DJ Premier – Remy Rap Lyrics

Remy Rap Lyrics by DJ Premier, Remy Ma & Rapsody

With the best female
Let’s rap
Remy Ma

No lie, it’s only like five females in the game that can really rap
Got followers and fame and the name so they thinkin’ that
They can now be listed with the spitters, bitch, imagine that
Ain’t talkin’ ’bout your lace front when I say your shit is wiggity-wack
They know what’s going to happen to they ass if Remy on the track
And no, I ain’t tryin’ to be catty, they know they really lack
You assed out without your ass out, and that’s really facts
But if I say it, I’m a hater, I hear the chitter-chat

They know that my pen is crazy but they don’t wanna give me that
Every time I spit some shit, they sayin’ that it’s really Pap
Claim I can’t make a song but actually that’s really cap
Had ’em Conceited, All The Way Up, and Leanin’ Back
I know they be poppin’ shit, she only hot when Rem with crack
In my presence, they be on my dick like little jimmy hats
Actin’ like I ain’t the reason these bitches can even rap
I’m also the reason y’all know these bitches can’t even rap

Tried to spread a rumor that I’m ugly, bitch, I’m pretty Black
Then try to lie and paint an image that I’m really fat
Ho, whenever I want, I can thirst trap
Only thing fat is these pockets and this motherfuckin’ kitty cat
Y’all be on some, “She hit me,” so I’ma hit her back
I be on some “She hit me,” so now she gettin’ clapped
Birds of a feather flock together, y’all be in a pack
And will do anything for the cheese, yeah, you been a rat

I rap when I wanna
I stopped to have my daughter
Was flyin’ PJ’s when y’all was wearing pajamas
And I’m signed to myself so they can’t jerk her
Done caught more suits and cases than a TSA worker, motherfucker

Daughter of a gun, I spit it like a bullet
That’s literary caution, I should win me a Pulitzer
I don’t show cards, I show face without the hoodie up
Change my perspective, think like L Boogie does
I was never late, no, y’all was just early
Never fall short unless the shorts come with jersey
Life never straight, that bitch hella curvy
I’m my biggest fan, I wear my shit out like Kirby
Pierre, Pierre, young bubblin’ baby
Never switch pockets, only refill ’em like Da Baby
Wah-wah, y’all cry, I’m on a different tier
We ain’t the same, me and you, we got some different fears

Jerry Lorenzo, this G.O.D. flow
Word to the Northstar, I rep East Coast
Road to success comes with a bridge like E-Foh
Today they want a pill, but back then it was kilos
Why Preemo hit me, ’cause he know I’m dopest
Rap like I got a big dick and n***** chokin’
Never heard an urge to be the wave, I’m the fuckin’ ocean (Real shit)
If you can’t see that, then you just a blind turtle
Huh, shell shocked when I hit block block
N***** know when I rhyme it sound like a Glock-Glock
Ask me where I’m headed, motherfucka, to the top-top
Can’t rain on my parade, ain’t no rain drop-drop

Remy raps
Remy raps
With the best female
Let’s rap

Remy raps
Remy raps
With the best female
Let’s rap

Credits & Song Knowledge
Song Title: Remy Rap
Performed by: DJ Premier, Remy Ma & Rapsody
Written by: Chris Martin, Marlanna Evans, Remy Mackie
Genre: Rap
Album: Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1 (EP)
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