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"That's for feigning ", Leona fired.

Her used to be heavenly-blue eyes was bIoodshot now. It was anything but not heavenly.

I stood there shocked to the core with my right palm holding my cheeks, which seemed to be on fire.

"Leona... ",

"Don't even dare let my name through those deceptive lips of yours", She spoke with scorn as she stood up.

She drew herself into her full height as our eyes locked together.

"You nitwit. How dare you lay... ", The Queen stopped on her words at Leona's raised finger.

She broke the eye contact and faced the Queen with such Courage I never knew she had.

Was this not the quiet and peaceful Leona who was too trusting to believe my fake tears, standing right in front of me with so much confidence and boldness?

I would have believed this was a dream if not for my cheek which was still on fire from Leona.

"Don't tell me you are involved in this, Your majesty ", Leona questioned without fear.

What has happened to her?

"You! What rubbish!! ", the Queen spoke angrily.

At that moment, Romeo walked into the chambers.

"Romeo!!. How can you still inhabit this lunatic!? She just sIapped Vera and was about to hit me too, accusing us of trying to hurt her ba$tard child! ", The Queen cried as my lips stretched into a smile.

Romeo stood motionless, brows furrowed, fists tightened, as he stared at Leona, narrowly.

Just as we planned. Everything is going our way.

The Queen wept the more, while Leona trembled. Yeah, that's good. You're too stupid to help us with our plans.

Actually, I and the Queen was hesitant of Leona's behavior towards me at large, but now I'm glad that guard called in Romeo at the right time.

When the Doctor told us the child was still there, we knew we needed something to get it out of her, so we came up with the plan of going to see her with our guard at hand to call Romeo only when Leona was angry.

"I want to talk to my wife al.o.n.e ", Romeo breathed stretching the 'Alone'.

The Queen made to speak but I gestured her not to, for Romeo was already boiling in anger. He will surely hit out that bastard out of her, for drugging him and insulting his mother.

I walked past Leona and pulled out my tongue before leaving the room with the Queen.

Your ignorance has caused you pain again, dear Leona.



I tried acting calm but my trembling body betrayed me. That witch of his mother just blackmailed me.

He's surely gonna h it me. That was their plan all along. I remember Vivian informing me that he left in the morning and won't be home for the next two days.

His eagle-like eyes rested on me like I was a prey.

Seconds lead into minutes and no word has escaped his pressed lips. I became more uncomfortable as he started circling the room.

Was this my end, Lord almighty?

"How shameless of you to drug me into sIeeping with you", his calm voice breathed.

What's he saying again? Can't I live here without being accused at every passing hour?

"Answer me!! ", His voice sent shivers to my spine.

"I don't know what you're talking about ", I replied clearly but fearfully.

He threw his phone at me as my eyes went to the screen.

My mouth dropped as I heard a maid kneeling confessing that I was the one who asked her to drug Romeo.

What the h'll is wrong in these people? Why would they continue framing me up for what I never knew?.

"This is false! They must be trying to frame me! ", I screamed innocently as my tears wa!led up again as the meaning of such accusation.

The person involved knows that Romeo isn't the father of my baby, so the came up with this plan to convince him that I wanted him to have sx with me, automatically threatening him to be the father.

Who could be behind this? Vera or the Queen?

I wasn't allowed to answer as his large palm-held my neck.

"Frame you? Who would be so foolish to do such? ", he questioned.

His bIoodshot eyes staring at me with so much hatred that made me cry out in pa!n.

"Your mother and Vera... ",

A sIap met my cheeks before my back h it the wall. I winced in pa!n before covering my stomach with my hands.

"You aren't worthy to let my mother's name through your lips. Not even Veras', cause you a lowlife who my thirst for revenge made a royal ", he spat with venom walking to me.

He bent down to my level as I drew a bit away hiding my stomach.

His eyes rested on my belly as my heart started beating violently. His lips stretched into a smirk as he stared deep into my eyes.

The hatred in his eyes was too overpowering that I had to divert my eyes to the wall.

"I have always wanted to revenge you for how you wreaked my life. All these years I have thought so deep but I couldn't figure out perfect revenge, but look, fate has aided me with perfect revenge ", he spoke.

His words forced me to look up, into his eyes. The hatred was now replaced with a gleam of joy and satisfaction, with that dirty smirk not departing his lips.

I flinched as his finger trailed down my cheeks to my jaw before pin¢hing me so hard that hot tears streamed down my eyes.

"I can't believe that the once bold girl trembles at my touch. How time flies. My revenge on you has been carried out".

"How? ", The question escaped my lips as I gasped.

He stood up looking down at me, hands in pocket.

"Your best friend betrayed you, Your mother disowned you and now you're pregnant without knowing who the father it, right? Isn't that a revenge? And alas... You will stay here until you give birth to it, only then would I divorce you and send the ba$tard to a pro$titution organization ",


I held my belly tight as my tears crept into my mouth.

"Don't be shocked yet, darling, just keep it until he or she grows up to believe that the precious mother sold it".

My tears now came down in big droplets. What could I have done to deserve this? How could someone be so heartless to come up with such thought?

The thought of my child hating me for what I did not brought more tears to my eyes. My heartfelt like it was gonna burst out anytime soon.

I saw him walking away through my teary eyes.

"What is. Is. my o.off. offense? ", I stuttered.

He stopped on his track without facing me.

"You made me imp©tent".

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