Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 23 (Finale)

 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 23

πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
(Too cold and possessive)

Episode 23

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Final episode

Alexa's POV

It's been two months since Edna's birthday and everything has been going fine between Jeff and I.

We are not yet intimate but we cool, I need a enough time to think about entering into a relationship.

It means a lot to me. I can't let what happened before repeat itself.

That's what I am scared of but so far, I see that he has changed for better.

Jeff has changed a lot, he doesn't nag at people anymore.

He smiles a lot and has become very friendly to people.

When he told me his story, I knew that mine was better.

Till now, I can't really fathom everything.

Edna's Mum is his sister Mum and she killed his Mum.

When he first say that, I found it hilarious!

How possible his dad and step mum will kill his mother?

He told me that his Mum and Dad were one of the best couples then.

His mum loved and trusted his Dad so much! They loved each other until Edna's Mum came into the picture with a pregn@ncy.

He was just 5years then and everything is still fresh in his memory,

Well, bad things that has happened to us never leave easily.

His mum was heartbroken, he was someone she trusted so much.

She never believed could do cheat ono her with another woman .

Edna's Mum moved into their house and took over her matrimonial bed.

His father sided with Edna's Mum and she was sent into the guest room.

They had an argument she was pushed from the stairs by either his step Mum or Dad.

It happened in his present when he was coming back from school.

She was rushed to the hospital but never survived it.

Ever since, he find it hard trust and he believes everyone are same, If he gives them the opportunity to be close to him, they might end up killing him like they did to his mother.

His father invited me over yesterday and he explained his own side of the story. .

It might look like they pushed her to die but it was a mistake she never survived.

He admitted he was wrong and pleaded with me to plead with his son to forgive him.

I know Jeff listens to me but will he when it comes to his parents?

I will give it a try anyways, if it's works then fine .

" Mummy, Uncle Jeff promised to take us to the park tomorrow "

Evan said sitting beside me.

Well! Jeff has really become close to the twins and they seems to like him because he's nice like their Uncle Andrew.

" Are you coming with us?" Emma asked

" I will come with you if I am less busy tomorrow so let see till then"

" We will tell Uncle Eric to give you a day off, you are coming with us " Evan said like Eric's working under him .

I chuckled at his behaviour standing up.

" It's time to make lunch, I have to do that since uncle Andrew isn't around "

" We will help you wash the dishes "
I narrowed my eyes at them.

" Did you know how to wash dishes?" I asked.

" Yes mummy, Emma will wash while I rinse " Evan answered

" Alright then, let's go and get started "


Jeff's POV

" I feel so nervous about this "

I said as we were about entering into the doctor's office for the DNA result.

With the help of Andrew, the doctor was able to take the strand of the twins hair for diagnosis

" You don't have to be , I took a good look at you and the twins and I saw that they look so much like you, I didn't notice that earlier until recently "

Andrew said...

" I agree with that " Eric said and I sighed.

We can't be really sure, but what if they happen to be my kids? What if Alexa was the same lady I had a night stand with four years ago.

The lady I defl0wered ! God! I can't wait to see what's in the result.

They twins might look like me but its normal right?

I don't want to assume anything that will end up not being true.

It will hurt me, that's why I am not too excited about it till I see the result.

" I am sorry miss but you are two months pregn@nt "

We heard the doctor say to a lady as we entered into his office.

" You all are back for the result I guess " he said as he saw us.

The lady opposite him stood up in tears to excuse herself. That was when I saw who it was.

" Hey wait, hold on "
I said and she stopped.

" You? Anika right? You are two months pregnant! I can't believe this " I said shaking my head and also smirking.

This is the kind of lady my father wanted me to marry, she's two months pregn@nt. That was the same time Dad asked her to marry me.

Was she whoring around or what?

" Did you know her?" Eric asked staring at her.

She bowed her head as her sob increased.


" Of course, the same Lady my Dad asked me to marry. She's pregnant for another guy, of I had agreed to dad's shenanigans and laid with her, she could have put this pregn@ncy on me. Its really a shame Anika "

" Oh my God! She was the one that was humiliated at Edna's birthday party? What were you thinking Anika girl, to take what's my best friend's? "

Andrew said laughing, she bowed her head and ran out of the office.

This is unbelievable! Even for the fact that I never liked her because my Dad brought her, I saw her as an innocent girl.

" Let's forget about that, we came here for something more important " Eric said.

Yeah right! Always serious as if everything's business and money! Although, he's right!

" So doctor, can we see the result?" I asked sitting in the middle of Andrew and Alex.

