Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 10

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 10
Episode 10
Elder odogwu : laughing) And even Goa...... (He haven't finish talking when all of a sudden the whole palace began to shake, before anything could happen, darkness covered the palace, with fear the elders screamed because they don't know what was going on)

Elder Nwakor: (frightening) what is going on?

Elder odogwu : (also frightening) I don't know ooo, I don't know, gods of our land please save us

Elder okoli : I think we should run away before the worst will happen

Elder Nwakor : (still frightening) but everywhere is too dark, we don't know which way is the door, thi....... ( As they were all trembling and at the same time looking for a way to run out, suddenly everywhere in the palace became bright again, and the palace also stopped shaking, when the elders saw this, they wanted to use the opportunity to run out of the palace, but before they could do that, Okakamuo appeared on the door, with fear they dashed back)

Elder odogwu : (shaking tone) w.....wh...who are you, please don't hurt us (he pleaded, but instead Okakamuo turn him to a goat instantly and also turned elder okoli into a yam, when elder otunno and Nwakor saw this, they trembled the more and fell on their knees and started pleading for Okakamuo to spare them, although they didn't know who he is, they thought that it was their gods who came to visit them)

Okakamuo : (in a thunderous voice) no one speak bad about me and go Scot free without having a taste of my punishment, I..... Okakamuo the great seer of Achichi will not take that

Elder Nwakor : (shaking) please gr.... great seer, am not among them that speak bad about you, it was okoli and odogwu that was making mockery of you, please spare me

Elder otunno : (pleading) they are sorry great one, if okoli and odogwu spoke bad about you, please forgive them (he pleaded on elder odogwu and okoli's behalf, after much pleading, Okakamuo turn elder odogwu and elder okoli back to human)

Elder odogwu : (on his knee) thank you great one, thank you very much, from today onwards I will mind my speech, please my fellow elders I think I will be on my way home, because my son is very sick, I need to rush home to take care of him (he lied)

Elder okoli : please odogwu wait for me because am going home too, my pregnant wife is not feeling too well, Nwakor and otunno am going (he said and he and elder odogwu wanted to leave)

Okakamuo : stop there or I shall turn the both of you back into goat and yam, where do both of you think you are going, you summoned for me and you want to leave right, do you think that I came here for a child's play?

Elder okoli : (shaking) great one, am not the one that summoned for you, it was Nwakor

Elder odogwu : yes... yes... It was Nwakor that told his wife's friend to summon for you

Okakamuo : Hmmm..... In that case, since you people said you didn't summoned for me, there's no need wasting my time here, I think I will leave since you don't want to know the cause and solution to the strange death happening to your Kings (he said and wanted to leave, but immediately the elders all fell on their knees and started pleading, because they really want solution to their problem)

Elder Nwakor : please great seer we are sorry, don't leave us with the burden on our head, we beg you

Elder okoli : (also on his knee) yes great one we are sorry, please don't leave because our kingdom is in mess right now, stealing, killing and raping is too much in this village because we don't have king who will rule the kingdom, and any king we put on the throne will di.......

Okakamuo : (cut in) and they will continue to die if nothing is done, unless you prefer to stay without a king

Elder odogwu : but great one, you know is not possible to stay without a king, is never done anywhere, please help us we beg you

Elder otunno : but great one, what could be the cause of the strange death happening to our Kings?

Elder okoli : yes please we want to know the cause

Okakamuo : (sighed heavily) I will tell you the cause, but have you asked yourselves what really happened to king ameachi? Do you know the cause of his death?

Elder odogwu : cause of king ameachi death! No we don't really know, all we know was that he died of an illlness and his brother Amobi became the king since Ameachi don't have a son to succeed him 

Elder okoli : yes great one, king ameachi died of an illlness (he said and Okakamuo shake his head)

Okakamuo: And you all believed that he died of an ordinary illlness? (He asked again and the elders were confused)

Elder otunno : yes! because we were told that he died of an illlne......

Okakamuo : (cut in) No ameachi didn't died of an ordinary illlness, this is what really happened.......

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