Hygiene and Routine of the vocalist's voice


Hygiene and Routine of the vocalist's voice

Like any other instrument of a musician, the voice requires attention and care. Just as violinists polish their violins, polish their bows with rosin, horns polish brass pipes, change mouthpieces, reeds and provide all the necessary care for the instrument, vocalists have such a thing as voice hygiene. 

After all, the voice is the instrument of the singer. Let's look at what is included in the concept of hygiene of the vocalist's voice, and also turn our attention to such a phenomenon as the hygiene of the vocalist's voice during the period of mutations.

           Of course, polishing and smearing the throat and ligaments with special ointments and means is not necessary, but in order for the ligaments and the entire vocal apparatus to be in good shape, you need to take special care of this, because we are talking not only about health, but also about the profession, oh work, hobbies.

So what do we mean when we talk about vocal hygiene:

  • Firstly, the simplest and most elementary rules are not to overcool, not to catch a cold, to protect yourself and your throat from cold and hypothermia, especially during the cold season, during colds and all kinds of flu and infections.

  • Before classes, do not eat foods that negatively affect the ligaments, irritate the throat. Such products include nuts, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, seeds. Also, alcohol should be avoided. There is an opinion that alcohol warms up the ligaments and helps to sing, and so, I tell you, this is pure myth. And even vice versa, alcohol negatively affects the vocal apparatus. Vessels expand and ligaments work in an unusual physical state for themselves, which, with a stronger load, can lead to tissue damage. Therefore, if you want to achieve a high level of vocal performance, you should absolutely not drink alcohol before singing.

  • Of course, smoking has an extremely negative effect on your voice, and on the body as a whole.

  • Girls and women should avoid singing during their menstrual cycle, especially during the first three days. Blood rushes to the ligaments and overexertion can damage them. This is very dangerous and serious.

  • During classes, it is necessary to periodically moisten the ligaments, for this simple water is suitable, but not cold, but warm. Also, it is advisable to practice in a room with moist air, dry air has a bad effect on the ligaments, dries them out.

  • The lesson should not exceed 45 minutes for beginners, and 2-3 hours for experienced singers, provided that every 45 minutes the voice must be given a rest.

Voice hygiene during vocal mutations in adolescent children also requires special attention. During this period, there is a maturation of the body, a strong release of hormones and a rush of blood. Classes should be conducted under the supervision of an experienced teacher, the time of classes should be reduced by 5-10 minutes, the works should be selected in a convenient tessitura in order to avoid overstrain and overwork as much as possible. In other words, during the period of voice mutations, you need to handle the vocal apparatus very carefully and carefully, monitor its condition and give the necessary rest. In this case, the mutation period will pass painlessly.


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