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"You made me imp©tent ", I breathed angrily.

All these years, I forbid to believe that I was imp©tent after confirmation from the world's renounced doctors.

It felt strange as this was the first time the word was let through my lips. Not even My mother or my brother knows of it.

"How..? You must have mistaken me for another. I never saw you until my first day here ", she spoke, her voice cracking.

My fists tightened at her words. 'How would I ever mistake you for another, when your face never seized to be my nightmare? ", I breathed internally before facing backward to face her.

"You really don't remember, Kim, from Eleventh grade? ", I asked eying her mischievously with my hands tucked in my pockets.

A look of recognition ran across her face as she stared straight into my eyes, lips pressed together.

"How. Ho. How did you know about him? ", Her voice came out in a whisper as her lips trembled in fear.

My lips stretched in a faint smile as I watched her in pa!n.

This was surely how I wanted my revenge.


At the mention of his name, my heart began thudding, my fear and turmoil betrayed.

How would I ever forget him? That nightmare!!!.

Years have passed but the memory of that ugly little being still t©rments me.

Kim was one ugly guy who you dare not look in the face twice. He was always on torn uniforms and clothes, so all students believed he was poor.

He had a beautiful body and posture that made me wonder how such one with a perfect body, be so ugly in the face.

He had scares which seemed to be made from hot oil, or so. His face was as other students said 'A trash can'.

Then I was a bada$$ as I was a member of the not©rious bad set of girls who bullied other students.

Veronica who was our cheerleader always liked picking on Kim, because he was ugly. I wasn't in support of it but I couldn't object, if not I would be ki¢ked out and be buIIied since Veronica knows I had no father.

Actually, in eleventh grade, Veronica asked me to beat up Kim, unless she would blow my cover. I had no option but to do so, but surprisingly, Kim confessed his love for me that same day after school.

I declined. Not because he was ugly or so, just that my mom warned me against having a boyfriend, saying that boys were all liars, as they only wanted to have a taste of us. Using my dad as an example.

Not like I loved him or so.

After the very day, Kim began to be absent. With time, I forgot about him, with the thought he must have transferred to another school because of the buIlying.

Everything was going well until when I returned from college on a Thursday, to see a letter on my bed.

My window was locked as well as the door, so I was curious to know who kept the letter and how it got there.

Taking up the letter, my mouth dropped as my eyes read the content which was written with bIood.

My mom and I took the letter to the cops as my mom feared he was threatening my life.

Time went by and the police didn't get hold of him nor did he come for my life. Months came and went and I forced myself to believe it was just a prank from a classmate but I had nightmares of him klling me.

A lot has been in mind lately that I totally forgot about him until now!!!!

I felt faint at the moment. Looking up at Romeo, I saw had a triumphant look on him.

How's he related to Kim? Was Kim his friend?

Many questions popped up in my brain as I trembled more in fear.

This has been the reason why he married me?. But why would Kim seek for such revenge?

"You do remember, right? You ruined me, Leona ", His words came out like terror as goosebumps enclosed my being.

What's he talking about right now!

His calm eyes were now replaced with a fire that shone like coal. The atmosphere in the room became intense at the very moment.

His look was overpowering as the room felt to be so hot that my breath hitched. It felt like I was suffocating.



I just feel like $trangling the life out of her right now, as the memories flashed before my eyes like it was just yesterday.

There on her bicycle, I confessed my love to her, laying myself at her feet, but she trampled on my love and wreaked my love.

I fell in love with her in Seventh grade but couldn't find the courage to tell him. I loved and worshiped her not minding her gang buIlied me.

Thinking of it now, I feel stupid to like this cheap woman with no dignity.

Then my father never allowed me and Rowland to live like royalties. We went through surgery which laid an ugly mask on us. Mine was more ugly as commanded by my bad.

We were enrolled in a cheap school with a strict warning never to blow our covers as the princes.

There, I saw her angelic face with heaven-like blue eyes which were captivating. Her smile brought peace to my soul and I forgot my predicament.

When she rejected my love, I couldn't believe I, the prince was rejected. I stopped attending school, staying indoors, and crying.

Dad found about it and angrily sent me to a f!ghting organization, where I was brvtally t©rtured, as commanded by my dad, calling me weak for crying for a girl.

I had high blood pressure after three years in the organization, which later resulted to my imp©tence.

It was all because of the girl named, Leona!. If only she didn't reject my love, I won't have stopped attending school, my dad won't have sent me to that organization, I won't have had high blood pressure which resulted to imp©tence.

All these years I have waited to have my revenge on her, for my love was now hatred. I can't just thank fate for aiding me in my revenge.

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