Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 14

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 14
Episode 14
After this, they gathered the eight maidens and took them to Okakamuo's shrine, although the journey to his shrine took them many hrs before they got there through the help of elder Nwakor's wife friend, that time it was evening they got there, but Okakamuo told them to wait till night falls before he can start to fortify the maidens, because if he did not fortify them, they will all die immediatly they will get to the forest, but with the fortification, it will go a long way for them. 
So they all continue to wait as Okakamuo instructed, finally it was night

Okakamuo : Now! The fortification begins..... But first, I hope you maidens know the journey you are about to go, the FOREST OF DOOM where no one goes and comes out alive, but with this fortification and also if you follow my instructions, you will all come back alive with the mystery crown, I hope you are all ready for this?

Maidens : Yes great one, we are ready (they choroused)

Okakamuo : good! And one more thing, if any of you know that you are not a virgin shouldn't pertake in this journey, the person should step aside, because after this fortification, it will be very risky for that person, there's still time for the person to back out (he warned, but unknown to oge that he was actually referring to her)

Elder okoli : if any of you know that you are not a virgin should come out now oooo, before is too late, don't say they didn't warn you

Oge : I can never back out, I must pertake in this journey, because I want to bring the mystery crown and become the queen of ekeama kingdom, I have come this far and there's no going back (she thought to herself)

Elder odogwu : Non of them want to come out, which means they are all virgins, please great one continue (he said and Okakamuo sighed before he continue)

Okakamuo : in that case, since non of you came out, which means you are all virgins I assume, now let the fortification proceed...... But before that, listen and listen very good, the journey you are about to embark is not an ordinary journey but a deadly one, The FOREST OF DOOM you are about to go is a forest of silent and whispering, there's a place you get to the forest, they don't talk loud but whisper, and there's a place of silent where they don't talk at all, if you talk where you don't suppose to talk, you are on your own risk (he warned and the maidens heart skipped)
Ifeoma : but great one, how are we going to know the place where we don't suppose to talk? (She asked and the others nodded in agreement to her question)

Okakamuo : you will know when you get there, just be careful in the forest, if you want to come out alive, here are the instructions you have to follow

1. When you get to the forest, not everything you see that you will eat, there are good and bad fruit in the forest, or better still don't even eat anything there at all, after all you have your food and water with you

2. Be careful in what you do because there are many evil spirit in that forest who can transform to anything just to deceive you, just ignore them and go your way, don't be distracted by what they say or what they do, just focus on your journey, also remember that forest is a place of silent and whispering, if you talk in a place where you are not supposed to talk, you are on your own, have said it before, and am still saying it again, so becareful

3. The forest is also full of cannibals which feed on human flesh, when you see any of this cannibals or evil spirit, make use of the staff that am about to give you (he paused)
Ifeoma : but great seer, how are we going to use the staff?

Okakamuo : Hmmm..... You will hit it on the ground 3x
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