain’t ever do me right
And I Got shit I’m done gon take to the grave but I guess that alright
Everything is fun and games until I wanna play along
I know all the truths behind the secrets I just play along
You thought you fooled me, huh?

I thought there was redemption in fall __
Ooh uhh
Could free me
Could free me
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