Story: ADUKE Chapter 2

Story: ADUKE Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Written by
Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi

.....Aduke, how was your last exams,mother asked,it was fine, maami,I replied, looking exhausted,I had just completed my Waec,I was happy to be done with secondary school.even though I didn't know what fate has in store for me.mother Was the only one that saw me through secondary school, she's just a petty trader,she definitely can not single handedly sponsor my University education,I concluded within me, perhaps I'd learn a trade,I encouraged myself...

Weeks later,one evening,mother called me,Aduke mi,maami,I responded..

 It's been weeks since you concluded your Secondary education,don't you have interest in going to a big school,that one that people go to become banker,lawyers, engineer,doctorrrrrr,maami a university,ehennnn omomi, university,she asked.i have been waiting for you to talk to me about it, because I heard there is another exam you would have to write to enter there,,,are you not going to write the exam ni.she asked.

Maami,it's not like I don't want to be in the university,nor register for the joint administration and matriculation board exams,it's just that,I figured there would be no need writing the exams since I wont be going to the university anyways,I said.

Aduke,why,why don't you want to go to school,mother asked.

Maami,I know how difficult it was for you to send me to secondary school since baami doesn't believe in educating a girl child,I know it won't be easy for you to sponsored my University education single handedly,I said in tears... 

Omomi,you are right,it wasn't easy sending you to secondary school,but then,I can not allow your dream to be cut short,it's our duties as parents to see that you are well educated,,I shall do whatsoever possible,to see you attain your desired educational status,I was not educated myself,but you won't walk that path my child,maami said trying so hard to overpower the tear drops trying to betray her,she drew me closer to herself and held me tightly,,,it was an emotional time for mother and daughter......

Kini?,what is this,what kind of nonsense is this one, useless daughter of a useless mother,father remarked as he walked in.

Oko mi kaabo,mother greeted, Baami welcome,I added,I don't need your stupid greetings, Bisola,if I don't get my food in the next 5 seconds,you won't like the plague that will before you,mother and I quickly rushed to the kitchen to serve his food...

Oko mi,your food is served,mother said in respect,Agbaya, ode,food that took you forever to bring, nonsense.he opened the plate of food and saw a nicely dished Efo riro and amala,I could tell he liked the food,even though he was trying to suppress his excitement,are you going to watch me eat the food ni,what are you doing standing like a pole beside me,he shouted at mother.

Oko mi,did you like the food,mother asked him as she clears the plate,which food,is that one food, that was tasting like what I don't know,so tasteless,father gave an horrible remark.baba Aduke,it was tasteless and you finished everything in your plate, Weldon ohhh,mother said in sarcasm as she walked away smiling.....

Why is father ungrateful,for that sumptuous Efo riro and amala you served him he had to give such remarks,,,I had asked mother, wondering how on earth she managed to coup with a man like Baami for so long and yet doesn't complain.

come on Aduke,your father isn't all that bad,he wasn't like this when we started you know,he was very loving and caring,so hardworking,he was nice,he only turned out this way when he lost his job with a company owed by a white man over 12 years ago , the white man Mr Williams,liked your father so much,so very much, as a matter of fact ,he had even promised to take your father with him back to his country so that your father could be giving bigger and better job, unfortunately,your father's friend who he brought to the company to earn a living, got jealous of all the good things Mr Williams was doing for your father, so he set Your father up, he stole an expensive bracelet gifted to the White man by his late wife, which he loved dearly, out of anger, he sent your father away and withdrew all his promises, your father was broken, he started drinking, and keeping friends of sort, after looking for a job all to know avail, he went to learn carpentry, but has refused to stop drinking, mother narrated.

Hmmmmm,I exhaled, father's story is a sad one,but then,this incident happened so many years ago,he drinks because he chooses to,not really because of that, unfortunate things happen to people every day, but they don't allow that define them,they live pass it and move on like it never happened, but father allowed his misfortune of over a decade define him and his attitude,I said.

My child, different people react differently to things,let's pray And hope for the very best,I believe there's goodness in your father,don't worry, he'd change some day, let's hope.maami said in optimism.. 

Maami,maami,maami I rushed in calling out mother in joy,I had checked the results of my jamb score and I had 320,I was so happy and announced my result to mother,,, Aduke,you mean with this score you have passed to the big school,mother asked trying to understand,,,ehennnn maami,it is the first phase,I would have to write another exam,and hopefully I make that too,and then I could be giving admission to the university..I explained...

Olorun O seun,thank you Lord for this you have done,and the wonderful things you will still do, because I know even in the other exam you will still defend your name,,mother was overjoyed,we both were,and we couldn't help thanking God for his grace....

To be continued.......

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