" Yes and Mr Kingsley, I am happy to announce that your DNA with those kids matches which means that they are your biological children "

T...they are my children? Alexa was the girl from my one night stand?
Oh my God!

" Are you sure doctor? No error somewhere right?" I asked.

" Of course not Mr Kingsley, here is the result "

Eric collected it before I could reach for it.

" Told you " he said grinning at me.

" I am a father! I have two fuçking kids, they are my kids! " I yelled excitedly and jumped on both Andrew and Eric.

This is true, it's not a dream! Emma and Evan are my twins, Alexa was the girl from that night!

She got pregnant with my babies and struggled all along to raise them alone.

I even added to her stress, be it she likes it or not. She's quitting her job and I will make her mine.

" We know you are a father right but don't rub it on our faces "

Eric said rolling his eyes while the doctor chuckled.

" If you don't propose to her before dawn, I promise you she will be taken tomorrow "

Andrew said and my eyes widened.

He can do just that and my Alexa will be taken away from me and she listen to him so much.

" Of course not, you can't give her out like a commodity. You know I want to propose to her, I can't just let the kids stay away with me, I want to make up for the lost times but I don't know how to go about it"

I said sincerely!

Eric glared at me then at the doctor! Oops! I totally forgot we are still in his office.

" Thank you so much doctor " I said as he drag me out.

" Idi0t, how can you know how to go about it when you are a dummy "

" We can only help you if you agree to that " Andrew added.

This two are going to kill me before my actual time.

" Fine, I am a dummy "


Alexa's POV

I sighed in relief as I saw the guys coming in.

I thought they were gonna take forever.

" What took you all so long?" I asked glaring at them.

" We are sorry buttercup, we were enjoying our guys chat " Andrew said and I rolled my eyes.

" Did you prepare anything?"
Both Eric and Jeff chorused.


" I did prepare something but we have to be somewhere right away "

I announced waiting for who to object .

" That's not fair, I just said I am hungry " Eric whined.

" Well, since you all went for guys chat and you didn't eat out then, we have to wait till we are back its really important " I said convincingly.

This is the only opportunity I have to take Jeff to his dad's mansion and with the help of Andrew there, everything will be easy.

" Hope we aren't gonna spend a long time there? Already planned on taking us somewhere and you want to ruin it "
Jeff said and I chuckled.

" Where are the kids?"
Jeff asked looking around.

" The kids! They left with Edna, can we go already?"


" What the h.ell? Why did you bring us here Alexa?" Jeff asked as I packed the car in his dad's compound.

" I have something to show you all , just come with me " I replied and the rest came down.

" I am not agreeing to this, I am not stepping inside " he replied stubbornly.

" C'mon man, the people inside doesn't bite " Eric said.

" And besides, this is your house" Andrew added.

The very reason I dragged them along, they will help me in convincing him.

" I am not going...."

" Son " Mr Kingsley beamed coming out of the house with his wife including Edna and the kids.

I heard Jeff cursed under his breathe and I went closer to him

At least, he needs comfort to forgive his parents.

I took his hand in mine and I felt his tensed body relaxed.

Since he doesn't want to go in, here will be okay too.

He glanced at me and I smiled at him.

" I know you are still mad at us over your mother's death but truthfully, no one pushed her. We were having an argument and her hand slipped from the stair treads, we both didn't see her on time and she fell "

" Our only mistake was having an argument on the stairs, I hurt your mother but believe me son, I regret my actions and I will live with the guilt forever. I want my son back, forgive us please "

He said in a cracked voice.
Edna's Mum stepped forward in tears.

" This is all my fault, everything that happened was caused by me. If only I never showed up. I am really sorry Andrew, please forgive me "

I glanced at Jeff who stood expressionless.

" Don't you think you've harboured this hatred enough? It's high time you let go of the grudges you have against your parents, I am sure even your Mum will be happy. Forgive them and be free too Jeffery "

I said calmly.

" yeah, it's high time you forgave them "

" Please Jeff, forgive Mum and Dad " Edna said.

The kids knelt down in front of Jeff like they understood what we said.

" Forgive them Uncle Jeff, our teacher always says he who forgives is the wisest and will be rewarded by God in..."

" Heaven "

Emma completed it. A smile crept on my face seeing my babies.
They are so smart!

Jeff squatted to their level and ruffled their hairs.

" From today henceforth, you call me daddy. I am your daddy and not your uncle and I am going to forgive grandpa and grandma because of you two "

What's he saying?

" I glanced at Andrew and he winked at me then Eric just smiled sheepishly .

What does he mean by he's their daddy?

" Our Daddy? You've been our Daddy all along?"
Evan asked.

