DRO - Fuck A Hoe Lyrics

 DRO - Fuck A Hoe Lyrics

(J Whitty)

Fuck A Ho, Fuck A Ho, Fuck A Ho Yall

(Repeated throughout the whole song)


J Whitty on the beat, he tellin DRo. to fuck a ho

Lets make a toast, hard liquor pour up ho

Ho get on my level. I'm All-Madden, you All-Pro

Skinny nigga but my ego swole

Shawty get over here, lemme hit you wit that Debo

Give that bitch some sippy, & she down. Gag, you know

Dick game cold, it's worth way more than a C note

It's priceless; Mastercard commercial

(Yee) She lovin it like Micky D's, McDonald's ice tea

Maybe on a good day I eat that bitch like ice cream

Like em dark skin, but my chick on that light team

Yea she Cuban, coochie wetter than the Gulf mayne I'm cruisin'

Yea she got that gooey gooey

Ay girl give me that chewy

Make DRo. say oowee oowee


Ain't I the coolest cat??

Not a putty tat, when I attack that pussy cat!!

Yea that thang, Ima act a fool in that

My flow & how her river flow, you can't find that with no car jack

Ima beat the pussy up, go straight in with a long bat

I get straight to business, ain't no time for chit chat

I bust a nut, then I leave, then I laugh at that doneback

Bust on hoes. No gun, no clip, no black mask

Get you in the shower, for about an hour

Put my black fist in you, now you got black power

Kill that black panther

Black on black crime

She dropped a dime, we on Maury, I'm the father

Uh! I love how this beat drop

Her head drop, my zipper drop, drop top

I just got head in a drop top

Now get out & drop trou', lemme Vony Bop

I'm hot, stop drop roll

Shawty Hot

I lit her up like a fire cracker, pop!!

Hit a lick on that clit, drip drop!!

Lemme stand up in it, finna make you climax

Sky high!! Tip top!!

This ain't what you call hip hop

It's in my nature to be nasty, can't nobody outlast me mayne!!

Hol up

Yee!! (Echo)

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