How to remove tightness in the voice

How to remove tightness in the voice

As we have already said in previous articles, during singing there should not be any tightness in the voice and in the entire vocal apparatus. But very often, many novice vocalists are faced with this problem. How to remove tightness in the voice or how to get rid of tightness in the voice, we will tell you in this article.

To begin with, let's figure out where does tightness in the voice come from? Most often this happens due to improper operation of the vocal apparatus, or rather, the incorrect use of the ligaments, larynx and all resonators, as well as due to improper vocal breathing. So, in order to get rid of tightness in your voice, you first need to master the skill of correct singing breathing, to feel support. Here are some exercises that will help you learn how to get rid of tightness in your voice that occurs when the so-called "vocal" muscles do not work properly.

How to remove tightness in the voice

All exercises should be performed with a straight back, do not lift up the shoulders, the head should be in the middle position, since when the head is raised, the larynx rises and interferes with the proper functioning of the vocal apparatus.

  1. Perform circular movements of the head to the right and left, while the neck should be as relaxed as possible.

  2. Drop your lower jaw down, then gently lift it up. This exercise should be performed gently at a slow pace. Find the correct jaw position by dropping it down and relaxing the muscles.

  3. Fold your lips into a tube and move your lips to the right and left, then circular movements.

  4. Make movements with your tongue, trying to give it various forms, everything you can do: roll your tongue into a tube, reach the upper palate as far from the teeth as possible, put it in a shovel, and so on.

  5. Try to feel the larynx and fix its position while singing. The Adam's apple should be lowered down. This position is called a vocal yawn. With the free larynx lowered, a beautiful and rich sound will form.

  6. Clamp your hand into a fist and insert it into your mouth, and in this position pronounce the syllables NGO, NGU, NGE, NGU, NGU until you feel fatigue in the larynx.

  7. Imagine that you are a frog, and make rhythmic tongue outbursts, as if catching mosquitoes. Do this exercise until you feel tired in the larynx.

Performing these exercises, you can remove excess tone from the muscles of the neck, larynx and vocal cords. Remember these sensations and try to feel them while singing, only then will you be able to tune your voice box to work properly.

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