" Yes champ,I had a plan with mummy that we shouldn't tell you until I get you two big cars but I guess I just did so I will buy you the cars tomorrow, Daddy is rich, he will do anything for you"

Jeff said confusing me the more! Why's he lying to them?

I understand they need a father's love but did he have to lie to them?

" Jeff, what are you...."

He briskly stood up and covered my mouth before I could say anything further.

He brought me closer to himself wrapping hand around me.

" We have a daddy, a rich daddy! Daddy will you take us to school tomorrow? I want to show my friends that my daddy is back "

Evan said.

" Of course, you don't have to worry, from now on, I will be your driver to and from school"

He said still holding me so close! Why's he tryna confuse me?

" Yaaayy! We have the best daddy in the world "

I stared blankly at Jeff with my hand in his chest. What is he doing?

" I forgive you mum and Dad" Jeff finally said.

He released me to give his parents a hug .

" Thank you so much Son, thank you" they both said and I clasp my hands on another.

He turned to me again with a smile on his face!

" Even if I can't remember that night we met at the party clearly because I was drunk , that was the first day we met and it resulted to our twins "

" I couldn't believe you were the beautiful lady I deflowered four years ago until I got the DNA, I could remember that clearly.

" That day is what will bind us together as one forever, just the four of us in our love circle"

I blinked my eyes in tears, he was the guy? The handsome guy that got me pregnant? I can't believe this.

" I know I have hurt you so much and I hope you look over it and forgive me, with our kids, we can't stay apart, it's hard for a parent to raise a child, it has to be the work of both the father and mother "

" And you know that can't happen unless you become my wife, please Alexa, do me a favour and marry me for our kids "

Oh my goodness! This isn't happening!

Andrew nodded his head at me like while the rest in ec$tasy!

My dream finally came through! The father of my kids have been so close to me yet I didn't know.

And now, he's asking me to marry him!

" Mummy please marry our daddy, we know you've always wanted this, marry him and be happy for us " Emma said and Evan nodded.

" Please Alexa, be my Queen and complete my whole "

Tears formed in my eyes as I stared down at the man before me

A lot has happened and he's changed.

I can't really tell about my feelings for him but we can grow it in the marriage right?

If not for anything, for my kids! Our kids!

" I will marry you "

He inserted the ring on my finger and hugged me.

" Thank you for taking care of our kids all alone " he said and I shook my head.

" Andrew here deserves the thank you more than I do, he has been my back bone, my angel and everything. He provided for me and the kids like we were his responsibilities, he fed us, clothed us and took care of us "

" The kids and I wouldn't have survived without him, he's my pillar and he deserves the award"

I smiled sincerely at him, what could I have done without him?

Jeff went to him and hugged him.

" I don't know what gift I can give you that will merit the way you took care of my family but the little I have to compensate you, please don't reject it Andrew "

" You are now the new CEO of my company while I run the family companies, they are like three of them and I won't be able to handle everything myself, congratulations Andrew "

Andrew stood there with wide eyes without saying anything while I chuckled.

" Thank you buddy " he said giving Eric a hug then back to me.

" I have always known that we are a match made in heaven , I love you babe "

He said and kssed my lips while I blushed.

" Eww! That's gross " Evan said covering her eyes.

We all chuckled and hugged one another, my life changed in a day!

" Uncle Jeff Daddy "

Emma yelled playfully and we all burst out laughing.

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πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
(Too cold and possessive)

Written ✍️ by Simrah Saeed Hareerah

★★ 2years later ★★

Alexa's POV

I smiled as I stared at my adoring baby girl Nicky.

She took two steps towards me and fell her butts on the floor before I could reach her.

" Sorry baby " I said carrying her up and she cooed sweetly which made me chuckle.

She's been trying to walk since yesterday but kept falling down.

Well, Jeff and I officially wedded last two years and I have birth to Nicky earlier this year.

She's just eight months and can scatter things.

I almost cried yesterday that she crawled to where my expensive perfume was and guess what, she broke it.

Seriously, I could have beaten her if not that I remembered immediately that she's just a baby and Jeff promised to get me another one .

I never knew he could be this loving and so caring.

He changed being the cold person he was, I have grown to start loving him too, like I am madly deeply in love with him and you won't believe the kids are now fond of him that they are to me .

I am jealous about that though!

" Mama " she called dragging my hair and I winced ..

" Ouch! Don't do that baby, you know it hurts " I said holding my head and she giggled like she knew what she just did

" Mummy " Emma and Evan yelled rushing into the house.

" My babies, how are you "?" I asked as they hugged me.

