DJ Premier & Nas – Beat Breaks Lyrics

Beat Breaks Lyrics by DJ Premier & Nas

Ayo Nas, you know what I wanna do? Let’s take it back to a classic breakbeat joint and get busy on that. Shout to Breakbeat Lenny & Breakbeat Lou. C’mon!

One two, one two

First off I wanna thank the pioneers for making this possible
Fake humbleness snake dummy shit is intolerable
Livin’ by principal
Starin’ out over women in swimming suits by the pool, I’ma slide with a few
Every chance was spoiled
No enhancement pill
No deer antler oil
And their panties be soiled
I know some n***** that will damage ya’ squad
You amateurs play with a man I send savages charged
It ain’t no sit-downs, too late to fix it
You bout to take a visit to your maker
Ass kissing don’t make a difference
Cats give him a mic give you a pass you can pay me
But I’m too rich now so all that money you can save it
So get down on the pavement
Hangin’ with Nas tell your homies how your day went
Rockin’ w Preem is nothin’ short of amazin’
Feel me
I boosted the street rap
The truth over beats rap
The earth been over a billion years deep rap
That new S-Class riding music with your seat back
I’m the student who grew up to teach rap, these facts
This that Nas with his teeth cracked
I sparked they retreats back

When I’m quiet they all find I’m outta sight outta mind
As soon as I’m back on they ass they bitchin’ and cryin’
On how they hate and wanna cause me damage
Just cuz the Rolls is all black like the space between the stars and the planets
I might just pause a minute
Check the vibe old school styles been augmented
You heard everything til Nas vocal chords hit it
Good lord now is it me or is they hard headed
Preemo beats are water let your thoughts dissolve in it
Remember Nas like a father to the fatherless
We take the pain, smile and mix it with street knowledge and
Hop the turnstile back when I was a problem in
Avia hightops I shoulda been modelin’ model citizen
They say I’m crying victim just cuz I’m spittin’ lines to get me some ends
Two 1200’s, a mixer, plug my mic in
Holdin’ my mics like I’m huggin’ lightnin’
The concrete breaks
Get slapped by the soundwaves from the early days
Feel it in your vertebrae, go DJ

Credits & Song Knowledge
Song Title: Beat Breaks
Performed by: DJ Premier & Nas
Written by: Chris Martin, Nasir Jones
Genre: Rap
Album: Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1 (EP)
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