Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 13

 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 13

đź’‹ MR
CEO đź’‹
(Too cold and possessive)

( It's high time)

Episode 13

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Jeff's POV

I watched as she left in anger, I guess I succeeded in waking something in her.

Fk! I shouldn't have gone to that extent of punishing her.

It's just now that she quitted her job that I am realizing I don't have a genuine reason for spilling the hot coffee on her .

Yet, she wasn't mad, she tried to endure how burnt she was .

I could see her skin turned pale and red from the hot coffee but I was too blinded to see.

But does she think she can quit being my assistant?

I know I shouldn't have done that, her being married doesn't guarantee that I punish her for that.

I don't expect her to start telling me about her private life after I have been cold to her.

And how am I sure she's married? She might have kids but what if she's a divorcee?

Oh no! She's too young to be a divorcee!

The tears I saw in her eyes broke me into a million pieces.

I understand that there are things you won't be able to handle when it gets out of hand and I am that thing or person fk!

She has tried proving strong for the past few weeks she worked for me.

Despite the hard works I give her, not for once did she complain.

She didn't! And I kept on doing that over again! She even left the broken cup on the floor, I had to call Stella to clean it up.

I ran my hands through my hair frustratedly! I have really hurt Sidney!

My office door opened and Eric came in.

" Hey dude " he said taking a seat opposite me . Typical him!

" Have you forgotten this is my office Eric? Can't you knock? " I asked narrowing my eyes at him and he shrugged.

" And have you too forgotten that this is my best friend's office? Can't you greet me?" He asked back while I shook my head.

Winning an argument with him is very useless!

" So how are you? How's work? You look worked up " he asked taking a look at me.

I am not actually worked up, it amuses me how Sidney mustered the courage to quit!

In my whole life, none of my worker have ever quit their jobs, I do the firing!

" I want you to help me with something Eric " I said

He stretched out his phone to me and I looked at it then at him in confusion

" What is it for?" I asked with a furrowed eyebrow.

" Oh! I forgot you have to use your phone either, I need to receive the alert first before I do whatever you want for you "

He said grinning and I scoffed! Idi0t!

" You want money before you help your best friend right? Very well then, forward me your account details"

I said bringing out my phone feigning anger!

" You can't blackmail me because of that anger that's clearly showing it's fake bro, send me the money or no deal "

G0sh! He Eric and money!

" You will soon get married to money and give birth to money " I said rolling my eyes then he chuckled!

Everyone loves money but his is extreme!

"That's not something bad you know, I will be surrounded by money "

In few seconds, he sent his account number to my phone.

That's what he always does, each time he comes here, he must get money from me one way or the other saying that he loves his best friend's money!

Can you believe he's also a rich guy like I am? He has his personal company and he runs the family company too.

I transferred $5000 for him and he squealed like a child.

" I love you dude but you should know I didn't collect this money because you want me to help you " he said and I nodded.

" You will still collect the money before you leave anyways " I replied and he grinned.

" So what did you want me to do for you?" He asked

" well, I need every information about Alexa Sidney before down. When you get it, forward it to my email "

" Isn't that your sexy assistant? Wait! Did you like her? What am I even saying? Did you love her? Have you asked her out? You two are an item? Oh my God! She's your perfect match, I am sure she will melt your heart and you will stop being a cold a$$, you .. . "

I covered his mouth with my hand and he tried removing it!

I have never seen someone that talks like him!

" Can you stop talking for once?" I asked removing my hand from his mouth while he glared at me.

" What? What are you not telling me Jeff? You love her don't you? " I snorted at his question.

" I don't love her okay? I just...." I trailed off not knowing what else to say.

" I can see that you love her dude, if you don't gr@b her, I will ask her out" he said like it's nothing.

" Don't dare Eric and besides, she quitted already"

The next thing I heard was a sound of punch on my stomach!

I groaned glaring at him! Why did he punch me now huh?

If it was another person, I could have throw him in jail for this fking nonsense!

" What was that for?" I asked . Ouch! Seriously, this hurts!

Why in God's name will he punch me this hard?

" Did you know you are an asshole?" He asked snappily!

What's with the change of mood? Did I do something?

" What are you talking about?" I asked clearly confused.

" I know you've given that poor girl so much troubles, loads of work as a punishment and she couldn't bear it again. Can't you see Jeffery? Your hatred for your parents is pushing the people you love away from you "

" I understand you have to be angry at your Dad and step Mum for whatever they've done but did you have to transfer that anger on innocent people?"

" I will forward everything about her to you by evening but Jeff, it's high time you changed "


Alexa's POV

" Are you okay buttercup? What did your boss do this time around? Why are you crying?"

Andrew asked with a worried expression as I entered into his car.

I put a call across to him to come pick me up.

I collapsed on his shoulder crying my eyes out! He's my only comforter!

He patted my head gently while I cry! I do rather suffer with my kids, I am tired of taking in everything from Mr Kingsley!

I have heard it up to my neck! I can't take it anymore!

I am glad he gave me half of my salary earlier, I paid of my kids school fees, renewed our rent and bought some foodstuffs that will last us till the end of this month.

" Shhh, it's okay buttercup! I just hope I don't see that Jeffery guy out of his company else, I will beat him up " he said angrily!

" You don't have to, I already quit " I said raising up my head from his shoulder and the first place his eyes landed on was my burnt che$t!

" You don't have to worry Andrew, it's just a minor. I will be fine " I said covering it up but he kept staring at it

" He did this right? He burnt you buttercup cup, fuçking ba$tãrd "

He fumed and stormed out of his car! Wait what?

" Andrew please, just let it slide " I said holding his hand.

" Let it slide you say? Take a look at your che$t, including your hands! And your th!gh I guess, what gave him the power to do that to you? Because he's a CEO? That's bullsht , I won't let it go this time around Alexa, not this time "

He jerked his hand away and entered into the company!

No please! I don't want him to cause a scene now do I?
I am glad I am finally free from him!

" Andrew please, not this place. You might cause a scene "

He paused and chuckled evilly!

" Do I care if I cause a scene? I want people to see how I will beat him up " he replied and began walking angrily again.

" Where's that bastĂŁrd " he said angrily, his nose flaring up! His eyes were blazing saddles! And his hands in a ball.

I have not seen this side of him in a long time!

Few people at the gate turned to look at us. I just need to stop him.
What if Jeffery arrest him?

I quickly ran to his front and hugged him putting him on a halt!

" Please Andrew, just let him be " I said hugging him very tight.

I could see his body relaxed and he hugged me back!

" Don't think I will let this slide, that fool needs to learn! I will see him outside this building, a place you won't be there to stop me "

" I am really sorry you have to go through all this buttercup, you won't work in anyone's company anymore but my family's "

" My elder brother is in need of a manager, he will recruit you to work for him "

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