Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 17

 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 17

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(Too cold and possessive)

Episode 17

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Anika's POV

" Here take it baby, I bought a dress for the party for you " Dad said handing me a beautiful dress.

Wow! My Dad has a good taste for fashion no doubt!

Just take a look at this pink velvet dress.

" Oh my God! You are the best Dad " I beamed giving him a hug.

Oh! You might be thinking of where my Mum could be, well, she's dead!

She died when I was barely twelve and I have been with dad ever since.

" You like it? " He asked.

" Of course dad, I love it!, It's beautiful . I really need to try this on " I said in ec$tasy!

" Go on baby, you know I don't want you to look disheveled to the birthday party in the next two days, I want Jeffery to be thrilled by your appearance " he said smiling at me.

As if he knows my mind, I want to have Jeffery all to myself that day.

I am going to Edna's birthday party because of him.

That girl really annoys me, I left in anger the day I went there and her parents asked her to give me a tour of the mansion.

She pissed me off at every slight chance.

I got frustrated and I had to lie that I got a call from Dad and he wants me home.

I couldn't stay for dinner because of her.

I am glad Jeffrey owns his own mansion, I can't imagine living with that riff raff after my marriage.

When I get married to her brother, I will make sure I stop her from coming to our home.

I don't care if it happens to be her brother's house.

This all started during our highschool. .

It wasn't my fault that her boyfriend had a thing for me.

As handsome as he was, I couldn't let him go knowing that he's my friend's boyfriend.

And she caught us one day! That was it!

I don't get why she's still mad about that but I don't care either.

" Yes Dad, I will look my best to Edna's birthday party. I need to try this beautiful dress on. Thank you Dad, love you "

I yelled and dashed out of the sitting room.


Alexa's POV

" Here's the account of the money used for the past two months " I said dropping the paper on Eric's desk.

He nodded giving me a sly smile like always!

He went through it before raising his head to look at me and I bowed my head.

" You did all this arithmetic in less than thirty minutes? "

He asked sounding amused!
That's not a big deal, if there's one thing I am good at, that should be arithmetics.

I just nodded my head not knowing what response that suits it.

" Wow! I must say that I am impressed, you are such a brilliant lady "

He complimented and I couldn't help but smile.

Aside Andrew, no guy has given me that complimented before or perhaps! Jason!

Oh puh lease! I don't want to remember intoxicated people this beautiful afternoon.

" Thank you Si... Eric "

" It's just a compliment anyways, I want you at lunch with me, hope that's okay by you and don't worry, we won't go out of the company "

Humph! That made me remember my lunch with Mr Kingsley.

That day, he was very nice! He was happy and carefree.

We talked like two lost friends, he told me about his childhood and some [email protected] things he did.

All I wished for was that to continue but it changed the next day.

He was back to being grumpy and rude.

" Alexa?" Eric called and I breathed out.

" Sorry I spaced out " I said.

" It's fine so will you have lunch with me? Courtesy of my brother" he said and we both laughed!

Andrew must have told him to take care of me.

I am not a kid but he treats me like one.

" Right, I know what he can say " I replied and he nodded.

" So protective of you and I must say, I envy your friendship" he said and I laughed.

So free like Andrew! They have the same trait!

" I will just go finish up my work and meet you before lunch " I said.

" That's fine by me, till then, I will be waiting "

I smiled, bowed my head and left to my office.

... Few minutes later ....

We both ordered our food and sat down at the cafeteria.

I so much love the way he relate with his workers, he's talking freely with them and equally laughing too.

What Mr Kingsley will never do! When he told me he's his best friend, I found it hard to believe but I did anyways.

" You know, Jeff's grumpy attitude wasn't what made me like him and decided to make friends with him"

He said as we wait for our food to arrive.
Why's he talking about him now?

Isn't he always grump? What must have made them become friends? Because all I can see is two different polar .

Just like like and unlike charges. They are way too different from each other.

" What made you like him?" I blurted.

" Well, his kind gestures " I scoffed before I could realize what I just did.

Way to go Alexa!

" I..I am sorry, I didn't mean to do that " I replied in embarrassment!
I totally forgot he's my boss!

" It's fine Alexa, I understand it hard to believe coupled with what he has done to you "

Wait! He isn't mad that I scoffed at him?

" It hard to believe but that's it, Jeffery is a good person underneath the cold aura around him "

Why's he telling me all that?


Jeff's POV.

I came down from my car in haste entering into my parents mansion m

I never wanted to come till Edna's birthday party night but what do I do?

I need her help so badly and Eric, he wants to punish me too.

I am so confused, I want to see Alexa but her house is out of it.

I can't go there! At all!

" Son " Mum beamed on seeing me and I ignored her making my way to Edna's room..

If she had picked up her phone, I wouldn't be here in the first place.

" You didn't tell us you were coming "

I threw her hand away from my shoulder and she flinched! Oh not expecting that?

" Do I need anyone's permission before I enter my father's house?"
I asked and she shook her head!

" Do not stop me again by holding me else, you won't like what I will do " I said harshly and stormed off only to bump into Dad!

Just perfect!
Where the fk is Edna huh?

" Son you are here, I was about coming to your office for an important discussion " he said as he regained his stance

" What discussion did you want to have with me? Nothing is important than my Mum that you and this concubine of yours killed "

I could see a flash of hurt and guilt in his eyes then, I pushed him out of my way into my sister's room .


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