STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 32 (Final Chapter)

STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 32
  Chapter 32
Final Chapter
Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 

..........A thief has been caught,and angry students were serving justice.    

Oh my God, where's Nathan, I rushed there and saw the thief.......

I couldn't believe who it was,it was aunty isoken, yes uncle's ex wife,she had stolen a student's phone from his back pocket, unfortunately another student caught her,as a matter of fact,they said she has been coming to steal for quite some time,so it was time she was properly dealt with....

I went in and intervened, pleading for them to forgiven her,I talked and talked,no one listened to me,I even got some slaps in her place,soon someone came and asked the students to calm down,to my surprise they listened to him and stopped, they left one after the other, looking at who the helper was,it was the guy that had pay for the item I bought the other day....

I thanked him very much and helped aunt up,she had been greatly hurt,the guy had a car,he asked us in,and drove to the nearest hospital for some treatment.....

Getting there he paid some cash and asked the doctor to call him in case the money wasn't enough,this guy seems to be very popular,and well known,I thought...

I have to go now, there's somewhere I should be,he the way,am Desmond,and you are, he asked..

Am Esohe,but Ese would do,I said,...

That's a nice name, please give me your number, I'd like to check up on your aunt,he said,and I gave him...

Aunt isoken was been attended to,I remembered I had left my bag outside,so I took a taxi cab and rushed to the school gate, thankfully my luggage was still there,I took my bag to my place and went back to her....

She had been attended to,and I was let in to see her,she was very much ashamed of herself.i gave her the look that explains how disgusted I was about her act.
So,it has gotten to this point of you shamelessly stealing from a student,what a twist, I mean,you had a perfect life with my uncle, he did all he could to give you and the kids a better life,but what did you do,you hurt him so deep.i said.

Esohe,I am sorry,I really am,your uncle didn't deserve all I put him through,I was greedy,I was foolish,am sorry.she said in tears.

So,the better life you dreamed for, how come it landed you a petty thief, wasn't the father of your other children able to man up to his responsibilities? I asked her in suppressed anger.

Timothy ,Timothy, Timothy deceived me, he was married abroad with kids,I never knew,he only had little misunderstanding with his wife abroad that was why he came back,when they resolved their differences,Timothy left I and the kids with an overdue rent, he only texted me when he got abroad,I called and called and called,the number he used in texting,but he never went through.The kids and I were thrown out of the house by the landlord with nothing.i had no money on me and no where to go because my family had disowned me for my shameful act. The kids and I live in an apartment I could barely call home. Even though am not proud of my act,I have become a pick-pocket. she said in tears and pains.

I knew I was supposed to feel sorry for her, but I know how much pain she had cost my uncle, so she deserved all she had been through, for betraying my uncle. i thought within.

Well, everyone has a right to choose his or her own destiny,like they say,our destiny is in our hands,you have chosen your path,so you should live with it. I said to her.

Ese am sorry, please you have to forgive me, your uncle has to forrrrrrrr....

Hold it there,I interrupted her,you can't expect my uncle to live with you or take you back after everything you've done to him,so please,live my uncle out of all these.i said.

The doctor soon walked in and said she could be discharged,she was given some medications,I offered to take her home.i got a taxi cab,she gave the description and we were soon off to her place.

Getting to her place,I couldn't believe she lived there,it was more or less an uncompleted building,you live here? I asked surprised.

She nodded affirmatively.Her kids came out and there were looking very pitiable, I could barely recognize them, I nodded my head in the negative.

I have to take my leave now, I said. I dipped my hand into my bag, and gave her about five thousand naira.

Thank you very much Esohe, I don't deserve this and I know,sorry for everything I put you through, I was mean to you, forgive me, please Esohe, Aunty Isoken....

 I hold nothing against you, everything happened for a reason. I said and left.

It was already late, I had to stay back.

The next day I went home, and told mum all that had happened the previous day.

Life is so unpredictable, she has been served a dose of her own medicine, now she knows how painful it is to be betrayed by someone you love, indeed Karma is real.

In the evening of that day, Desmond called to know if Aunty Isoken had been discharged, I told him she had been discharged, he was happy about that. He kept calling on daily basis, I soon became found of him, and somehow, something started growing between us. I spent my short holiday well, father was doing fine, same was Nathan's mum, and even Osato, she was learning a skill already. 

