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I stretched out between the sheets as my eyes flapped open. Through a chink in the bed curtains I saw it was still dull in the room. Dawn had not yet broken fully, so I laid back, as the events of last nights flashed through my mind.

At last, I have an aid.

My lips curved into a smile as I remembered the burning fire of desire in Rowlands's eyes. I only need that fire to pay him back.

I yanked the bedclothes of my body, leaving my slim body exposed in its thin lawn chemise before walking over to the window, to watch the sunrise.

The air was calm and clear before I heard some footsteps from below.

I withdrawal led sharply and watched from the side as I saw a familiar female figure covered in veil walked suspiciously to passage.

It stopped as another person joined. A female. They one in the veil handed over a parcel to the other person before walking away fastly.

I stared closely to see the other person was on my quarter's maid uniform. Every quarter has its own uniform which differentiates them.

I went back to my bed curiously as the question kept repeating in my head.

What is Vera up to right now?

It would be very hard to fish out the maid since I have hundreds of them in my quarters. I have to find out quickly.

At the very moment, the door was swung open as there were Vivian and other maids.

"Good morning, My lady", the greeted in unison

"It's nigh on five o'clock, My lady, we should make you ready ", Vivian announced coming closer.

My ears picked her words as I looked at her sharply.

"Why so early, today? ", I asked narrowing my gaze.

She moved to the beg beside, snatched up the night robe, and handing it to me.

"His majesty orders. Your robe, my lady",

His Majesty? Well, I also wanted to pay him a visit for that familiar deodorant.

My lips curved into a smirk as Vivian lead me to the bathroom.

"You behave strangely, My lady ", Vivian spoke staring at me with fear when I asked for my finest robes after my bath. "You never asked for a robe before",

I nodded as I stared back into her eyes. I understand her fear but how do I tell her I find myself strange too.

I laid my hands on her shoulder as she stared back into my eyes.

"That is what the messenger said, right? The King has commanded me to put on my finest robes and I too would look my very best, for this much depends on this meeting", I smiled.

"You speak in parables, my lady, and there's a gossip in the lips of the servants, that My lord, Prince Rowland was here last night, all alone with you",

Her words came as expected as my lips stretched more, smiling.

"Just as planned. Nothing could be better. I could not have asked of fate anything better than this revenge ", I breathed absentmindedly, with my hands clasped together.

"What revenge, my lady!? ", Vivian's words brought me back to reality.

I evidently forgot I wasn't alone.

"You will see", I spoke walking over to my dressing mirror with a smile plastered on my face.

I will make sure I leave this palace only when it has been burned to the foundations by two rival brothers.

Vivian brought out a number of robes for me to pick. All were beautiful but one was suited for the meeting. It was of white damask beaded with pearls and had a low, square neck, cut wide on the shoulders. It showed off my bbs and slim waist to perfection.

Thus attired, I sank into the deepest of curtseys when the door opened late that morning and the King was announced.

He greeted me courteously, none the less, and raised me to my feet himself. That familiar smell hit my nose as my fist tightened at the thought of this King taking my vrgnity on my first night here.

"How do you, my lady Bessy? ", he asked after offering me a seat.

"Good, your highness ", I replied starring at him narrowly.

He behaved like he saw not my exposed blossom which got me angrier. How could he not find me attractive after taking my vrgnity!

I just need a treacherous look or act to convince me he was the one. Only then will I have my own revenge on him.

"Rowland suggested he take you out just to take your mind off things which have happened lately. We do understand how you feel, so please accept this shopping card gifted by me.

It's your weekly allowance for the week as Her highness. I have always wanted to give it to you but Romeo keeps stopping me, so here it is", he spoke handing over the black card to me.

There was no betraying act or speech to convince me he was the one. How soon he likes me not.

"It worths only 15million wons",

I stared at the card shocked, not wanting to believe I have a card worth millions right on my hands. Just can't believe it.

"Hmm", I tried to speak but no words came.

"Its ok, Bessy. I will attend a meeting now but don't forget to have fun", he said as he stood up.

I quickly stood up and bowed as he left.

'Mission failed ', I said internally before walking back to my quarters.

He said Rowland suggested? How fast he is in assuring me he's able.

"My lord, Prince Rowland is here ", Vivian announced.

An idea lighted up in my head as I smiled, attracting the suspicious look of Vivian.

"Oh, I will surely meet him, but can you send a word to the prince, my lord husband to meet me? ",

She stared at me suspiciously before leaving the room.

Barely she left Rowland walked in, his eyes chilly.

"Brother-in-law! ", I exclaimed, "You're most welcome ".

I smiled at him, and at that moment, the cold eyes took fire and began regarding me appreciatively, raking up and down my person...

"You know I hate being addressed that way, My lady", he breathed biting his lips sxually.

