Authored by Randy


I felt my stomach knotting at the words of the servant.

What does she mean by po!soned? I left him well and healthy. How was he pos!oned when guards and maids surrounded him?

"My son!", Leona cried.

She sprang up at once and ran as the servants trailed behind her in pursuit.

I faced the servant who brought the news, starring at her closely.

"Was he able to survive? ", I asked as my heart stopped.

Why do I feel this way? Why do a part of me wish the ba$tard was alive? He was meant to be hated by me, not care.

The servant nodded negatively as my cells froze, my tongue rooted to my mouth with my legs glued to the floor.

I feel cold at his response, yet paradoxically. Why do I feel this way for a ba$tard?

At last I took control of myself and dismissed the servant.

"Look into the matter, and report back to me. I want the culprit caught", I breathed to my PA before heading for Leona's chambers where the child was left.

I walked into her chambers to see her on the floor, starring at the l!feless body of the child on her hands.

The maids and guards had tears on their faces, as they stood faraway from her.

The scene was to heart touching that I signaled the servants to exit.

All alone with her disorganized being on the floor, my emotions came back but disappeared at the thought of how she wreaked my love and caused my illness.

'Its a revenge, Romeo. You have had it on her, let her go like she worths nothing ', I breathed internally before walking over to the table, where the second part of the divorce papers were kept.

I took it up, starred at it for a while and walked to her.

"I had never wished the ba$tard de.ath but seems fate seems to be against you. Sign this papers and get out with the ba$tard ", my voice thundered as I threw the papers down right in front of her.

She was still unmoved as she starred hard at the ba$tards face.

"Sign or you will leave me no choice than to throw you out. I just being merc... ",

I swallowed my words as she looked up sharply, looking into deep into my eyes.

Her face was lighted by a gleam of intense scorn, the blue eyes was flashing fire, the ruby lips curling and quivering with disdain.

I swallowed into nothing as her stare made me feel uncomfortable. Her gaze was frightening!!!!

"You won't ", she spoke, her voice full of scorn.


My legs gave way at the mention of my name. My head was swaying but I needed to see my son.

"Where is he!!? ", I screamed in tears.

All the servants remained silently with sad faces. This shouldn't be true, God almighty, I prayed.

Not waiting for answer, I ran to my quarters as that was the only place I believed he would be at the moment.

Breaking into my chambers, the sobs stopped at my appearance. I saw a doctor beside my bed. Hr raised his face as I saw a tear trail down his face.

No. No. No. No. This mustn't be happening.

I tiptoed cautiously to the bedside, my heart full of apprehension. The atmosphere seemed heavy with foreboding.

He was there on the bed, with bIood sta!n all over him. His glittering blue eyes starred at me in pain; a continual involuntary cry issuing from his bIoody lips.

I seized him in tears . He's body was already stiffening; it felt cold and lifeless. A kind of animal torpor enveloped me. His whole body seemed to be shrouded in mystery, by this characteristic aura of the hereafter. De.ath was advancing slowly, vanquishing his body with its intense vitality. At this moment it was near to its destination, invisible, elusive, and yet real and present.

My tears fell continuously on his face. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

He was grasping for breath as I held him tight to my blossom. There I watched him give up right in my arms.

Once again, the universe has shifted, as it had done violently when I was betrayed, got married without my notice, disowned by mother and being revenged on for what I didn't partake in.

Though barely a day, I have loved him with all the fibres of my being ; he was a part of me, of my life, of my person. With him a part of me disappeared.

I would never see him again, never see him smile, never hear him call me mom, never see him eat.

"Why would you have d!ed after all this months you refused to d!e? Why have you decided to take away my heart with you, son? ", I cried starring at his body which was sta!ned by his own bIood.

All the days of my life, I never plotted ev'l against anyone and never betrayed anyone but what did I get in return?

Being betrayed, reveged on and now mvrdering my innocent son!!!. A child you never offended anyone.

Though a ba$tard, he was p©!sioned.

'Being good doesn't pay, Leona ', my subconsciousness breathed as I held my lifeless baby.

"They will all pay for your de.ath. That's a promise from mom", I whispered into his ears before kssing him on his bIood stained cheeks.

I felt Romeo presence in the room at the moment. The servants left leaving the two of us alone.

He walked up to me throwing the divorce papers down at me.

A fire was been lighted in me at the very moment, a fire which I truly know to be of revenge.

Right there at the moment, I was reborn not as the old peaceful, Leona, but the de.adly vi¢ious, Leona.

I stared up at him sharply with so much scorn that I never had for anyone. The thought of my de.ad child in my hands gave me strength as I drew myself up, staring into his eyes with courage.


"Did you just say a word? ", I questioned hotly gathering myself again.

Why should I tremble at her stare. She's just hurt and angry. She can't do anything. Yes, she can't.

"You dare not, for sure, weak Surrogate ", I breathed with a smrik.

At last I have had my revenge on this wh're.

"You won't sign the papers right? Seems you prefer to be thrown out ", I spat angrily at her silent nature.

Her quiet gaze disgusted me as it was the first time she would look me in the eyes. Was it the de.ath of her ba$tard that made her fearless?

Then a sIap with get her to reality, I thought.

I made to slap her but her hand held my wrist with so much power that I never knew she had.

"You married me without my permission, but you won't throw me out without my permission this time, Romeo Sionis. I won't sign those papers!!!!!.


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