Most Popular TikTok Songs of 2022

Most Popular TikTok Songs of 2022

Tik-Tok is a platform with almost one billion users. Over the past year, the audience of the social network has grown five times. At the moment, Tik-Tok is one of the best platforms for promoting content, including tracks, videos, life hacks, etc. Social network content is short videos that last from 0.1 seconds to 1 minute. Video topics: psychology, financial literacy, dancing, trends, life hacks, support, etc. In order for other users to become interested in your video, you need to use popular music as musical accompaniment.   Through the use of music, the public becomes aware of new musical artists. For example, the track "I'm taking off like a rocket" gained massive popularity thanks to the promotion of Tik-Tok. In addition, popular artists with the help of Tik-Tok constantly remind themselves of themselves when people shoot trends for their tracks. Sometimes the magic of a social network makes previously little-known tracks popular. A striking example is the composition Poison by Erika Lundmoen, which was released back in 2017. The song began to gain popularity. And for 2021 it has 16 million views on YouTube. Since music is the heart of Tik-Tok, here are our top 10 best Tik-Tok songs for 2022.  

Popular genres in Tik tok

In 2021-2022, hip-hop is a popular genre of music. Modern bloggers and even pop singers like Yegor Creed release rap songs to regularly be in trends. New songs of the most discussed rapper in the post-Soviet space - Oksimiron are regularly used to cover everyday situations. Lines from the compositions "Who killed Mark?" and "Agent" are constantly used as musical accompaniment for user videos. And the lines from the song "Agent" were generally thoroughly disassembled. Because of the play on words, it seemed that Miron Fedorov insulted the Russian political scientist Ekaterina Shulman. Despite the dominance of hip-hop, the most popular music from Tik Tok in 2022 is not full of rap songs. Alyona Shvets is still used as a depiction of the experiences of people or characters. For example, under the slowed remix of the song “I will come when spring blooms”, the failed love between Rin and Obito in the Naruto anime is regularly described, where the latter, under the weight of life losses, had to turn from a kind boy into a villain who wants to plunge the whole world into eternal sleep. Summing up, I would like to say that the genre of the composition does not matter. Absolutely any list of tracks can get into trends.

Artists who set trends

In order to set trends, one of two prerequisites must be met:
  • An artist who wants his tracks to fly into trends should release interesting material. For example, the albums "Beauty and Ugliness" by Oxxxymiron or "Bandana" by Big Baby and Type Kizaru.
  • Viral songs are compositions with an explosive chorus or funny songs that will appeal to the target audience of TikTok.

Top 10 popular foreign tracks

Zayn Here people talk about their own emotional experiences and what the result was when they were able to overcome difficulties and become happy.
"16 Missed Calls" - transformation after parting. Often users show how they have changed for the better.
"Capitano de Areia" is epic music that fits the same stories.
“No face No case” - under this composition, the girls show their most beautiful outfits, and even then not always.
"World is sprinning - Dmad". Cheerful and energetic music, under which epic moments are shown. For example, from the Avengers movies.
"Into your arms" are just happy moments or acts of kindness and charity. One of the positive trends in Tik-Tok.
"Siouxxxie" under this composition, people share secrets and innermost desires.
"Industry baby" is a versatile musical composition that is used in many situations.
"Lovely" is a composition that conveys the pain of loneliness. Under this track, people show the complexity of a lonely life.
"Rich boy" is a funny dance trend where they tell the situation and then they start dancing. At the same time, dance is part of the trend.

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