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I quickly collected my wits, sharply looking into her eyes which held disdain and hatred. Her words plunged me into turmoil. What's she saying? Of course Romeo was my brother, looking every inch our father.

"What nonsense you speak, My lady mother", I said grimly "The king won't take such a jesting ".

I made to turn away from her but her hand which laid on my shoulder prevented me. I felt irritated at her touch. How dare she lie to cover up?

"I am not jesting, Rowland. Romeo is... ",

A sharp painful whisper made mom swallow her words as her eyes traveled through my shoulders to the bed.

I turned to see Leona wild awake with a painful expression on her white pale face.

"My Lord, Your majesty', she murmured weakly. " Forgive me... ",

"Lay back, My lady", I instructed sharply as she made to come down the bed.

"I would take my leave now, Rowland ", Mother's voice echoed angrily before she left.

I stared straight into her face, fixing my eyes on her eyes.

"What are my doing here, My lord? ", she asked her narrow blue eyes scanning the room.

Ignoring her words, I stood up and moved to the other side of the bed, covered the coverlet on her and plumped the pillows on her sides.

I could fell her gaze resting on me.

"Thank you for saving me, My Lord", She breathed with her lips pressed.

"Its my duty and call me Rowland when we are alone. How do you feel now? ",

She shifted painfully, wincing as the agony speared through his face. She was looking so gray and drawn with pa!n.

Her pale white face brought home to me forcefully the possibility of her dying if I had delayed a minute after her lady-in-waiting ran to me in tears.

"I fell pain spearing through my whole body", she told me, grimacing. "But I feel a bit alright. You have a bruise on your face. Did you fight, Romeo? ".

There was a tap at the door just at the moment, which saved me from answering her question.

"Come in! ",

The door opened and a maid entered, carrying a covered sliver bowl in a sliver tray.

"Aleberry, sir", she said placing it on the little table. She took a small stainless spoon and sampled it before my eyes.

With a nod, she left before I walked over the table and carried the bowl back to the bed.

"Some Aleberry, to tempt you", I breathed uncovering it as the mouth-watering aroma filled the room.

"What's that? ", She asked sitting up as I took a small apostle spoon from the tray.

"Have you never had aleberry? ", I asked while she nodded negatively. "It's a bread pudding of sorts, with fruits. America pudding though. Here, try some", I breathed extending the spoonful of aleberry.

She stared at me narrowly before my hand dropped to the bowl again.

"You should eat it, to build up your strength ", I said extending the spoon again.

This time she opened her mouth. She looked at me in surprise as she tasted the pudding.

"It's delicious! ", she exclaimed with that heart melting smile of hers while her blue eyes shone bright with delight.

My eyes noting her well structured face, the blue, gentle eyes straight nose and red lips, I found myself longing for her.

"Here, have another spoon", I offered.

"I would feed myself, sir".


Eating while his eyes rested on me made me uncomfortable.

His eyes filled with that unmistaken desire, kept regarding me appreciativeky, ranking up and down my person.

Prince and princess we might be, but in this very moment I became aware of being first and foremost a young woman and a young man together all alone.

"Thank you ", I greeted handing over the bowl to him.

He took it and dropped it. The room fell into silence as he remained unspeaking. It made the atmosphere intense and uncomfortable.

I ventured a peek from under my eyelashes and saw him regarding me closely.

"Um. I think I should return to my quarters now ", I forced myself to say after minutes of silence.

"And let him rape you to death this time? ", his voice came out plaintively.

His words $tabbed me as the early incident came popping up in my brain. That ba$tard of a man. He rapped me v!olently like I was his wh're.

He will surely regret his action today.

Rowland's hand on mine jolted me out of my thought as I looked up sharply, not knowing he was closer.

Our lips met with me melting against him as if it was the most right and natural thing in the world.

"Leona! ", he breathed, between ksses. "I am in torment. What have you done to me?! ".

"This is wrong", I murmured alarmed as I pushed him away lightly.

"True love can never be wrong, My darling ", he said softly, his finger trailing down my bbs.

I withdrew his hand sharply as I stood on my toes and kssed him.

