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How could her lady do such a thing? How on earth did she get the pill?

I'm so dead right now. The Prince would never believe that I wasn't involved in a way or so since I was Her lady Highness lady-in-waiting.

The royal doctors confirmed it was abortion pills. Thank Goodness the baby wasn't lost or there would have been another story altogether.

"Ab©rtion pill? ", Her lady Highness let out almost in a whisper.

Her face registered a frown as she stared at the doctor narrowly.

The room became intense at her gaze which seemed to be confused and curious.

"My baby. My baby!! ", She screamed touching her stomach, sharply.

"The quick intervention saved it, your highness ", the doctor announced.

Her face relaxed at the doctor's words. Her eyes were filled with tears as she kept running her hands across her stomach.

"Baby. I'm sorry. Mom is sorry", She cried.

Her pain was so visible that a tear trailed down my own eyes.

With a nod, the doctor, the maids and guards left, leaving the two of us all alone in the room.

Her sobs filled the room as my foot got rooted to the ground. She looked up with teary eyes as her gaze rested on me.

"Vivian, I didn't. God is my witness. why. Why would I? ", She cried.

I went over and sat on the bed. She hugged me tight as her tears wet my shoulder.

I felt relieved at her words but the doctor confirmed it to be a pill.

I became alert at the thought. This would only bring me trouble if She is saying the truth. This means there was a foul play!.

"My lady, what did you eat? Who served you? ", I questioned sharply at the thought the such action.

She stared at me suspiciously, disturbed. Her beautiful pale face wetted with tears had a confused look on them.

" I haven't tasted a thing without your permission excluding...",

Her voice trailed as she stopped halfway with a faraway look.

"Excluding what, My lady? ", I asked alerted.

Her heavenly-like eyes stared at me innocently.

"The lady Vera offered me a glass of water when I was thirst ", She stated.

A bell rang in my head at her words.

"Why did you take it? She hasn't been good to you. Where is the glass? ", I queried with anger forgetting my rank.

"What?!. We are now friends. She already asked me to forgive her", she breathed.

How could she not know her enemy? How could someone ever be so trusting? Has she forgotten how that wtch blackmailed her that the queen whlpped her and she fainted for five days?

"Over there, on the table. Why are you sounding so strange? ", She questioned.

I rolled my eyes in anger.

If she wasn't a royal, I would have sIapped the h'll out of her.

I went over to the table. Just a few inches, the familiar smell hit my nose.

She added the ab©rtion pill to her water!!!!!

"What? ", She asked coming over to stand beside me.

"Your dear friend seems to be friendly enough to add an ab©rtion pill inside your drinking water", I fired as she gasped in shock.



Vera? No. No. No. No this just can't be happening. She said with her own lips that we were now friends. Was that a facade?

My body felt weak as I fell to the ground. My tears trailed down my face.

Can't I ever have a peaceful moment with good friends? It was first Rita and now, her.

I'm so stupid to believe in her fake words and tears. My ignorance would have caused me, my baby's life.

"Baby", I cried as I laid my hands on my tummy.

What have I done to deserve all this?

I never wanted this marriage, so why would I be hurt this way?

"My lady... ",

"Just leave me alone! ", I cut Vivian short.

She made to touch me but I pulled away.

"Just leave. Please", I pleased chocking a cry.

I cried the more as my sobs filled the room. I heard the door close as I stood up and went over to the bed.

Was it Romeo or the Queen who asked Vera to do this or was it just her?

My heart tightened beating violently.

I went over to the mirror and stared at my disorganized rejection.

My eyes trailed down to my bump as my fists tightened at the thought of me losing my baby.

This won't have happened only if Rita didn't betray me, where I got threatened to be a surrogate wife of a known brvtal d'mon, being rapped at my first night by an unknown person, h it by the substitute d'mon husband the next day for not being a vrgn, blackmailed and h it to coma, a$$aulted by the brother-in-law, confirming to be pregnant, disowned by the only relative and now this?

I have to run away from here before I'm mvrdered with my child.

"We are all only in this", I stated caressing my tummy.

"My lady, She's here", Vivian's voice announced jolting me out of my thought.

I stared at her through the mirror with a curiosity.

"Lady Vera and The Queen. Should I plead you resting? ", She breathed.

My veins popped out at her words as my fist tightened.

"No. They are surely here to mock me. Let them in", I echoed with a smile which only I knew the meaning.

I watched her confuse face leave the room before staring back at my reflection.

"Let's disappoint them, Leona", I breathed before walking into the living room.

I sat on the cushion awaiting them.

"Leona! I heard what happened. I'm sorr... ", Vera's voice echoed as she walked to me with her fake sad look.

I hissed making her swallow back her words.

The queen held her hand glaring daggers to me.

"How dare you lowlife not acknowledge me?! ", she fired as my lips stretched into a smile.

I will give these two a peak of the iceberg today.

"Mother let her be, please. Don't you see she's hurt? ", Vera continued feigning as she broke away from the Queen's grip coming, walking to me.

"It's OK... ",

I didn't let her the chance of touching me as I sIapped her hard on the face.

"That's for trying to kll my baby ", I flamed angrily before sIapping her again.

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