Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 7

Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 7


Episode 7


"My wife, she's not at home and her car is parked. Do you happen to see her around? Is weekend and I expect to see her at home..." Silaz said to a shocked Jerome.

Jerome was not expecting to see Silaz today, he was definitely not expecting him to be back so soon. 

His whole thoughts was that it must be the deliveryman who supposed to bring the food him and Lucinda ordered.

"...are you okay everything alright...?"

Jerome realized that his mouth was open as he try to find the perfect answer to Silaz's unexpected questions

"Yeah, I am..I'm good..."he stuttered.

"Why are you stuttering, you're acting like you just saw a ghost..."

Jerome scoffed, he waved his hand in the air like he was trying to wave off Silaz's words

"I'm surprised to see you, wasn't expecting you to be back so soon. Hope the business trip went well? Jerome managed to say.

"It was actually postponed. I happened to do one part of the deal, I will go back for the second part once is confirmed ready. So back to the question..."

"The question? What is the question? Jerome asked confused.

"My wife.. did you happen to see her? 

"Your wife? No...not at all. Is she missing? Jerome asked.

"She is not missing. Her car is parked in the compound but she is not at home. 

Jerome couldn't think of what to reply immediately, Silaz continued.

"... or maybe she left in another car but what if she is with another man right now? Probably they thought that I won't be back soon and decided to carry on with their dirty act..."

Jerome thought Silaz was indirectly talking about him. He was guilt stricken and couldn't utter a word as fear grabbed him.

" everything alright Jerome, you are not saying much. You behave like something is wrong somewhere..."

"I'm absolutely fine Silaz. You know the general saying that a third party shouldn't interfere between husband and wife. So I'm trying to mark my boundary and not interfere.

"You of all people knows that you're not interfering with anything. I usually talk to you concerning everything and you respond fine unlike today. Anyway, can I come in? Let me stay at your place and wait for her arrival..."

"Uhmm! That won't be a very good idea right now beca...cause my mother is around" Jerome couldn't think of a better lie.

"Your mother? I thought you said she passed on 11 years ago? Anyway, I probably heard wrong. If your mother is inside then that's fantastic... I will love to say hello to her if that's okay..." Said Silaz

"! Now is not a good mother brought a woman for me to marry, so we have been arguing ever since. That's why I appear a little bit up-tight.." 

There was a minute silence as Silaz sighed tiredly.

" I see. Well, I guess since you are not ready to settle down momma got to do it for you. It saves you lots of stress of searching for a full wife material out there. Some women are weird, only few of them are ready to be supportive, respectful and submissive, so when you happen to find one of a kind like that do anything to keep her. My wife got all I need and that's the reason I'm fighting tooth and nail to keep her in line, because she maybe fragile at heart but she is intelligent and a very sweet person. Alright Jerome, I will go back to the house and wait for her arrival. I wish to surprise her with my unplanned return but I guess I will have to call her to ascertain where exactly she was. Tell your mother that one of your neighbor friend is saying hi...."

Just as Silaz was turning to leave, the deliveryman arrived with the package.

Silaz pause and said "whatever is in that package smells delicious, it makes my stomach grunts hungrily..."

"Is food... for my Mom and the lady she brought. I don't have a chef, ordering food is a norm at my end unlike you that has a wife..."

"That's why you need a wife so that your "norm" will change. Please order mine too, whatever is inside those plates that smells so delicious please bring mine. Let me have something to eat while I wait for my wife to return..."

Jerome said he will order and send it over later.

Silaz thanked him and left.

Jerome collected the order from the deliveryman.

He ordered for Silaz through his phone before going inside.

Getting inside, Lucinda was on her feet hiding in the room

"Is he gone? She asked 

"Trust me, I know how to handle people like your Silaz. He's gone but you will wait a little here, I will go over later to engage him in a conversation so that he won't see you sneaking out of the house..."

"Alright, what of the food? I'm hungry and need to eat..."

Jerome and Lucinda later began to eat.

"Sometimes I wish we were couple, I wish I have met you before my husband. You got me in a way that he doesn't. I have lost my appetite."Lucinda said as she pushed the food aside.

"Me too Lucy, I wish you are all mine. Some night I can't sleep knowing clearly that you're in bed with the arm of your husband. Even when I'm with you I want to do more than kissing, romancing and smooching...I want more than that Lucy. I know you said soon not now, I totally understand and ready to wait but is hard sometimes. I want to respect your wishes but you don't make it easy on me... I want more of you Lucy..."

" But we do almost everything. Maybe we should take break in this romantic thing, I feel very guilty sometimes. Silaz doesn't deserve this and I want to take few days off work to attend to my husband's needs. I don't want a divided home...I still love my husband. 

"I will do anything Lucy just to have you... anything please"Jerome pleaded

"You really mean what you are saying..."

Jerome began to swear.

"Fine Je, I want a house of my own...I wish you can buy me a fine house located in a calm expensive estate. If you can get lots of million car for me, if you can take all the risk just to have me then I know for sure you can do this... you're a wealthy man. Just in case Silaz decide that he does not want me again then I will have a house of my own and you can freely visit too. But if it's a big deal for you then no problem. You don't have to do It..."

Jerome was quiet. He told her that she should give him time to think about it.

Getting a house will cost him lost of millions and if he dare remove any other money from the company's account Maria his wife will want to know why he did that and for what reason. That may affect the company because he had used almost all the profit on Lucinda.

He can't just take such risk before the company enter bankcruptcy 

But for Lucinda he is ready to go extra mile. He had gradually fallen for her.

Lucinda doesn't even know that he is a married man and the company he uses to boast belongs to Maria his no nonsense wife.

Maria trust him enough to put him in charge, he had been doing very well untill Lucinda showed up.

He had spent so much already and still spending.. since Lucinda said she will probably leave the husband and need a place where she will stay if that happens then he will see what he can do about it.

But he needs to cook up e story for Maria first.

Jerome later went over to distract Silaz from seeing where Lucinda will come out from.

But Silaz who was sitting close to his window saw when Lucinda was coming out from Jerome's house.

To be continued.....

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