Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 8

Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 8


Episode 8


Jerome walked in and saw him sitting by the window side and eating the food he helped him to order.

Where Silaz was sitting was not good at all because he will see when Lucinda leaves his apartment and that is what he came to avoid.

He never thought Silaz will be sitting at that very chair and looking out to the window while filling his mouth with fish.

"Hmmm, this food is super nice. I love the shrimp and fish... well cooked and garnished. My wife will love this... she likes sea food. I wonder where she this time she is not yet back..."

Jerome watched him pause from eating and started looking outside.

"She must be on her way by now. Calm down Silaz, nobody will take your wife from you. I know why you're always worried about her, she is a beautiful well endowed woman. Lucinda is a real spec, fresh and friendly, her smile is contagious... I'm always force to smile whenever she does. Skin like milk, a good cook and if I'm not mistaking she must be your lifetime achievement. Hahahaha, If I'm being honest many men will like to have her. If not that I respect boundaries and don't get close to other men's wife...if not, I would have been one of the men drooling over her. if she was very single I would have been shooting my shot none stop. Well, what I'm trying to say is relax... you seem to worry too much over your wife.."

Jerome stare at the window for few minutes before continuing with his food.

"Shouldn't I be worried? Lucinda have never for a day ever since we have been married raise her voice at me or even 

acted in a suspicious manner. Since we moved down here she had done that and many other other annoying things. now I'm not sure of anything again. She is my wife, she's not an achievement or an item I acquire. When you idolize her like that it sounds disrespecting. I know you meant well but there's a special and better ways to address women in general... especially the one you either admire or one who's close to you..."

He began eating again after staring at the window for sometimes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound disrespectful. Maybe, if you're done eating we can play chess game or any other game of your choice that will help distract your mind from Lucinda..."

"Yea, is a good idea but I won't be able to concentrate untill I see my wife. If I know that she is safe now I won't be so worried. I'm looking out here to know exactly when she will walk in from the gate. At least I can see outside clearly from here. Although your apartment is closer to the gate and you can see every corner of this compound from your end, I'm still glad for my own view. I guess you're the first tenant, because you picked a very perfect apartment like a landlord will do. Ehee, do you by any chance know the owner of this property directly... like in person?

"Not really, I communicate with the care taker. I'm not sure the man is in the country..." Jerome replied as he becomes more worried with Silaz window stare.

He thought of another means to distract Silaz from the window.

Just when he was about to speak Silaz exclaimed.

"There she is... why is she coming from your end. wait a second...I just saw her come out of your apartment..."

He turned and looked at Jerome confused before returning his gaze to the window.

Jerome became unstable as he began to think of the lies to tell.

This was the exact reason he came so that he will be able to distract Silaz from the window, he won't be able to see Lucinda coming out.

"She probably stopped to check if I was home. When the gate man opened the gate for her to come in must be the time you were not looking out. I can't think of anything, that's the only explanation to all of this..."

Silaz shakes his head confused.

"I didn't see her walk in from the gate, didn't hear any gate sound, I didn't see her go into your apartment but I saw her coming out of it. I have been looking out from this window every passing minute and I'm begining to wonder seriously. I don't understand... what is really going on here..?

Silaz said looking lost. He waited untill Lucinda stepped into the house.

Immediately Lucinda stepped, Jerome jumped to say something, he did it as fast as possible before Silaz will ask her questions that she can't answer. 

" We saw you coming out of my apartment, were you looking for me...? Silaz... your husband has being sitting at the window looking out for you but he didn't see you come into the compound..."

Lucinda exclaimed as she quickly grab what Jerome was trying to do

 "Oh really, he was watching from the window? Ooh, he must have missed the moment I walked into the compound. The gate man left the small gate open because he stepped out to get food from the food vendor close to the compound. I went straight to your apartment but realized that you are not home. It was when I was walking down I noticed my husband's car..."

Silaz watched them silently without a word.

He later said " so where were you...I want to know where you are coming from"

"I went into the estate to search for the tailor that somebody recommended for me. Is not far from here that's why I couldn't use my car. I never knew you're already home... you returned back earlier than expected. Hope all went well? the way I have missed you so much..."

", Silaz managed to smile before replying "I miss you more my Queen. I thought i was going to surprise you but that turned out bad. I'm glad to be home.."

Jerome felt a pinch of jealous as Lucinda went over to her husband.

She hugged and kissed him passionately.

Jerome informed them that he was going back to his apartment but none responded as they were caught up with each other.

He left and decide that he was going to get the house for Lucinda, maybe that will convince her of how much he truly wants her and can take care of her than Silaz.

Lucinda stayed off work for a week. She was supposed to resume the following week but she stayed another three days off making it almost two weeks that she was away from work.

Jerome was able to get lots of millions out of the company's account.

He lied he wanted to invest it into a different platform which will bring a great turn up

Maria was not yet aware. She was writing exam and said anything about the company should be handled by her husband.

She doesn't want anything that will distract her during her exam period.

Two months later after Lucinda asked for a house Jerome got the house in the very location that Lucinda wanted, all documents and papers were all in her name.

Jerome was very happy as he looked forward to surprising Lucinda with it.

What Silaz couldn't do for her he has done it and more than expected.

After work one day, he drove Lucinda to her new house and hand the key over to her " this is all yours Lucy, i told you that I will do anything for you and I have proven that in multiple ways. I'm sure your husband can't come close to all the million gifts I have gotten for you so far. That's why I deserve you more if you will loosen up and be mine..."

Lucy hugged and they shared few kisses before going inside to check out the interiors.

It was exactly what she wants and she loves it.

They kissed some more before heading back to the house.

A week later, Jerome started thinking of a way to break Lucinda and Silaz apart.

He saw that Lucinda was still very much attached to her husband and that gets him upset. Not after everything he has done for her.

Maria, his wife have been calling him for two days now, she was done with her exams and must have seen that millions of money was taken out of the company's account by him.

She must be calling to know why and the big problem is that he haven't gotten an answer for her.

He can't take such huge risk for Lucinda and she is still very much in love with her husband.

Is not going to happen.

He started sending erotic messages with unknown number to Silaz

Tipping him that his wife was having affair.

Jerome was ready to break them apart and he will do anything to have Lucinda.

Silaz had told him before that he will leave and divorce Lucinda if he catches her cheating and now is the perfect time to do that.

Jerome and Lucinda were caught up as usual in their affair right in his office when the office door suddenly swung open and Silaz walked in on them.

To be continued.....

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