Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 20

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 20
Episode 20
****Back To Ekeama kingdom****
The elders were in the palace having their meeting as usual, because it has been two days the maidens went to the forest and they have not heard anything from them, after the meeting, they concluded that they will go to Okakamuo's shrine to know about the maidens welfare and their coming back with the mystery crown.

The next day, the elders all went to Okakamuo's shrine which was very far from their village and the journey to his shrine took them some hrs before they got there, as they got there, they saw Okakamuo

Elders : great seer we greet you

Okakamuo : Hmmm..... I greet you too elders of ekeama kingdom, you are all welcome, you can sit down (he said and they sat down)

Elder odogwu : thank you great one for welcoming us, and I know you will be wondering why we came, the reason why we cam........

Okakamuo : (cut in) say no more, I already know why you came, I know you all came because of the maidens that went to the forest right?

Elder okoli : (with a concern tone) yes great one, that is the reason why we came, today make it three days that our maidens went to the forest in search of the mystery crown, and we have not heard or hear from them, please great one, is our maidens okay?

Elder Nwakor : yes great one, are they okay? Most especially, is my daughter ifeoma okay?

Elder otunno : Bia Nwakor! Are you concern about only your daughter? we came here to know if the maidens are alright, and here you are asking after only your daughter, are the other maidens not human too?

Elder okoli : I wonder ooo

Elder Nwakor : you people will not understand because your own daughters didn't go to that forest, that is why you are talking like this, chai.... Ifeoma my daughter oooo, I hope you are okay wherever you are 

Elder otunno : you are talking as if somebody tell you to send your daughter to the forest, if not for your greed and selfishness, nonsense.... Please great one don't mind this man, back to what we are asking before, is our maidens alright ?

Okakamuo : (sighed) well I don't have exact answer to that question, because is not everything I will tell you, but all I will say is that you should pray to the gods for their safety

Elder okoli : for their safety, we will pray to the gods for that, but do you have an idea when they will come back? (He asked and Okakamuo shake his head)

Okakamuo : There coming back lays in their hands, if only they can follow my instructions accordingly, they will make it out alive from the FOREST OF DOOM
Elder Nwakor : so great one, you mean to tell us that their survival lays in their hands?

Okakamuo : yes it lays in their hands, only their fate will decide that for them

Elder Nwakor : (sad tone) my daughter ifeoma ooo, if only I knew that this journey will be as tough like this, I wouldn't have sent you to go, please great one, do everything in your power to protect my daughter for me, because I don't want anything to happen to her, she is my only daughter

Okakamuo : like I said before, their survival lays in their hands (he said and after that, the elders left the shrine and return back to their village)
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