I could feel the shock of lu$t that coursed through his veins, just as I expected. I responded involuntarily to his admiring scrutiny.

Though calm outwardly, I was careful to lean sufficiently to expose as much of my bosom as was seemly above the low cut gown.

Before I could say 'Jack' his strong hands were grasping my forearms and pulled me up.

"Do you $educe me intentionally, My lady? ", he's voice came out in a whisper full of desire.

Hearing his words, I could not but assure myself that my plan was going accordingly.

Pretending to be light-headed; swaying slightly, I lost balance and righting myself, fell gracefully against his chest.

"I don't $educe, My lord. I'm $eduction itself ", I smirked sexually as he stared at me with craving and admiration.

For the course of my long torment here and the de.ath of my child, I have discovered that the most important thing in my life is freedom: the freedom to come and go as I pleased, to make my own choices, and never to be tormented again. Such freedom would only come after I make these two brothers kll themselves for me!

That's my own revenge for everything!

I loved being admired, being wanted, and being pursued just as Rowland is doing right now - but never caught.

My ears caught the approaching footstep as my lips stretched the more.

"Won't you kss me, My Lord? ", I asked.

He smiled out dimples as he stared at my lips.

"Anything you ask, My lady"

Lips inches apart, the door was swung open as the d'mon walked in.

"What's the meaning of this? ", His voice thundered.



"Should I prepare your bath, Your highness?",

"No", I replied absentmindedly as my mind kept puzzling about her new character.

What trick is she up?

Her proud and arrogant look popped up in my brain and now she's seeing a man right under my nose?

How soon she changed!.

"My prince, Her lady Highness requests your presence ", a guard announced.

My being trembled in anger at the very words. How dare she request for me? What courage? She must be asking death.

No, I won't go. Who does she think she is to request for me. Is she trying another trick? Then she should be ready to be punished for everything she did yesterday.

With anger, I left for her quarters.

I walked in and the chatter of tongues was silenced. The servants bowed as I walked towards the inner chamber.

I stepped in to see Romeo and her in a questionable posture. My fists tightened at the scene before me.

How dare these two do such a treacherous act right under my nose!

"What's the meaning of this?! ", My voice thundered as the two separated.

Rowland this flinch nor behaved ashamed as he held her waist which angered me the more.

"How dare you, Rowland? ", I spat flaming.

He just smirked at he loosened his hand from her waist, took up her hand, and kssed her like she was his sovereign before walking to me.

"You dared to make dad send me to Dubai because of her, now she's here, I won't let her go, brother", he tapped my shoulders before walking pass me.

My anger rose at his words.

My eyes caught the treacherous wife as she behaved like I wasn't there and walked over to the bed with her robe which hung her body like her second skin

I traced her firm buts which shook viciously at each step. She really had a woman's bearing and that mark on her white shoulders...


"Who do you think you're to seduce my brother? ", I breathed trying to suppress my anger.

I watched her sit on the bed, cross her legs, and opened a novel.

Was she trying to provoke me? If es she just did?

"Answer my damn question, Leona? ", I fired now raging in anger.

She raised her face and settled her ice-cold blue eyes on me. Her lips curling in anger.

"You don't expect me to answer your damn question like your servant. I am your wife, Romeo Sionis, talk to me with respect! ", she flared.

I was shocked at her outburst. What has changed? She, who usually trembled at my presence and never talked back at me, where then comes this sudden courage?

I made to put in my hand in my pocket when a sharp pa!n went through my body from the finger she b it off yesterday.

Can't just believe she became so violent.

I stared back at her proud and arrogant face as I flamed the more.

"My wife and you dare behave so shamelessly? ",

"Don't tell me you're angry because of this, my lord. We both know that I was married out of revenge ", she spoke walking towards me. Her voice now calm.

I saw her pointed tips from the robe as the thought of ba..nging her arrogant self until she screams for mercy.

"Or is wasn't for revenge? ", She asked staring at me deeply. "Or you're jealous? ", She breathed trailing her finger on my chest down to my stomach sxually.

My anger rose at the thought of her touching the Rowland as I held her neck, waiting for her breaking voice pleading but non came.

I stared at her face to see a naughty smirk plastered on her lips.

"Aren't you afraid what next I'm gonna do? ", I asked staring at her strangely.

"Why should I? You can't tell anyone about this, least your family's reputation as well as yours be ruined. You can actually kll me right away, I can't promise to keep it a secret "she spoke like she read my mind.

How much she has changed not to care about her reputation? The thought of that flamed me as I threw her to the floor.

"Are you threatening me? ",

She stood up, her unstudied face smiling, her blue eyes flashing fire of hatred and scorn.

"Does an amateur ever threaten his own boss? ".

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