The effect of smoking on vocals


The effect of smoking on vocals

The effect of smoking on vocals

Smoking and vocals, concepts that seem to be incompatible, but so common phenomena in our modern vocal art. Let's try to figure out what is the effect of smoking on the vocal cords and whether smoking harms vocals.

At first glance, the answer is obvious - of course, smoking and vocals are not compatible, but. And here we put an ellipsis, because we all know what a large percentage of smoking vocalists are now in the profession. And all of them, by the way, are honored people. And they sing well. How so, you ask? Does this mean that smoking does not affect the ligaments and the voice in general? It affects and even very much, just not immediately and not so obvious to listeners and viewers, and this effect manifests itself most often over time and greatly reduces the singer's ability to perform and stay on stage as long as he would like, and even in his youth brings a lot of problems which, of course, no one talks about. But human nature is such that sometimes it is not so easy to give up bad habits.

The effect of smoking on vocals
Let's see what exactly happens to the ligaments and the vocal apparatus of smokers and during the smoking process, in particular.

During smoking, all the constituent parts of cigarette smoke are deposited on the ligaments, as a result of which small erosions or sores may appear over time. The delicate surface of the vocal cords is loosened, and its structure changes accordingly. Ligaments may swell or become inflamed. When cigarette smoke hits them, the body tries to defend itself and starts producing more mucus on the surface of the ligaments, resulting in a cough. Notice, not the most successful acquisition for the singer. Imagine a vocalist who has to clear his throat all the time and can't sing his part properly because reflex coughing attacks interrupt the singing. Due to the constant negative impact on the larynx, the mucous membrane dries up, which can also cause a cough. These are just some of the symptoms that a person acquires with smoking,

Finally, I would like to note that there are practically no smokers among opera singers, since this genre requires well-developed lungs and excellent vocal apparatus, and smoking slowly and gradually destroys all this. And any slightest changes become immediately noticeable by ear.

So decide for yourself whether you smoke or not - whether you sing or not, how long you sing and how. A hoarse, rough voice with constant shortness of breath and cough, or a beautiful strong timbre with an endless prospect of development. The choice is yours!

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