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What the h'll was happening? What could Rowland have told Vera, to make her kneel and apologize to me?

This is very absurd.

Barely I could comprehend what was happening, Rowland spoke ;

"Are you satisfied with her apology, honey? ",

I felt disgusted at his words as I gave him a glare full of disgusts.

How could this palace be full of demons and shameless pervert, who makes a move on his own sister-in-law?

"She seems not to be satisfied, why don't you kss her feet ",

I sharply looked at him, suitably startled.

His lips stretched into a smirk as he stared at me with something I believe to be lust rather than the so-called 'Love '.

Staring down at the kneeling Vera, the doll-like face was only lighted by a gleam of intense scorn, the brown eyes flashing fire, the ruby lips curling and quivering with disdain.

My heart sank at her stare.

"No. No. You don't have to do it", I shuttered almost at the verge of tears stepping back from Vera.

This pe.rvert of a brother-in-law has unknown heightened my level of puni$hment.

"Just shut up and stay still!! ", Vera barked angrily.

"Did you just yell at her", Rowland asked coldly staring at Vera.

I saw Vera trembling in fear nodding negatively. What power has Rowland over this bchy Vera to make her fear.

Vera made to kss my feet but I withdrawed it sharply.

My chin was angrily pinched by Rowland, at the moment, glaring fire to me.

"Don't ever move your feet again ", He voice sent goosebumps through my body.

His tone and behavior were now harsh as he left my chin as I remained still as Vera kssed my feet.

"Are you satisfied yet, or she should wash your feet? ",

"No!. I'm now satisfied ", I spoke sharply before he commands Vera again.

The anger has left him. He now looked calm, as his eyes flashed fire of longing, staring at my lips.

This per.vert!!!!, How dare him?

"Get out! ", His voice jolted me back to reality as Vera stood up.

A low bow before Rowland, and a dangerous glare at me, she left the bathroom.

In a matter of minutes, I heard the living room door close, leaving me all alone with this shameless male wh©re.

I sharply walked out of the bathroom with him trailing behind. I felt uncomfortable with him behind me, so you stopped on my track and faced him, not staring into his face.

"You should please leave now ", I breathed nervously.

"I will but learn to stand up for yourself, my darling ",

With that, she walked pass me brushing my shoulder.

"I will have you, my sweetheart ", he spoke before exiting my chambers.

I let out the air I knew not that I have been holding for a while, before falling on my bed.

I can't stay any longer here. I need to escape before these d'mons kll me.

"You're awake, my lady", Vivian's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Hey", I said looking into her smiling face.

She's always smiling. What's with this girl and smiling?

"What? ", I asked as she remained mute smiling.

"You just woke up after five days and got Lady Vera angry. That's cool ", She laughed.

I joined in the laughter before a bulb was lighted. Did she just say three days?

"Five days? ", I questioned not laughing.

"Yes, my lady. You fainted after you came out of Her grace's chamber", she spoke.

That d'mon, Vera. She set me up and I got bitten. Seems she deserves washing my feet for her deeds.

But why should she be so close with the Queen, that made her choose her over me, her own daughter-in-law?

Everything in this palace is confusing as h'll. Vera said I stole Romeo from her, why then did he not marry her instead but married another, who also escaped?

Yes, that brings me back to Rita. She surely must have known and gave me the wrong direction.

She betrayed me, but was she the runaway bride?. I need answers.

"Vivian, I want to ask you something ", I breathed gathering up the courage to ask her.

"Yes, my lady ",

"What's the name of Romeo's runaway bride? What's His relationship with Vera? ",

Her face rose startled at my question.

"Um... ",

"Seems my dear wife likes going against my own will ",

The voice I dreaded echoed through the room. Not again!!!!

My heart tightened as I began to sweat. When I looked up, Vivian was no longer in the room.

Our eyes locked together as cells stopped working. That bIoodshot eyes, was he going to kll Me this time?

"I warned, but you're stubborn. What are my to do to my lady wife? ", his calm voice and words got me angry.

"Your lady wife? Do you acknowledge me as a wife?", I fired angrily.

He stopped on his track and slowly looked up to me. I froze at the reality of what I spoke h it me.

I'm so dead today. I swallowed into nothing

"I like that, so I will tell you what you need to know", he stopped.

My legs began to tremble as he smirked. That d'vil smirk.

"The name of my runaway bride was not, Rita, and your friend indeed betrayed you, because I paid her to have my revenge on you ",

He spoke as a tear trailed down my face. How could Rita do such a thing to me? Why would she?

Revenge? What revenge is he talking of? We never crossed paths before, so why would he marry me just to revenge?

I opened my mouth to ask him my offense but no words came.

He was slowly walking towards me without breaking the eye contact.

My head began swiveling as I felt weak. I was becoming dizzy. I tried to keep my eyes open but I couldn't.

I felt my body falling on the floor as my vision became blurry.

I saw the d'mon looking down at me with so much hatred in his eyes, before blacking out.

I woke up hearing voices around me. The voices seem to stop at my movement.

I opened my eyes as Vivian's smiling face came into view.

I starred around to see the servants and guards all smiling. What's going on with his people.

"What happened? ", I asked curiously.

"My lady", a man greeted. He had this white lab coat on him, like a doctor, smiling down at me.

Smiling again!!!!

"You're pre. gnant ".


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