Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 17

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 17
Episode 17
Obiageli : (cried) Nooo.... Tochi...

Nneoma : let's use this opportunity that they are eating tochi to run, before they will come after us
Princess nneka : yes she is right, let's run before the bats will come after us (she said and they wanted to run, but before they could run, by that time the bats was already done with Tochi's body, and went after the other maidens and jumped on their body and they started struggling with the bats for their dare lives, as they were still struggling with the bats, it was then that chika remembered what Okakamuo told them)

Chika : Hit your staff on the ground 3x ( she told the others and they did as she said, immediately they hit their staff, the whole bats disappeared instantly and the maidens were surprised)

Nneoma : (surprisedly) so this staff we are holding is our protection

Ifeoma : (sadly) but chika! You are very wicked, had it been you told us since to use the staff, tochi wouldn't have died

Chika : but I didn't remember all this while that we are supposed to use the staff, it was just now that I remembered, and besides where you not there when Okakamuo told us to hit the staff 3x on the ground when we encounter any danger? Just as you forgot, that's the same thing with me

Nneoma : but you are the leader and is your duty to tell us what to do, you don't suppose to forget like that, now look at how those bats killed tochi because you didn't tell us what to do on time

Obiageli : but those bats look scary and quiet different from the bat we use to know, what type of bats are they? (She asked confusedly)

Nneoma : just as you saw them killed tochi and also disappeared, which shows that they are evil bats 

Ifeoma : This is indeed FOREST OF DOOM, and if care is not taken, we will meet our doom here

Amuche : may the gods forbid that, we will take the mystery crown and return home safely to our people

Nneoma : hmmm...... I just hope so, because the way am seeing this whole thing, I pray we make it out of this forest alive, just see what is happening, we haven't even go anywhere and two is already dead, and we still have a long way to go, please gods of our land, in your hand we commit ourselves

Amuche : Iseeeeee..... (Let it be so)

Ifeoma : I regretted ever embarking on this journey, if I had known that it will be as dangerous as this I wouldn't have listened to my father

Chika : me too also regret, but there's nothing we can do than to accept our fate because is for the betterment of our kingdom, let's just focus on what we came here for, which is to look for the mystery crown and take it home 

Princess nneka : that reminds me, I thought Okakamuo told us that this forest is a forest of silent and whispering, but since we have been talking, and nothing happened

Amuche : maybe we haven't get to the place of silent and whispering, have you forgotten that he told us that there is a place we can talk and a place we can not talk

Princess nneka : I don't believe that such thing exit in this forest, maybe Okakamuo told us that just to scare us, how can somebody be in the forest without talking, please I don't believe it
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