3 $ad Boys - Bootleg kakashis | Lyrics

3 $ad Boys - Bootleg kakashis  Lyrics

 (Intro: Lil Smeg & Yung Gweilo)

Dreidel spin that shit




Gweilo in the cut!

(Verse 1: Yung Gweilo)

Keep a chopper for you rodents call that Ratatooly

These boys been hatin' on me but they know they girl pursue me

Chop it up, do the dash yeah we dealing fast

Just took your bitch and yeah you know i'm cummin' last

Eating Burberry Pie on the beach

Whip the FRS, swervin' in the street

Goyard to my toes, bro you can't compete

Alex got a girl that really a feat'

Gweilo in the cut every single day

Your girl was feeling on me each and every way

Chillin' with the homies shout out to Kincaid! (Nick)

Your girl said she loved me and I said no way

My stummy hurt

Yes it do!

Pass to Dreidel!

He coming through

(Verse 2: Lil Dreidel)


Yeah we cookin' up, in the studio

Your bitch come through, she a fuckin' hoe

Do the dash I run fast past Bonfare

Drop my bag grab a snack and I'm out of there

Monster cock (cock) in my pocket that's a fat stack

She grab my meat yah, that's a heart attack

Boner gang and I'm ready with my fuckin' GAT

She a freak tho' little did you know

She a fuckin' hoe!

Tell my mommy to adopt me that's a no no. (no no)

Alex Long with a girl that's a no go

Lil Dreidel on this beat yeah i'm makin' heat

And we fuck in the street while I suck on feet

Get yo' girl the next week that's a three-pete

Shout out Nolan , Alex Long they the bosses

It's time to show you who smegma sauce is!

(Verse 3: Lil Smeg)

Lil Smeg! (Ay, Ay, Ay, Lil Smeg)



I don't throw fits boy I throw feces! (Huh!)

You fuckboys duck yeah when you see me! (BLOW!)

I nut on her face yeah that shit creamy! (Smeg)



I don't wear velcro but I got the strap tucked (BLOW!)

I seen your bitch and she finna' get fucked! (What)

Imma' ask your thot to give me that toppy

Then I shoot heroine straight from the poppy! (Huh)

Just kidding I have social anxiety. (God Damn)

Yeah I can't talk to girls entirely. (Wow)

I'm sad and lonely that's fax no printer

My DM's dry like the fucking winter! (Brrrr)

Gang (x4)

I'm with the boys Dreidel and Gweilo! (What)

We finna' cap your ass, give you a halo. (RIP)

(Outro: Lil Smeg, Lil Dreidel, Yung Gweilo)

Ayy (x4)

I'm so fucking lonely!

Lil dick gang baby!

Gang gang

Bang bang


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