Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 21

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 21
Episode 21
***Day Three In The Forest***
Meanwhile, the five maidens continue their journey, they walked for long and decided to rest under a tree because they were very tired.
As they all sat down resting without talking, princess nneka wanted to talk, but chika closed her mouth with her hand because it might be dangerous for her to talk, but princess nneka pushed chika's hand from her mouth

Princess nneka : please take your hand off my mouth, am tired of keeping silent, I need to talk (she said and to the greatest surprise of the other maidens nothing happened to princess nneka, and they use that opportunity to talk because they are also tired of keeping silent)

Obiageli : which means we are in the place where we can talk, I wonder when all this will be over because am tired of this place

Amuche : me too am tired of this evil forest, how I wish we can see the mystery crown now and take it home 

Obiageli : me too I wish so, because am missing my parents

Amuche : I also miss my parents too, most especially my younger sister ezinne

Princess nneka : me I can't wait to take the mystery crown home, so that I will become the future queen of the kingdom

Ifeoma : in your wildest dream, and who told that you will become the queen, not when me ifeoma is here (she hissed and this got princess nneka angry)
Princess nneka: come ifeoma watch your mouth, remember am still your princess and I deserve some respect from you (she said and ifeoma bursted into laugh)

Ifeoma : Princess my foot, and who told you that you are still the princess, may I remind you that your father late king Amobi is no more, even your brother Abuchi who later became king died, and there was no apparent heir to the throne in your family, which make the kingship to move out from your family, and ekene was later made the king, and he too also died as well, have you see how the kingship is moving from one family to another, even when ekene died, his younger brother nnabu was later appointed and made the king, and the same strange death took him away, and because of that still strange death that we are in this forest to look for the mystery crown to solve the solution, and all this is your father's fault, had it been he did not kill his brother because of greed and selfishness all this calamity wouldn't have befall on the throne, now innocent people are suffering and dying all because of what your father committed ( she said and princess nneka was speechless and at the same time ashamed)

Amuche : Hmmm...... But ifeoma how did you know all this?

Ifeoma : Have you forgotten that my father is also one of the elder in our land, he used to tell me everything 

Amuche : chai..... Truly we are suffering for another man sins (As the maidens was still there resting and talking, not too long, everywhere started getting dark, from there night falls, so the maidens decided to spend the night there, they all lay down to sleep, but before they slept off, chika told them a tale, which the others all listened to her interesting tale, after she finished telling them the tale, they all slept off and forgot to be vigilant and observant 
In the middle of the night when the maidens are in a deep sleep, all of a sudden a heavy breeze blow and leaves on the trees were falling down on the maidens, but still they were still sleeping without knowing what was going on, after some moment, someone tapped princess nneka and she jumped up from sleep and was surprised to see somebody who look exactly like her dead brother Abuchi standing in front of her

Princess nneka : (with a surprise look) Abuchi what are you doing here? I thought you are dead

Abuchi : shhhh...... Don't shout, so that this maidens will not hear you

Princess nneka : Ok... But what are you doing here, because I know you are dead and buried

Abuchi : (sighed) is a long story, but don't worry, I will explain everything to you, but first come with me, I want to show you something 

Princess nneka : No! I can't leave without telling them, even though I must come with you, I need to let them know before I go with you to show me what you want to show me

Abuchi : (angry tone) why are you talking like this nneka, don't you trust me your brother? Is like you want to remain in this forest without going home, don't you know that this is a FOREST OF DOOM where no one comes in and go out alive, the truth of the matter is non of you will survive this forest, that is why I want to make it easier for you my sister, come with me, I want to show you where the mystery crown is, so that you will take it home

Princess nneka: you mean you want to show me where the mystery crown is?

Abuchi : yes! I want to show you where the mystery crown is so that you will take it home, I don't want you to suffer, that's why I want to make it easier for you, just follow me (he said and princess nneka was confused whether to follow him or not, after she thought for some moment, she decided to follow him since is her brother, but after she followed him, that was her end)

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