"I am married. To your brother, Romeo. I have my reputation to protect", My voice came out se..ductively.

He smiled lu$tly licking his tongue as he stared at me.

I walked over to the window slowly, as the pain below was nothing I have ever experienced before. Behold there was the demon husband coming with his guards.

My fists tightened at the remembrance of how he a$$aulted me earlier. A tear escaped my eyes at how much he have humiliated and t©rtured me, but that's the very end of it.

I won't let him ever again see my week side. I will show you, Romoe Sionis that Leona can also play bada$$.

"What are you thinking? ", Rowland breathe fanned my neck as he kssed my back.

My lips stretched into a smile before I faced him.

"I want to have an interview with the press ".



"Can't believe he did this to you, my love", Vera ranted which irritated me the most.

"How could Rowland so such a thing to his brother? ", Mom quried bittered touching my bandaged head.

My fists tightened as my body trembled in anger. How dare him? They two must be having a relationship.

The thought of Rowland touching her flared me up in anger. That lowlife wench!

I will make sure she regrets ever been born, and the stupid brother of mine, I will get him on his knees.

"I want to be alone, mother ", I breathed, disgusted at Vera's constant queries and body contacts.

"I will... ",

"Alone! ", I cut Vera off before she could complete her words.

I was left alone with my thoughts, as my mind couldn't rest as the image of that wench kept tormenting me.

Who knows what on earth the two shameless adulters would be up to right now. Alas, I feel like $trangling them to de.ath with my both hands.

"My lord. A spy has it they two has been alone "

The guards words made my heart beat rapidly. How could they be so shameless?

"We are visiting my brother ", I breathed, with my guards behind me as I left for Rowland's quarters.

My mind traveled different dimensions as shameless images of them kept popping up in my brain.

We got to his quarters in no time. I made to go through the passage but lo and behold the guards stopped me with their hikes crossed to prevent me from entering.

"What disrespect? ", my chief guard fired.

The guards still stood their grounds as more guards joined them. In no time we were outnumbered.

"Your highness, We can't let you through ", One said as their spokesman.

"Who gave this order? ", I asked to confirm my doubt's.

It shouldn't be Rowland!

"The prince, your brother, Your highness ", he breathed.

I heard my guards breathes hitched while my eyes narrowed. Rowland is surely calling for a war.

I left for my quarters in anger. How soon he did forget who he was dealing with.

"Report to His Majesty, Your father", My PA Advised that evening.

I can't report to my father. No. He will surely side with Rowland. He likes Rowland more. The idiot would surely tell him I beat Leona, only then would the old man be pleased to have such a tangible reason to strip me off my crown.

That's not an option.

I will deal with Rowland my own way, so as that seducing wench. Tomorrow I would get her back after putting Rowland in place. Only then would she regret ever being birthed.

° ° °

"My lord! ",

The voice sounded desperate and anxious.

I flapped my eyes open in anger. Who on earth would be courageous to disturb my peaceful sleep at this early hours of the mornin'.

"You better have a tangible reason for such audacity or I would have your head! ", I fired angrily before drawing back my bed curtains.

Kneeling on the floor was my distinguished stupid PA.

"Speak! ", I groaned getting off the bed.

"My lord Highness... There are pressmen in the courtroom ", he shuttered.

I sat on the cushion and took up the days magazine which was dropped on my table as usual.

"What's so special about that, Moron?. Dad must have something to tell them", I replied absentmindedly, staring at the picture of a curvy model, Mi Young.

She was one of my desperate ex's then. I remember who she always stalks me then until she left for Europe.

Seems she's coming back soon.

"It wasn't the King, My lord ".

"Then it must be Mom or Rowland. Just get something doing dkhead", I breathed dropping the magazine.

If it wasn't for his intellectual, I would have fired him a long time. He behaves abnormally sometimes.


"Neither of them but Her royal highness, Your wife",

His words glued my feet to the ground as my cells froze at the very moment.

"Wh... What ?Why? ", I shuttered feeling hot sweats drip down my body.

"She. S... She says she wants to enlighten them on how the royals treat their daughter-in-law"

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