A-Q & Brymo - Wọn Dé LYRICS + MP3 DOWNLOAD


A-Q & Brymo - Wọn Dé LYRICS + MP3 DOWNLOAD

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A-Q & Brymo - Wọn Dé LYRICS

"Wọn Dé"

Ladies and gentlemen welcome
Prepare and ready your Eardrums
This might only happen once or may be twice in a blue moon seldom
Value for every penny all your data subscriptions well done
First, I got to tell you I'm in rare form
Now let me go ahead and share something
Came from the same place hell's from
Mehn I had to hustle hard to get out of that hell storm
Every time mama shed a tear drop, took that made it into seeds for the bed rock
Never at home but when I came back, slept on the floor, bed had bedbugs
When the light bill came had a head rush knew they'll cut that wire to bare floor
No love, no girls just bear hugs raised by wolves only understood the leg work
Rock bottom to top bottom all you got to do is choose which way you wanna end up
Different ways of cooking that beans for bread and Garri no ketchup (no)
Men stay cunning like the red fox play with me and I promise get a head shot (whoa)

Before they made phones that Rome, I was roaming these streets no network
Now I'm am on desk with a desktop
Killing these beats, I'm next up
Am to pm to AMGs me and money made a Wed lock
The game try to put me in a headlock dead lock
Then I heard God say fear not (wooow)

Ah, won de
Won k'ogba w'ole
N'ise lo g'beni wa o
Won tun sa l'ole o
Ah, won de
Won gbe ori w'ole
N'ise lo g'beni wa o
Won tun sa l'ole o

Thought I told you I was made different
Coming out shooting I don't play defense
Lil brother died y'all thought that I was done
Now witness the return of the great villain
I only going hard cos the pays decent
It wouldn't make a difference if it came from privileged
I be damned if I spend another day in it
It's A-Q baby I'm in cake business
It's the same system I'm shape shifting
Y'all A listing I'm weight lifting
If your dames missing that'd probably me
Had her singing out her lungs like Grey Griffen
Let's take a minute pls calm yourself
Is that you on IG or someone else
These filters got y'all looking like Ls
No cameras still I'm looking like wealth
Y'all looking like... well... Do it yourself
Get a mill yourself get a deal yourself
I'm boasting cos I didn't sell myself
These benzes are not going to fuel themselves
Have a little faith is what you tell yourself
When you really need help can't bail yourself
I went through hell but I held myself
Could have fell from grace but I'm fly I'm stealth

I don't make no YouTube money
Go get the groupies with your little kush money
That rent a short let with a few dudes money
That's just too funny like Josh too funny
That behavior would cost you money
No hush puppy looking like they got you money
No federalis, interpol burst you money
I just keep lowkey with a hush you money (huh)

Ah, won de
Won k'ogba w'ole
N'ise lo g'beni wa o
Won tun sa l'ole o

Ah, won de
Won gbe ori w'ole
N'ise lo g'beni wa o
Won tun sa l'ole o

Ah, won de
Won k'ogba w'ole
N'ise lo g'beni wa o
Won tun sa l'ole o
Ah, won de
Won gbe ori w'ole
N'ise lo g'beni wa o
Won k'ogba w'ole

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