Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 13

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 13
Episode 13
Uju was at home assisting her mother in cooking at their backyard, her mother was cooking soup, while uju was pounding yam, as they were cooking, oge came to their house looking for uju

Oge : Uju! Uju!! (She called but uju didn't hear her because she was at the back yard cooking with her mother)

Uju mother : uju! is like somebody is calling you outside

Uju : somebody is calling me outside? No I don't think so mama, because I didn't hear anything

Uju mother : Go outside and check first, I have the feeling that somebody is looking for you (she said and uju left what she was doing and went outside)

Oge : is like uju is not around, let me go and come back lat...... (She haven't finish her statement before uju came out)

Uju : Ah... Oge is you

Oge : so you are at home all this while, and have been calling but you are not answering, I even wanted to leave thinking that you are not around before you came out

Uju : Am sorry my friend, just that am at the back yard helping my mother in cooking, anyway let's go inside

Oge : No don't worry, I will soon go because I want to go home and fetch water, eh.. eh... That reminds me, do you heard what the town crier said this morning? (She asked smiling)

Uju : Ok.. about the eight maidens to embark on a deadly journey, well am not interested on that dangerous journey 

Oge : Ahh... That one is for you, and as for me oge, am embarking on that journey because I want to be the next queen of this kingdom

Uju : Ah...oge!! Tell me you are joking

Oge : Am not joking my dear friend, am serious about it, I will be among the maidens to embark on the journey

Uju : But the last I remembered, you are not a virgin

Oge : And who told you that, are you the one that disvirgin me?

Uju : have you forgotten that you told me that mmadu disvirgined you 8 months ago, and that you had a good time with him that day

Oge : (hit her chest) meeeee....... I never told you that he disvirgined me, I only told you that I had a good time with him 

Uju : hmmm.... Oge be careful ooo, because I still remembered what you told me, that mmadu disvirgined you which is true, and now you are denying because you want to embark on a deadly journey, but do you think that you are taking the right decision, is because I care about you that is why am saying all this things, is better you rethink about your decision because that journey is dangerous

Oge : there's nothing to rethink, because I have made up my mind to embark on this journey and there's no going back, anyway I need to rush home to fetch water (she said and left immediately, while uju just shake her head and then went inside to continue what she was doing)
Five days later, the eight maidens was selected to embark on the journey, here are there names.... Ifeoma the daughter of elder Nwakor, princess nneka the daughter of late king Amobi, Oge, Amuche, obiageli, tochi, chika, and nneoma 
After this, they gathered the eight maidens and took them to Okakamuo's shrine
The story just started 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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