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He's strong arm held my wrist as he dragged me out of the chambers.

The room was filled with mumurs as their faces held surprise looks. Just what I wanted.

I will so much make you all pay for everything you made me pass through.

My eyes met with Rowlands as Romeo dragged me further. He had this d'vilish smirk plastered on his lips as his eyes flashed clear desire.

I returned the naughty smirk and let the demon husband drag me to my quarters.

Inside my chambers, he threw me to the floor angrily. He was frowning darkly, as his face flushed with visible anger.

"You!!! How dare you!! ", his voice thundered as my cells froze in fright

I felt goosebumps all over my body as the usual fear was creeping back slowly into me.

No, I can't give it a chance!!.

I sharply stood up as my lips stretched into a smile. 'At last, we made him mad ', my subconsciousness whispered.

"Darling, Why do you yell at me for saying the truth? ", I questioned walking over to the bar and served myself a wine.

Sipping in the hot whiskey which burned my throat, I felt the fears disappear at the instant.

Before I could say flash, the glass fell from my body as he held me hard to the bar desk, with his hands on my neck.

"What tricks are you up to now, Weak Surrogate? ", He breathed trailing his finger up to my lips.

His words provoked me but I didn't let it get to my as I smiled the more.

"What tricks could a weak substitute have on her sleeves, d'mon husband? ", I quried.

His grip tightened as his brown eyes shone fire. His grip was too tight that I started grasping for breathe.

I stared deep into his eyes in misery. He was going to kll me this time.

Never!! I haven't had my revenge yet.

I was about to kick his abdomen when his grip loosened as his eyes registered on my lips. His finger caressed it softly, with his eyes filled with desire.

I felt disgusted at his touch. How would I ever be comfortable with the man who threatened to send my child to a pr©$titution organization?.

"Look you fire in this, Surrogate", His words came out in a whisper as he stared at me with longing desire.

Now his hand was on my half revealed bIossom. I drew forward and leaned, standing on my toes, smiling.

"Let me make that t!ngling sensation in between your th!ghs disappear, D'mon husband ", I whispered.

His lips stretched into a smile as his finger trailed my face then to my lips.

"Let's then make it happen, My lady", He said in a faraway voice.

'Pe.rvert ', I breathed internally as his finger let into my mouth, in pursuit of my we t tongue.

'Now! ', My subconsciousness yelled as I jammed my teeth together as he groaned in pa!n.

I tasted his bIood drop in my mouth as he winced in pa!n.

He sIapped me hard on the face before I let his finger go, with a part of the finger in my mouth.

He yelled in agony as I smiled, letting his bIood run down my lips. His guards tropped into the room at his yell.

"To the clinic!!! ", He ordered in pa!n.


I watched him lead out of the room in agony before spitting out the part of his finger in my mouth.

At that moment, Vivian and other maids rushed in.

They stared at me shocked. I went over to my dressing table as stared at my bIoodstained reflection.

"This is just the beginning, Romoe Sionis ", I breathed wiping off his bIood with a handkerchief.

I saw Vivian staring at me strangely through the mirror.

"What's the look for? ", I asked smiling at my victory.

"I just don't know how to say it, My lady, but you have been behaving strangely of late, that you even chewed off the Prince's finger. Is everything alright? ",

I watched her closely and saw the genuine look on her face.

I stared back at the mirror and gazed at my reflection. I see no changes but I feel I'm no longer the previous Leona.



I can't believe what happened back there in the king's Privy chambers. Was that really Leona?

No, something must be wrong.

The Leona I know dare not look up in the chambers out of shyness, and she barely speaks so loudly and boldly before a person talk more of hundreds of people.

Yes, something is surely wrong. Was it the death of her ba$tard child?

"How dare she?! ", The Queens angry voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

She was walking endlessly to and fro the room. She has been this way since we got back from the meeting.

But was Romeo really imp©tent? I have heard the rumor back then but I ruled it off. Now hearing it from Leona's lips, I feel bothered.

"Your Grace!!!! ", The Queens handmaiden rushed in exhaling harshly.

"Where's she? Where did Romeo take her too? ", The Queen asked impatiently.

The handmaiden fell on her knees bowing low to the ground.

"Pardon me, Your Grace, but His royal highness is in the royal clinic as her highness chewed off his finger ",

My heart froze at her words. Has Leona really lost it?

"That ba$tard! ", The queen exclaimed walking out as I followed behind.

In no time, we were in the royal clinic. Romeo's finger was already bandaged as he slept like a baby in the room.

"I want that lunatic bound up and brought to my quarters!!!! ", the Queen ordered in anger as my lips stretched into a smile.

She would be beaten to de.ath!



A look at my son, my anger rose. That bastard! How dare she hurt my son? My precious jewel?

She would surely not forget today ever in her miserable life time. I will so much hurt her that she would leave immediately if she survives.

"My treasure ", I breathed dipping my hands into his hair which fell across his handsome face.

"Your Grace, she has been taken to your chambers ", A guard announced.

It is time.

I kssed Romeo on the forehead before matching to back to my quarters.

There, by the corner of the room knelt her, tied all over, with her head bowed.

With a nod, my handmaiden handed me a iron wipe as I went over to her, with Vera beside me.

"How dare you n!twit? ", I fired angrily.

My anger rose at her smiling face which irritated me the more. I feel like peeling of her pretty face.

"Why are you so worked up Mom? I just helped Romeo in delivering the message. Don't the me that's the reason I'm held like a criminal? ", She spoke smiling.

I felt disgusted at her words. She never called me mom. This was the first time.

Staring closely at her, I feel this lady has changed but nothing seems to be out of place.

"And you think that's why you're here? You lowlife dare hurt the prince!! ", Vera echoed beside me.

The lady's face registered frown as her eyes narrowed.

"Know your place, woman. I'm taking to mother not you, and besides Romeo is a dkhead. He deserves it", she fired hotly.

The servants mouths dropped at her words. Nobody has ever spoken of my Romeo in such way.

"I see your mouth is loose, young lady, but I will teach you a great lesson, today ", I breathed disgusted at her smiling face.

Let's see how long you will keep smiling.

"Well I'm not afraid of getting whipped but I do have your interest in my heart", Her words froze my arm in the air.

She now stared at me back in the eyes with so much confidence.

"What do you mean? ", I asked curiously.

"Well I know you care about your reputation, mother. I would peacefully allow you whip me to comma but what do I tell the media during my interview ".

My hands fell to my sides as I stared at the wtch with deep hatred.

"Liar. There's no interview today, bch. She wants to trick you, mother",Vera spoke sharply.

"How dare you try to trick me? ", I quried now at my red with anger.

She made a sad face as she looked up.

"I don't have to schedule a interview, sister-in-law. Many reporters would be anxious to have an interview with the invisible Wife of his royal highness at any cost, right mother? ".

My breathe hitched at her words. She surely is threatening me!!!!!

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