Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 26

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 26
Episode 26
An Epic Story Written By Chichi Tonia 
***Back To Ekeama kingdom***

Meanwhile the people of ekeama kingdom are all waiting for the maidens that went to the forest to return with the mystery crown because the attrocities happening in the kingdom was getting out of hand day by day, stealing and killing became too much in the land, and the people wish that the maidens could come back with the mystery crown so that they can have a king who will control the kingdom

***Day Six In The Forest***

The two remaining maidens chika and obiageli could been seen walking tiredly in the deep forest, they were hungry, thirsty and at the same time tired to walk further, so they decided to rest since they are tired, as they sat down to rest, not too long they started hearing strange voices coming to their direction, immediately they stood up and left that place instantly because they knew that danger was about to come their way, that was why they left there and continue their journey, they walked and walked, and got to a point where they saw two roads, one on the left and the other one on the right, and the roads both have stream, chika and obiageli became confused on which road to follow, as they stood there contemplating on which road to take, suddenly a young man appeared but he was different from the other one they saw, when the maidens saw him, they wanted to run
Young Man : you maidens should not be afraid, I came here to help you, I know you are confused on which road to take

Obiageli : ye...yes....we are confused on which road to take, please do you know the right road which lead to where the mystery crown is?
Young Man: (smiling) yes of course, that is why am here to help you, just follow the right road and cross the stream, after that you will see the mystery crown

Chika : ok thank you, but are you sure the road you are telling us to follow is the right way?
Young Man : Are you doubting me, yes of course, that is the right way that I showed you, just follow it and you will see what you came for 

Chika : Alright! thank you very much, we really appreciate your kind gesture (she said and then the man disappeared, after that she and obiageli followed the right road the man told them to follow, as they were going, all of a sudden, a heavy wind began to blow, and the maidens stopped and was wondering what could be wrong, they thought that it was danger, not too long Okakamuo appeared)

Okakamuo : (in a loud voice) where do the both of you think you are going?

Chika : great one we greet you, we were directed that this road lead to where we will see the mystery crown

Okakamuo : And who told you that this road is the right road?

Obiageli : it was a young man who appeared to us and told us to follow this road

Okakamuo : which young man? Didn't I warned you that this forest is full of evil spirits, common simple instruction you maidens can not follow, even the staff I gave you, you are not making use of it, and is still that stubbornness that killed the others because you don't heed to instructions given to you

Chika : great one! You will not blame us, you didn't tell us that two roads was involved, you only told us that we will see a stream and cross it before we can see the black cage where the mystery crown is

Obiageli : yes great one, you never told us that there are two roads which both have a stream, that was why we were confused on which road to take before the young man appeared and told us to take this road

Okakamuo : Hmmm...... This road you are taking is the wrong road, and a very deadly road for that matter, one more step and the both of you are gone, so now turn back and follow the other road and also remember what I told you if you want to come out alive with the mystery crown, I repeat do not make mistake (he warned them)

Chika : Thank you great one, we will do as you said (she said and after that Okakamuo disappeared, while chika and obiageli followed the other road Okakamuo told them to follow)

Finally they got to the stream, and they hit their staff 3x on the water before they crossed it
Wow finally they are almost there, do you think that the two maidens will succeed in taking the mystery crown home?


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