Timbres of vocal female voices


Timbres of vocal female voices

It is well known that singing voices are divided into male, female and children's. There are, of course, many other classifications, but in this article we will talk about the traditional one, and take a closer look at the types of female voices.

So, according to the range, female vocals are divided into:

  • Soprano

  • mezzo soprano

  • Contralto


This voice, which is the highest among women, includes two full octaves - the first and second. Depending on the timbre, the soprano is divided into




. If we take classical opera, then the images of tender young ladies are more suitable for the first type, and the images of girls overwhelmed by strong passions are more suitable for the second. If the vocalist performs intricate graces without any problems, then such a soprano is called a


The soprano also has intermediate timbres: lyric-coloratura and lyric-dramatic. Interestingly, some male countertenors who speak falsetto may well perform parts written for singers with a high voice.

mezzo soprano

The owners of this middle register are able to take notes from la small octave to la second (2 octaves). This timbre is the most demanded on the world stage, because high female voices are much more common in nature. The mezzo-soprano sounds stronger and richer than the soprano, and is suitable for mature heroines with a decisive, strong-willed character, take at least the well-known Carmen. The thick and juicy sound of this timbre should be used in the lower register, since at high frequencies it loses its special depth. It is not for nothing that “mezzo” is translated from Italian as “a little” – which means that it is better not to abuse the horses. Like an ordinary soprano, the mezzo-soprano can be




in color .


The lowest female timbre, its working range is from F-sol of a small octave to F-sol of the second. It is characterized by a wide range of chest register and even deeper, velvety sound. Such vocalists are especially appreciated in the opera (parts of teenage boys and young men), on the stage, they often go into jazz singing. The contralto register is sometimes so low that the voice can easily be confused with a male, there is also some hoarseness, in contrast to the mezzo-soprano. Such a voice makes any girl audibly older than her age and always sounds advantageous due to her strength and power - with a contralto in performances, you can easily do without subsound.

If you have the opportunity, take singing lessons from an experienced specialist -

who will teach you how to sing and direct your abilities in the right direction. Individual singing training always gives positive results, the main thing is to believe in yourself and your strengths.

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