Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 33

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 33




Episode 33





Okakamuo : I greet you people of ekeama kingdom

Villagers : we greet you too great seer (they all choroused)

Okakamuo : hmmm.... I can see you all are very happy to witness this day, but to you who do you think that will be your next king among this men standing here?

Some villagers : obiora! Obiora!! (They chorused)

While some : Anayo! Anayo!! (They also chorused)

Uremma : Mbaka! Or Nnadi (she chorused as well)

Ugobo : Abana! Abana!!

Mbenwanyi : Ebube! Ebube!! (She said in a loud voice and others were also chanting the name of who they want as their next king)

Okakamuo : you have all spoken well people of ekeama kingdom, but is only this mystery crown am holding here will choose the head it will fall on (he paused because the noise was too much)

Elder okoli: you people should keep quiet let him talk nah, or don't you want a new King?

Villagers : we want a new king (they choroused)

Elder odogwu : Then keep quiet let the great seer talk ( he ordered and the villagers all kept quiet)

Elder otunno : please great one continue....

Okakamuo : I know you all have who you want to be your next king, like I was saying before, is only the crown will choose the head it will fall on, so these men standing here are the appointed ones, and any of them who the crown fall on his head shall become your king, people of ekeama kingdom are you ready for this?

Villagers : yesssss..... We are ready please proceed (they all choroused in excitement, and then Okakamuo did some incantation and a heavy thunder blowed , immediately the mystery crown was seen up in the air moving to the direction the men were standing, the villagers were looking at the mystery crown as is moving in the air)

Uremma : (excitedly) I know the crown will fall on the head of one of my sons

Old man : (talking to uremma) woman you are distracting us, why not keep quiet and let's consectrate on what we are looking

Ugobo : don't mind her, Everytime her sons! Her sons!! As if is only her sons are there, don't be surprise that the mystery crown will reject your sons head, and I will be the first to laugh at you, nonsense (she said and hissed)

Uremma : Jealousy! The crown will fall on the head of one of my sons and he shall become king, let's watch and see (she said and then continue looking at the crown as is moving)

Meanwhile, the crown was still moving on the air, first it got to obiora's head and passed it, then it got to mmadu, Anayo, Abana and passed them also, the mystery crown got to mbaka's direction and also passed his head, then it got to where nnadi was standing and stopped



Stay tuned for the final episode, I know you wouldn't want to miss this, so stay tuned 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

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