Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 9

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 9
Episode 9
Elder Nwakor : Okakamuo!! Is he powerful than okachie our great eyes of the gods?

Adaugo : I don't know for that, but let's try him, I believe he can help us, remember okachie couldn't find solution to stop the death of our Kings, neither is the priestess, so let's try this one
Elder Nwakor : Hmmm...... In that case, I will inform the other elders about it, but please can you tell that your friend to summon him for us

Adaugo : (sighed) I don't know if he will agree to come, according to how my friend told me, he is a very powerful seer and is people that go to see him, but I will still tell my friend to summon him

Elder Nwakor : please do, but if he refuse to come and insist that we should come, no problem we will go, all we need is solution to end the strange death on our Kings (that day, elder Nwakor inform the other elders about Okakamuo and the elders concluded that they will meet in the palace in two days time to have a proper meeting on how to summon Okakamuo)  
Two days later, the elders all went to the palace as they agreed, because nobody was living in the palace now, the elders are the ones taking care of the palace till when they will have a new king who can occupy the palace

Elder odogwu : I greet you all my fellow elders of our land, I know you all know the reason why we gathered for this meeting, just as you can see the things happening in our land is getting out of hand day by day, that's why we need a king who will rule the kingdom, at least if there is king, all this attrocities will not be much like this, and also just look at how vacant the throne and palace is, we really need a king who will occupy this throne and palace and also rule the kingdom

Elder otunno :then we should look for who to be our king and put him in the vacant throne, because this king we don't have is really affecting the Kingdom, and we have stayed for many months without having a king

Elder okoli : yes we know that is affecting the Kingdom, and to put a new king is not the problem, but the problem we have is the strange death happening to them without we knowing the cause of it

Elder odogwu: but I thought Nwakor told us that there is this great native doctor his wife told him about, Nwakor tell us more about this native doctor, you know that was the main reason why we gathered for this meeting 

Elder okoli : yes Nwakor tell us about this native doctor, so that we can know how to summon him

Elder Nwakor : Hmmm..... Well, I don't know much about him, it was my wife that told me about him, although I told my wife to tell her friend to summon him because it was her friend who told her about the native doctor, but I don't know if he will come

Elder odogwu : even though he refuse to come, we will go and see him, all we want is solution to stop the strange death happening to our Kings (he said and the others nodded in agreement)

Elder otunno : so what is the name of this native doctor we are talking about?

Elder Nwakor : His name is Oka.....oka something......ok is oka muo.... No no is oka ka... muo.. yes his name is Okakamuo 

Elder odogwu : hmmm..... Okakamuo? But that name doesn't ring a bell, I haven't heard of that name before, but are you sure this Okakamuo will find solution to our problem? I hope he's not the type of our native doctor who can't find solution to our problem

Elder okoli : (mockery) maybe he is the type of okachie our native doctor who couldn't find solution to our problem but can request for yam, ukwa or chicken

Elder odogwu : (laughing) And even Goa....... (He haven't finish talking when all of a sudden the whole palace began to shake

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