How do I sing praise and worship Perfectly in church (answered)

How do I sing praise and worship Perfectly in church (answered)

Hello friend I'm P. Titus, welcome to wikilyrics musical article page; this page we're going to deal with music related subject in this 100% gospel article. its not new gospel music requires extra efforts, you must be intentional as a gospel minister unlike other genre of music. secular singers can take in alcohol and get inspired due to its influence.

Viewing this page, you're in the right place, one thing I would like you to get rid of is panic and stage fright, Microphone doesn't bite, and your audience are mostly your friends (even if its not your local church, You can do it!) yes you can improve, your voice is awesome. If you can talk, then you can sing.

On this article we're going to get ourselves set for song ministration praise and worship. I'm going to group my points in two categories.


  • Things you have to do ahead your praise and worship section
  • Thing to do during praise and worship section

Things you have to do ahead your praise and worship section

Arrange your songs

Arranging your songs is the first thing to do. do not be too spiritual to conclude that holy spirit will bring songs to sing during the worship section. no you have play your own part. the essence of song arrangements is to determine suitable songs that can follow each other immediately for example we have different type of praise songs beats; we have makosa, fast-highlife slow highlife rock, funk, reggae etc. it is very wrong to be jumping to different beat types without singing at least three songs that falls into the current song beat. in fact I will advise you to stick to one-two beat throughout your worship section. 

song arrangement will also help you to notice songs you don't know too well. so easily, you will rehearse areas you don't know in the song lyrics.

Song arrangement will help you to add your own personal flow, vibes expressions into your songs.

Do  Some Vocal Exercise

Another Important and essential thing to do is warm ups. do not see it as a waste of time. You really need it. oh I should state the reasons?👄
Let me ask you, How do you sound just after waking up 👀 wobble right? 

Vocal warm-up exercise helps in waking up all the muscles required for you to sound cool. The common and most effective vocal exercise is tongue and lip thrilling. watch the video below to learn how to do it perfectly.

second important vocal exercise you need to do it your breathing exercise. watch video below and practice along.

Breathing is so important. you can never talk without air coming out of your mouth (ok try). According to the common definition of voice "voice is the vibration that occur in your vocal chord" what triggers the vibration? Air of course!.

Be careful of the food you eat.

The type of food you eat has lots of influence on your voice. check out this page; recommended foods for singers. Your diet must be more of fruits and warm water, try to avoid soft drinks, alcohol and milk. 30 minutes before your song rendition.

Dialogue with the instrumentalists

Instrument is the companion of voice, you must not hide your arrangements from your church instrumentalists. tell your pianist your suitable & convenient key.


You have to pray ahead and commit the song ministration to the hands of Holy Spirit so that he can do His own part.

Thing to do during praise and worship section

What we are going to discourse here are the things you must do and things you must never do during your praise and worship section

Things you must do

Say words of Motivation: words of motivation and encouragements soften the heart of the congregation. You can say words like "Wave your hands to God, every living so for in the presense of God there is fullness of Joy" you can also start with "Hallelujah its all about Jesus today, let somebody scream!".
You can also start your song with this word of encouragement "Listen, I don't know what you're passing through, as you worship God sinserely this morning the lord is looking into your sutuation".

Sincerity: you must be sincere with the song you're singing, if you're singing joyful songs, you must drive people to the stage of even carrying chair up 😁 you must never sound boring. if your song is an impactation, anointing or song about Holy Spirit. your audience must feel filled with divine touch.

Be in Control: The moment you're outside leading songs you're the worship leader for that moment. all backups, instrumentalists even audience follows your lead. you must lead your songs perfectly you can add some vocal elements where necessary. you can ask backups to stop for a while. you can even ask the drummer to give you a certain beat only if you know what you're doing else, you will just be singing to any beat you're been given which makes the drummer to be in control.

Be Bold: never show any sign of being timid or shy, move your body, add some energy, let the atmosphere change. 

Think of next song: Your mind should search for the next song to sing while your mouth is busy singing current song.

Give room for interludes: interludes could be from drummer side or pianist side. the good job interlude does is not give you small rest to think for next song.

Things You must not do

Do not close your eyes: 😘 you're shocked right? yeah you saw it right. you're the worship leader, you're to pour out for people to be blessed. closing of eyes if meant for secret place. the major reason why you should not close your eyes too much is to look at your audience mood in case you lead a song they do not know, seeing their reaction will make you know that there is need to change the song. (go and observe all popular gospel singers during their life worship sections they rarely close their eyes.)

Closing your eyes while singing also display the impression of you not bold enough, some singers uses closing of eye to hide their shyness.

Do not Dwell so long on a song: anytime you're leading a song, do not sing the whole verses of the song, praise and worship is different from choir ministration. pick only the short easy chorus of the copyright songs while singing.

Do not sing songs that backups do not know: even if the whole church doesn't know the song you're singing your backups should know. try as much as possible to sing common songs the moment you sing a song that people do not know, do not dwell so much on the song switch. but if your spirit insists that you must sing it. then dictate out the lyrics.

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