Big Boogie, CMG The Label – Meant Dat Lyrics

Meant Dat Lyrics by Big Boogie & CMG The Label

Eh, Boo’ (Yeah)
(Damn, Mario, stop playin’)
Big dude (Big dude, big dude, baby, big dude)
I run this shit, you know?
(Ayy, Carter Z, you goin’ too crazy)

Check this bitch
Bitch, I’m a rich n****, right now (Bitch, I’m a rich n****)
I’m thankin’ my haters for keepin’ (Ooh), my name hot (Ooh), big dude livin’ it right now (Enlightenin’)
Bad bit’ toxic, gon’ give enough backshots, had it drillin’ it right now (Oh-oh)
She told me she love me, I told her “You movin’ too fast”, you killin’ me right now (Hol’ up, hol’ up)
Bitch, I’m the hottest n**** in the country, I gotta feelin’ it right now (Ee-ooh)
Not friendly with n*****, I’m friendly with triggers, don’t mean you can’t get this shit right now (Rrr)
I’m talkin’ ’bout literally right now (Right now)
Kung-fu chopsticks, fight now (Hwah)
Backward aeroplane, kite now (Gone)
I’m swingin’ my chains, no lights now (Ice)
I’m throwin’ the meeting to tell all my n****’ to chill out, we hot as Tomales
My Haitian, he hungry, but don’t want no food, my lil’ homie want him a body (Roo)
These n****’ brag about what they done did
Bitch, he ain’t shot nobody (Bitch, he ain’t shot nobody)
How you gon’ rat on your n****, he shot for you n**** (How?), you know that ain’t solid (How? How?)
Ain’t no pressure on shit on Earth, them facts, bitch, check out my pocket (Check out them—)
Smokin’ on dead’nem profit, I ain’t all star, serve ‘sace (Ooh)
Big dude, baby, no cocky (Ooh)
Ten millimeter, big beam, shoot rockets (Boom, boom)
Internet killer be sloppy, how you gon’ win against me and I’m poppin’? (On boo)
CMG dissin’, I don’t rock it
N***** don’t like me, they know I’m the topic (Know I’m the topic)
They wanna be me
They look at my pictures and stare, they just ready to copy (See boo, look at ’em)
Bitches be groupied by all these rappers, they really fuck with who poppin’ (Go look at ’em)
These whack ass n***** be floppin’
Rush Hour bullets be choppin’ (Frrt)
Lambo, ride with extendo, dread head murder n***** hangin’ out the window (Window)
Mimi slide in a sprinter (Skrrt-skrrt), it’s aunty Mimi, jump out the rental
Murder, forever on go, who wanna know? We got the info (Info)
We got the work like a stove, we got them bowls, trap out the bando
Slide in the city with drac’s and choppas, (Rrr), we tryna slide (Gone)
We tryna catch us a opp, they be talkin’ on Facebook, pussy gon’ die
My n**** dump out whatever, they drivin’ whatever, just long as it drives
Them n***** killed my lil’ brother, he’s cool on murder, don’t think that you sly
N***** bitches, they ain’t gon’ slide thru’ the opp pool all the way to dive
Catch him at the weddin’, pussy n**** sweatin’, fucked ’em, we knocked off the bride (Cool)
Burner jammin’, Q fucked up my head, long nights still cryin’ (Damn)
Soon as I get out the road, I’m visitin’ a T-shirt, them n***** dyin’ (Frrt)
They got me fucked up (Fucked up)
Draco or rabbit, it jump up (Rrr)
Murder like clippers, get touched up (Touched)
Toxic lil’ mama, I’m fuckin’ her guts up (Ooh-ooh)
I act like a fool, dumb
Partna, they crip, got blue hunnids (It got blue hunnids)
Bitch, I’m a shoes junky, part of my kicks a few hundreds (A few hundreds)

Big Boogie
See my young n***** gon’ slide, you understand?
You feel me?
But the true part about this shit
My sister’s gon’ slide just as hard, you understand? Fuck it
All these suckers
I’ve been seein you hatin’ for a long time man (Blrrd)
But this shit ain’t gon’ stop nothin’ man
Ayy, man, we big dog steppin’ n****
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