" We are fine mummy, grandma bought new bicycles for us and Grandpa gave us a car. He bought a car for us mummy "

They both yelled simultaneously and I sighed.

Seriously, they love talking together a lot and sometimes I will end up not hearing what they are saying.

" They did that? So where are the bicycles and the car ?" I asked but their attention was already with their baby sister.

Really? I thought they were talking to me right?

They both spent the weekend with jeff's parents and they are back.

" She's so cute mummy " Emma said taking Nicky from me.
They turned 6 last two weeks.

I glanced at the three of them and smiled,
Nicky's really cute.

She so much look like me although with Jeff's grey eyes, all of them took his eyes colours.

" And guess who haven't called me since forever " Edna said coming in.

I chuckled seeing that she rolled her eyes.

Nicky beamed on seeing her, she struggled to leave Emma's hold squealing.

" Nicky champ " Edna said taking her from Emma.

Nicky giggled and hugged her while I narrowed my eyes at them .

" How are you?" She asked.

" Tgkgshgstejtstusg " Nicky replied gibberishlike and I burst out laughing.

Edna sat beside me on the sofa with the baby still in her hands.

" How have you been?" I asked and she shrugged.

" Been the way you left me, I am really hurt " she said dramatically and I was forced to roll my eyes.

" Seriously Edna? I thought we spoke two days back " I said

" And? Isn't that a long time? " She asked and I shook my head.

" Okay fine, I am sorry sis. So how's the wedding prep going? When are we going for shopping?" I asked and her face turned red .

" Awwn, look who's blushing. What if I had mentioned eric's name?" I said.

She hid her face on nicky's back and I chuckled.

Eric and Edna got engaged 5months ago and their wedding is in two months.

It surprised me how it happened but I can see they are really in love.

" I just came Alexa, it's too early to start teasing me "

" Yeah right so back to my question "(ads1)

" G0sh! The wedding is still in two months time and you want to start shopping for it already?" She asked with a furrowed eyebrow and I shrugged.

" I am just eager you know, to see my best couple of the year getting wedded " she smiled and patted my shoulder

" Okay, we will start the preparation next month and your kids car is packed outside plus their bicycles "


πŸ“² Buttercup πŸ“²

Andrew said over the phone.

πŸ“² Did you want to render me daft? πŸ“² I asked rolling my eyes.

πŸ“² I will never do that ever to my best person πŸ“²

He replied and a smile spread on my face. I so much adore that soul.

πŸ“² Awwn, don't give me unmerited complement πŸ“²

I said playfully.

πŸ“² Of course it merit buttercup, you are the just the most lovable person I have ever met πŸ“²

πŸ“² Awwn, I still end up blushing, what will I do with you?πŸ“²

He chuckled from the other side.

πŸ“² Love me forever babe πŸ“²
He replied and I know he winked.

πŸ“² Right! So how's singapore? How have you been? πŸ“²

I asked .
He traveled on a business trip since last week and he's yet to be back.

Gracefully, he's really handling the company very well.

It seems he's good in business than modelling although he still does that once in awhile.

πŸ“² Just here, all alone. I miss you buttercup πŸ“²

He whined.

πŸ“² I miss you too Andr...πŸ“²

The phone was snatched from my hand before I could finish saying his name.

I turned to see that it was Jeff that snatched it from me.

I folded my arms feigning anger and he looked away.

πŸ“²I am so going to keep your a$$ one of these days andrew, stop missing my wifeπŸ“²
Jeff said playfully and I snorted.

I couldn't hear what Andrew said but I heard him laughing and Jeff trying to stop himself from smilling m(ads1)

πŸ“² Fk off dude πŸ“²
He replied and hung up.

" And what was that for?" I asked glaring at him.

" That was for your attention babe "
He said jumping on me.

I whined and quickly rolled away and he ended up landing on the empty bed space by my side.

" That's not fair " he pouted making me chuckle.

Before I could run off the bed, his hands were wrapped on my waist m
He cuddled up closer sniffing my hair.

" Let go Jeff, I need to go bath Nicky " I said trying to leave his grip.

" but when you were talking to Andrew, you didn't remember you had to bath her right?"

He replied holding me closer.


" Did I sense jealousy in your words? " I asked suppressing my laughter.

" Of course not, I am not jealous. I just need you babe "


" until you admit you are jealous, till then. Nothing for you "

" Babe !" He whined again

" Yes babe, I love you too " I replied giggling.

" Okay fine, I was jealous"

He didn't wait for me to say anything, he just turned me over and smashed his l!ps on mine.

The End..πŸ’ƒ

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