Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 12

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 12
Episode 12
Elders : FOREST OF DOOM!!!

Okakamuo: yes in Forest of doom, where no one goes and comes out alive

Elder Nwakor: This is serious, indeed the gods are really angry, look at what late king Amobi have caused, all because of greed and selfishness, and all those while he was alive, we thought that he was a good king without knowing the kind of person he was, now we are the ones to suffer what we don't know about

Elder odogwu : please great one, how are we going to get this mystery crown since you said that no one goes to that forest and comes out alive

Okakamuo : There is no way you can get it, unless 8 virgins will embark on the journey to bring it, I mean you have to select eight virgins who will journey to the FOREST OF DOOM to get the mystery crown

Elder otunno : 8 maidens!!! But great one, how are we going to know a maiden who is a virgin?

Okakamuo : just bring 8 virgin maidens to my shrine that will embark on the journey

Elder okoli : ok great one, but when are we bringing the maidens?

Okakamuo : Bring them in five days time, but make sure that you bring them in the night because the fortification will take place in the night

Elder otunno : Ahh.... But great one, must it be night, according to how we were told, your village is very far from here

Okakamuo : yes! The fortification must be night, so that the next day morning they will start their journey to the FOREST OF DOOM ( he said and disappeared instantly before the elders could say anything further)

Elder odogwu : Ah.... He is gone, he couldn't even wait for we to finish, anyway we will do as he said, but the problem now is, we don't know his shrine

Elder Nwakor : That one is not a problem, I will tell my wife to ask her friend for direction of his shrine before we finish selecting the 8 maidens, but the question now is, will the maidens agree to embark on the dangerous journey

Elder otunno : I don't think that they will agree, even their parents will not agree too

Elder odogwu : in that case, we will put it this way, any maiden that bring the mystery crown home shall be the wife of the new king 

Elder okoli : I agree with you, but what if all of them comes back alive with the mystery crown, will the new king marry the 8 maidens?

Elder odogwu : no he will choose among them who he want to marry, while the others will be compasated , at least with that they can gain something from their journey (he said and elder Nwakor smiled) 

Elder Nwakor : hmmm..... If that be the case, my daughter ifeoma will be among the maidens to embark on the journey, because I want my daughter to be the next queen of this kingdom

Elder okoli : Are you saying you want your daughter to be among the maidens to embark on the journey, is ifeoma a virgin?

Elder Nwakor : yes of course she is a virgin, or are you jealous that my daughter will be among the maidens to embark on the journey?

Elder okoli : Taaaah...... Why will I be jealous that your daughter want to embark on the journey of death

Elder Nwakor : Come okoli, I hope you are not insuinating that my daughter will die on the journey, if that's your prayer it won't work for you, all I know is that my daughter will embark on the journey and bring the mystery crown, from there she will be chosen to be the new king's wife and they will be calling me the Queen's father, not only that but also the father in-law of the king, chai... The title I will have will be too much (he said and laughed, while elder okoli shake his head)

Elder odogwu : anyway since Nwakor's daughter will be among the maidens, it will remain seven now we will look for, we will tell the town crier to inform the villagers about what Okakamuo said, so that any maidens who is interested to embark on the journey will be selected, and they should bear it in mind that is only virgins that is needed on the journey (he said and after that they concluded their meeting and left the palace)
The following day, the town crier could be seen hitting the gong with a small stick informing the villagers of the latest development, many of the villagers came out from their hut to listen to what the town crier was saying, while some began to gossip to one another about what the town crier was saying.
Uremma : Hmmm.... Nnayi! Do you heard what the town crier said, that they need 8 Virgin maidens that will embark on the journey to FOREST OF DOOM to bring a mystery crown, that whoever that came back with the crown will be the new king's wife, or if the 8 maidens all came back with the crown that the new king will choose among them who he want as his wife and compasate the rest, Ahh.... am not lucky this time I did been I have a female child, she would have been among the maidens who will embark on the journey, too bad I don't have a female child, anyway there is still hope for me, after all they haven't chosen who to be the next king, at least my sons are there (She said and smiled, while her husband Ajoa looked at her and eyed her)
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