Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 6

 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 6

πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
(Too cold and possessive)

( Business dinner )

Episode 6

By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Alexa's POV

I rubbed my eyes sleepily, ouch! My back hurts.
I took in my environment only to see Mr Kingsley staring at me with hands crossed.

I jumped on my feet immediately, gracious Lord! I slept here in the office.

" I..I..am sorry Sir, I never meant to sleep in the office " I apologized feeling embarrassed.

I still feel very sleepy and tired.
I raised my head up to see him staring at me, this time, he wasn't putting on his usual cold expression.

His face was just expressionless, nothing! Is he going to fire me after giving me loads of work to do and I slept off in his company?

His silent is slowly killing me, I need to sleep. Real sleep!

Since he wasn't talking, I took the time to check the time.

A loud gasp escaped my mouth seeing it was few minutes to 8.

Oh my goodness! My kids!
I picked up my bag staring at Mr Kingsley.

" Please Sir, I..I need to go home. Permit me to go change please " I said to him.

Even if that's not the main reason, it's one of it. I need to see my kids before they go to school.

I have been giving them little attention since the past three days I started this job and I feel very guilty and bad about it.

They aren't getting a father love and I their mother isn't spending enough time with them all because of my stupid ass boss.

" Sidney "
The way my surname rolled out of his mouth, you will think he's the most innocent and kindest person in the world.
I just couldn't roll my eyes at him.

I tapped my feet on the floor without replying him. There's no need right?

" I will give you five hours off "

I groaned inwardly, what sort of boss is this? Can't he just give me a day off?

" You should be back by 1pm and by then, I expect you to be normal and not sleep standing "

I bit my lower lip trying not to glare at him. Always insulting me at any slightest chance .

I am glad he is considerate enough to give me the five hours off, at least I will sleep a little.

He glanced at me and began walking out of my office with the files he gave me.

Thank goodness, he didn't tell me to trash it like the other day.

" Thank you Sir "


" Mummy "
My babies yelled on seeing me. I quickly squatted to their level before they came hugging me.

" We missed you mummy " Emma said as we disengaged from the hug.

They were already dressed up in their school uniform. Andrew's handwork!
I know he will be very mad at me!

" Mummy is really sorry, I promise to make up for yesterday and day before. I will come back early today and we all will go eat out "

I announced and their face beamed.

" we are not mad at you Mum, we know you are doing everything for us but we will go to that chinese restaurant down the road mummy, they have the best food " Evan squealed and I chuckled.

" How did you know about it?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him.

" Uncle Andrew took us there yesterday, you need to taste their meal momma, it's so yummmm" Emma replied whilst dramatising it.

What would I have done without Andrew in my life? It could have been a total mess, he made me who I am today.

Without him, I wouldn't have gotten the certificate I am using to work today.

He's from a rich home and he sponsored me in school with his money.

I don't think I can ever repay his favours! I am nothing without him .
The elder brother I never had! He is!

" Champ and princess, we need to start heading to school. You are.. "

Andrew paused the moment he saw me, I gulped down nothing and bowed my head.

I ignored his calls yesterday and worst still, I turned my phone on flight mode after that.

" Well kids, let's leave already " he said ignoring me.
My babies pecked my cheeks running out,.

" We love you momma " they yelled simultaneously.

Before Andrew could leave, I held his arm. I really have lots of explanations to do.

I feel so guilty for turning him into a babysitter. Maybe he's regretting why he got me the job in the first place.

Looking for another job while I work for Mr Kingsley will be better, I can't continue working for him when I won't have time for my family.

He's making everything hard for me, denying my children my attention.

Andrew glanced at his wrist in my hand and looked away.
I have succeeded in making him angry.

" I am sorry best " I pouted giving him my best puppy eyes.
I know he can't stay mad at me forever! I am his addiction, he loves me dearly!

" You did not only ignore my calls, you turned off your phone buttercup "

I chuckled in my mind, he's mad at me but still calling me buttercup.

" I am really sorry Andrew, that boss. He really did got back at me for going against the company's rule, I just wanted to finish the work he gave me as fast as I could, I am sorry "

I said sincerely! I could see his jaw clenched.

" That man! You are going to I quit that job buttercup, he's stressing you more than he should. I will get you a better job "
He said clearly angry.

" Okay, okay! I will but before then, I am stock with him "

" I will do something about it, I promise" he said

" Thank you so much Andrew, I am very grateful for everything " I said sincerely.

Andrew is my role model, my mentor and all in all!

" Yeah and thank you too for making me an unpaid babysitter, when I am back. We will talk the pay "

He said and dashed out leaving me chuckling.!


Jeff's POV

I creased my forehead together as Edna bounced into my office.

" Well since you refused visiting home, I decided to come visit you and I was certain the only place I will see you is your office where you will bury yourself in work, work and work "

She said taking a seat opposite me!

" Good afternoon to you too kid sis " I replied rolling my eyes.

" Oh that? I am sorry bro, good afternoon" she said.

" I wonder why you are here, hope everyone is fine at home " I asked.

" We are still the way you left us, Mum sends her regards " she shrugged and my jaw clenched.

" Haven't I told you to stop saying her name in front of me Edna? "

" I am sorry okay, I didn't mean to get you angry "

" So why are you here?"

" Can't I visit my elder brother? " She asked.

" Of course you can, I am just asking "

" What are you going to give me as my birthday present bro? Hey, I don't want anything, I just want you to bring your girlfriend along, I want to meet her "

" Like is she beautiful? Is she slim? Is she of the same age as me? Do we have anything in common? I just can't wait to meet her "

She blurted, while I furrowed my eyebrows. Is she being serious right now?

The birthday present she wants is my girlfriend?

" Edna "

" What Jeff?, I am just eager to meet her "

" Promise me you will bring her to my birthday party " she pouted and I chuckled.

She's the only one I am this free with, the only that can tell me whatever and go free.

How can I promise her when I don't have a girlfriend? And I can't bring a cling ! Not in forever.

" I can't promise you that sis "

" You had better or do not talk to me forever "

She fumed walking out of my office angrily! This lady!

✳️ ***** πŸ’ 

Alexa's POV

" You called me Sir " I said bowing my head.

I got in three hours ago, I just hope it's not another punishment.

" I did Sidney, we will be having a business dinner by 5pm "

And? How does that have to do with me?
I stared at his cold eyes staring back at me

Did he want to make me their chef or what?

" And I want you to accompany me"

He's has a secretary right? That's her job not mine.
Why's he bent on disturbing me every passing opportunity?

" But Sir, Stella is available " I replied.

" I am the boss Sidney and you do not decide for me, you will accompany me to take down notes "

" You can go home to prepare yourself, I will have my driver pick you by 5pm "

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