Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 31

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 31



Episode 31





***The Next Day***


The elders summoned Okakamuo to the palace and showed him the mystery crown which was placed on the throne, when Okakamuo saw it he smiled, although he was aware that the mystery crown have been brought to the village, but he was only waiting to be summon before he will come.

Okakamuo : (pointing at the crown) this is the mystery crown the gods want in this throne (he said immediately he came to the palace, although elder Nwakor was not there because he was still mourning for his daughter)

Elder odogwu : so great one, which means we should appoint a king who will rule us since the mystery crown is here

Okakamuo : Not so fast, because there's a protocol to this mystery crown

Elder okoli : protocol kwa! How?

Elder otunno : (confusedly) great one, how do you mean by there is a protocol to the crown

Okakamuo : hmmm..... What I mean by that is that, The mystery crown have a particular head that it will rest on, they don't just appoint a king and wear him the mystery crown, it doesn't work that way

Elder odogwu : Ahhh... But I thought that after they bring the mystery crown that we will appoint who to be king and wear him the crown on the day of the coronation without knowing that there will be a protocol to it, hmmm..... This is not easy at all

Elder okoli : ok so now great one, how are we going to know who the crown will rest on his head? Because we really need a king

Okakamuo : you think that they bring the mystery crown means that you will put a king just like that, mind you, this mystery crown have to be dedicated to the gods first before any other thing, and the dedication will take up to six months

Elders : six months???

Okakamuo : yes six months, and not only that, the palace will also be close for six months as well for cleansing, after that six months when the dedication of the crown and cleansing of the palace is done, you people will choose seven youth in this village and bring them to the palace, and any of them who the crown rest on his head shall become your king, says the gods 

Elder otunno : (sighed) this six months is very far and it will really affect this kingdom alot, anyway we will wait till then, do we have a choice



***One Month Later In Ajoa House***


Uremma could be seen sitting outside their hut looking sad and also murmuring, not too long her husband Ajoa came outside too to take fresh air because the heat inside was too much, when uremma saw him, she hissed and shifted her chair far from him, when ajoa saw his wife attitude he smiled and shake his head, after some moment ajoa called his wife to come closer to him but uremma looked at him eyed him

Ajoa : ure! Why are you behaving like this, I said you should come closer, bring your chair here

Uremma : And I said no(she angrily said and then Ajoa took his chair and went closer to her)

Ajoa : ure my wife, what is the problem?

Uremma : ooo.... You are asking me what is the problem, when you already know what the problem is and you are still asking me right? Ok since you have forgotten let me tell you, I want our sons to be among the youth they will select in five months time, who knows the crown might rest on the head of one of them, or don't you want one of your son to be king?

Ajoa : (sighed) but ure! I thought we have talked about this, why do you still insisting on this same issue, please try to reason with me, not that I don't want any of our sons to be king just tha.....

Uremma : (cut in) just that what Nnayi, I don't see any big deal to convince the elders to select your sons to be among the 7 youths they will choose in five months time

Ajoa : bu.... But

Uremma : (hissed) you are still saying but, which means am wasting my time talking to you (she angrily said and then stood up to go inside, but ajoa stopped her and promised her that he will go to the elders and plead for them to select his sons to be among the seven youths they choose in five months time, he said that so that peace will reign, after he promised her that, uremma smiled)


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