My uncle came visiting one day, and mum came downstairs to say hi.

Osazee, you're such a nice man, I don't know if I still have a space in your heart , but if I do ,I'd like to give love a chance again, I'd want to love and be loved, so OZ, is your offer still open? She asked

Yes, yes, yes, my uncle happily said and hugged her tightly.

I was all smiles, mum and uncle deserved to be happy, they hugged me too, I brought out my phone and called Charis, she was very very happy for both of them. 

I went back to school, I found out Desmond was a final year engineering student and he was the governor's son, though born into a wealthy home, he was very humble and a cheerful good fellow, before we knew what was happening, we were head over heels in love with each other, we soon became an item, we were the talk of the whole school.

One evening, Nathan came to my place, I was surprised to see him. Ese, what are you doing to us, I can't believe you allowed yourself to fall for Desmond's lies, is it because he's from a wealthy home? Is it because he's the governor's son?. Esohe you can't do this to us,we have a daughter together remember? and I still love you, he said.

Nathan, that we have a child together doesn't make us man and wife, moreover, I do not love you anymore, your words keep echoing in my ears, you said I could never be your wife, that I was not up to your standard and class, those words always ring a bell in my ears. Nathan, I wouldn't want to marry you because we have a daughter together neither do I want to marry you out of pity. I politely said

He stared at me, I bet he was short of words and he left..

 the next day, Desmond came to my place, he wasn't looking his usual self, he was angry, and I didn't know why.

Ese, when were you planning to tell me you have a daughter, he asked me in suppressed anger, I knew it was Nathan's handiwork.

Des, I was planning on telling you, I never would have kept it away from you, I was just waiting for the right time, please, am sorry, I pleaded.

He didn't say a word but walked out angrily.

I tried calling him for days but he wasn't picking his calls, what will a governor's son be doing with a single mother like me, I said, I gave up and tried to move on, even though I was greatly hurt and missed him so much.

I called mum and told her what was on ground, she was very disappointed at Nathan, but my daughter, if you two are meant to be, he will come around, she said.

It's been a month and Desmond hadn't called nor returned any of my calls, I thought we had something, but obviously it was in my head, I thought.

One Friday evening, OG called me, asking me to meet her in a place, she sounded so urgent and serious, I had to go see her, getting there ,I saw a dinner table and two chairs, Desmond was there, so was Nathan, Des walked up to me and held my hands, Ese, you're my everything, I have never fallen SO IN LOVE in my whole life, but with you, I found happiness, peace, and love, having a child is not a curse but a blessing, so it won't stop me from loving you, so Ese, would you accept this crazy guy back to your life? Des asked, I was all smiles, I hugged him tightly.

Nathan walked up to me, Ese, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to love and be loved, am really happy for the both of you, he said, thanks a lot Nathan, I replied. OG also hugged me happily, am happy for you girlfriend, she said hugging me. It was a beautiful dinner.

The section soon came to an end, Desmond was done with school looking forward for service, Nathan and OG found love , they became an item, I was really happy for the both of them.

Fast-forward to my final year, it was my last paper, Des was done with service, I never knew he had organized a graduation party for me, it was a big one , before the party came to an end, Desmond popped the big question, would you marry me, he asked on his knees, and I happily said yes, it was a double celebration.

Months later, wedding bells were ringing, it was a celebrity wedding. I mean I was getting married to the governor's son, my wedding was the talk of the whole state, I couldn't help but marvel at how God chose to honour me. My sister was around and she was very happy for me. She was engaged too, so her wedding was next.

I served in the state with the help of the governor, I also have streams of business I own, courtesy of my husband, in about a year later, I had a baby boy, I am presently pregnant, the scan has revealed we're expecting twin girls.

Mimi is now in primary school, still living with mom, she's growing so beautifully.....

This has been my story so far, call me Mrs. Esohe Desmond Igbinosun, the one that God choosed to honour.

                               THE END♥️♥️

This is an imaginative and fictional work of art by Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi (Mrs),any resemblance to persons or true life story, or clash of names is purely coincidentally. This work cannot be made into a movie or a novel without the writer's permission.
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